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Article by Karan

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How to Write Blog Posts That Will Make You Stand Out

A nice blog post is considered to be one which satisfies three conditions highly informative, well optimized for search engines and you should be content with what you have produced.   With a million articles being published every day and hence it gets very difficult to get your content stand out from the crowd. So [...]

7 Smart Ways To Reduce Your WordPress Blog Loading Time

Few days back Harsh informed you about Google started ranking website based on Speed and since that we all realize and understood why it's not a necessity to offer a faster loading blog. Decreasing load time helps search engine and also your readers. Not only it will give an amazing user experience, it will also [...]

How to Make People Follow you in Twitter

Its familiar to everyone that you can drive a huge amount of traffic, if you have a good followership on social networks like twitter and Facebook. But it's not that easy as people tend to be choosy and follow only when the community looks appealing and usefull. Hence, today I'm going to share how to [...]

7 Things to do From the First Day of Blogging.

Here I have listed 7 things which a new blogger must do in order to lead his blog to success. Follow them and see your blog flourishing: Submit your blog: There are many web-directories, and social sites where you should definitely submit your blog. Here is one such list: List of websites where you should submit [...]

7 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink for your blog

The greatest problem which I have ever faced as a blogger is getting one-way links to my blog. As far as backlinks are considered,quality matters more than quantity. It's like, 1000 PR1 backlinks may be equivalent to just 4-5 Pr4 backlinks. Therefore, I am going to share 7  useful ways to build quality backlinks for [...]