Ahrefs Added Generate Website SEO Reports Option

Ahrefs is one of those SEO tools, which are multi-purpose and could work as a complete SEO suite for you. I got to know about Ahrefs when I was searching for backlink checker websites. In last few months, Ahrefs added many new features, and today they announced the launch of the new feature “Generate site SEO report”. If you have used Screaming Frog SEO tool, the new Ahrefs site SEO report feature is almost similar, but with more way to analyze your site.

Ahrefs site SEO report will let you fix many issues on your site. In this tutorial, I will quickly share some of the features of Ahrefs Site SEO report tool, and what SEO issues to fix using this tool.

How to use Ahrefs site SEO tool to fix SEO problems:

Using this tool, you can get following details:

  • Response code of pages
  • Big pages
  • Uncompressed pages
  • Slow pages
  • Meta Title
  • Duplicate Title
  • Missing meta description
  • Long URL
  • Pages with a lot of external and internal links.

These are few of the many features offered by this SEO tool. Now, let me quick guide you through using their SEO report tool:

Login to your Ahrefs account and click on SEO reports at the top. Enter your website URL, and select the period to generate the report.

Ahrefs Website SEO report

It will take a couple of minutes to create the report, and once your report is ready. Click on the domain name, and access your website SEO report. Here is what a sample SEO report looks like:

Website SEO report

You can also export your site SEO report in .csv format. Now, as I mentioned you could fix various site SEO issues, using this tool. Let me quickly give you few tips that will help you to improve your site search engine ranking, and user experience.

Identify and fix slow loading pages:

We all know website loading time impacts SEO, and despite using various speed optimization technique, some pages take extra load time due to comments, embedded media or various other factors. Ahrefs site performance report will help you to identify slow loading pages from your website, as well site with huge size. Using this, I realize my earlier post on how to recover from Google panda, is taking too much time to load because of 100+ comments. This is one of those features, which much similar SEO software’s are missing. Since page loading time is an official SEO signal, this feature of the Ahrefs tool is very useful for webmasters.

Find posts with missing/Duplicate meta description:

Missing meta descriptions

If you remember my earlier article on how to increase Google search CTR, I explained how a catchy meta description will help to increase CTR. Though, there is no such problem with having posts with no meta description, but you will miss out an obvious SEO advantage. You can click on Meta descriptions under site SEO report, and use filters to find pages with no meta description, duplicate meta descriptions, and over 150 character.

Similarly, you can find pages with missing/duplicate meta keywords, too many H1 tags, too many h2tags pages.

Find 404 response code pages and redirect them:

Just before writing this article, I was looking at WordPress redirection plugin, which let us identify pages with 404 response code, and set redirections quickly. Though, if you don’t want to be dependent on a plugin, using Ahrefs response code filter, you can find all 404 links on your blog. Do remember, they have picked those links within the last 30 days, so chances are you might be getting a backlink to those pages, or linked internally. A good idea would redirects those 404 pages to the relevant topic on your blog to preserve the link juice.

These are just a few of many things that you can fix using their website SEO reports feature. They offer free & paid account, so you can at least give it a try before buying a package from them. If you have not used Ahrefs yet, I suggest you to give it a try and fix various site SEO problems.
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  1. Suresh Natrajan says


    Does it important for pages those has images, videos and links of any quality? you mentioned in your article that pages get slow due to comments etc.I have a site which is given for SEO to someone but he does not share his work with me.He only give me results :-) i saw your post and i think i should suggest this to him and lets see if it can give good result.


  2. Shahid says

    The best of part Ahrefs tool, apart from its one page recommendation is that, you can see your back-links with anchor text. You can analyze it and overcome Panda updates. Truly recommended for those who are suffering from it.

  3. Madhur says

    The only bad thing abput ahrefs is that they charge too much.
    Had it been free then it would have been a great service.

    • says

      Yah they sound pricey, but with the features they offer they worth the price. More over, they know they are that good, they shut down their Affiliate program, as they getting recommendation from everywhere naturally. Remember – “Good packages always comes with a price tag”.

  4. Gautam Doddamani says

    damn…if this was a free tool i would have gone for it…$79 is heavy but i guess it is a powerful tool indeed…we can improve the seo of poor posts which anyone would have written before using a seo tool on his/her blog! :)

  5. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing the information.I was unaware about Ahref tool and it seems interesting i will definetly try this.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  6. raman bathina says

    I’m always searching over the internet for online seo tools by typing top 10 or anything else those are not satisfies me but this service impress me more and more.Thank you harsh.

  7. Deepak Kr. Das says

    Thanks for this valuable info. I have been reading Shout Me Loud for around six months, and I must admit that the every single second I spent on this blog, has helped me to improve my website’s performance. So thank you so much for creating such a helpful knowledge base for bloggers and webmasters. Thank you so much!