YARPP Plugin – Add Related Posts After Blog Posts in WordPress

Update: Seems like YARPP plugin has been pulled out of official WordPress plugin repo. I will keep you posted when new plugin is added. For now, you can check out YARPP alternatives here.

YARPP Plugin

Related posts on any blog is very useful from readers and bounce rate point of view. A related post plugin, shows the most closely related post to the topic, your reader is reading. Different WordPress plugins uses different approach for showing relatedness and one of the best WordPress plugin which I have found to show related post is YARPP a.k.a Yet another related post plugin. This plugin uses many factors to show related posts and this is a plus and play WordPress plugin.

YARPP can be also configured to show related posts in feed which is very useful to get extra clicks from your feed readers. Specially for huge blog, this is one of the best related post plugin for WordPress as it uses the caching mechanism. This means, plugins will not keep generating related posts on the fly, instead once related post is generated for a post, it will show it from cache, which stops this plugin from increasing php calls.

Once you are done installing YARPP plugin, you can access it’s setting panel under Settings > Related posts(YARPP)

Related post WordPress plugin Setting

Related post WordPress plugin Setting

You can automatically enable to show related posts or you can use custom code to show related posts at specific place. YARPP can also be configured to show related posts with thumbnail by using custom template.

You can scroll down further on the setting page, you can configure various options for showing related posts in feed. I will highly suggest to keep description off as it makes related post looks like little busy.

In case, if you maintain one such category or tags which you don’t want your readers to see again in related posts, you can exclude such categories or tags. I would suggest you to create a specific tags for outdated content and exclude it using this plugin. This way, your readers will see only updated and useful content. You can also exclude pages to show as your related posts. One more reason that this is one of the best related post plugin because in last 1 and half year, this plugin has gone under lots of iteration and this is constantly updates and compatible with latest WordPress version.

Showing related posts below blog post is one of the most easiest way to decrease bounce rate of your blog and if you are running a WordPress blog, YARPP is one of the easiest way to add related posts to your Wp blog.

Download plugin

Do let us know which related post plugin are you using to show related posts on your blog? Do you use YARPP, Similar posts or any other such plugin?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. says

    Hello harsh,

    actually i need a related post plugin which should come sliding when the user scrolls down the bottom of the post. can you suggest me any such plugin. i have seen this post on some blogs already like enterprenuer.com.

  2. Eva says

    I’m using Linkwithin. I have two blogs at Blogger, one in Swedish and the other one in English. I wanted to try the Linkwithin at the English version, but somehow it turned up in Swedish without me asking for it. Never mind, somehow I managed to move it to the other blog.
    I’m wondering if these “related posts”-widgets have the same value as normal text-links?
    I have also seen that one can make something like a widget with the blog, showing the latest post. I don’t know how easy it’s to make someone put it on their website…(probably the size is quite big?). Anyway, does this widget have the same value as a textlink?
    I’m also wondering how exactly should links be written to be good for my site, but also for the other? Should it be the name of the post or the name of the site, or maybe both?

  3. will says

    I use it but i can’t seam to find out how to add it to my theme it puts it to far down my page. has anyone had any luck in putting it in there theme files them self.

  4. Giri says

    Hi Harsh,

    I am using blogger.. and using related posts. How do I show my related to posts in the feed? My reader is not showing my related post. Can you tell me some plugin for Blogger as like you.


  5. Shahab Khan says

    Hey harsh ..i am also using YARPP but the related posts at my blog are not showing up in the way as they are showing up on your blog. I mean i am not getting any thumbnails for the posts.

    Are you using some other plugin for related posts?

  6. daddy design says

    hi, I™m looking for a plugin that™s just like this one but to grab related post from tons of other blog sites (not being my own). Is there something like this that exist?

    • says

      I tried using similar posts and related post plugin, but somehow they didn’t worked here.
      One of the best part of this plugin is showing related posts in feeds and disallow particular categories. Which help me to show the best to my readers.