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5 Things to Consider Before Selecting a WordPress Theme

5 Things to Consider Before Selecting a WordPress Theme

Selecting WordPress ThemeDesign of a blog matters a lot for branding, and a good user experience. If you will notice, all popular WordPress blogs or Websites around, take good care of their blog theme. There are many free and Premium theme clubs out there, and you will be bombarded with 1000’s of options for a WordPress theme. Some of them will be free, and many of them will be premium. When you are finding a WordPress theme for your blog, along with the look and design, you should focus on many other aspects like support, upgrade and many more.

Here I will be sharing few things which you should consider before buying a WordPress theme. You can always go for a free theme, but I have already mentioned how premium themes are better than free themes, and why you should not download free premium WordPress themes. At this moment, my favorite theme framework is Genesis, and if you have a budget issue, I would recommend you to look at Elegant themes.

What to look in a WordPress Theme:

Smoothing looks:

Believe or not but first impression is always based on looks. Before reading articles, visitor will first notice theme of your WordPress blog. Thus it is important that you select your theme according to your niche. If your blog is about blogging tips, technology, make money online then prefer to select a professional theme and if you have a personal or fun blog then you can go for a funky theme. Make sure that the theme colors should not repeal readers.

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Good navigation:

Themes are available in different layouts, number of columns but select theme which provides an easy navigation. Visitors should find it easy to navigate, subscribe to your blog and find it easy to search articles they are interested in. A theme with good navigation always helps you to reduce bounce rate.

Easy Customization:

WordPress theme should be easy to customize. There are many customizable themes available which are easy to modify according to your requirements and you even don’t have to learn lot of PHP coding or CSS for same. Even if you are not a geuniess in customizing theme then also you can play with themes if the theme provide you easy customization.

Advanced features:

There are many themes which provide you useful features like managing advertisings, different comment styles, customize dashboard, customized error pages, built-in plugins or different options to promote your post via social networking websites. Such features are available in free as well as in premium themes, you can select one which suits your requirements. You can always achieve many of these tasks with the help of WordPress plugins. So, you may ignore this particular features.


Always prefer to have a theme by a developer who is active when it comes to support part. Make sure that developer update the theme on regular basis according to WordPress latest version and it must support the new features of updated version like widgets, tags etc.

SEO features:

This is again something that you should decide, if you want your theme to control your SEO, or you want a WordPress plugin to take care of SEO. Personally, here at ShoutMeLoud, we use Thesis to control SEO, but now we are making a shift to Genesis  theme, we are moving data to WordPress SEO by Yoast. According to my opinion, it’s better to let a plugin control your SEO, instead of a theme. There are few more features which you should consider like loading time, responsive theme, support for child-themes.

No matter you select a free or premium WordPress theme but make sure that you go for best theme. What are your criteria to select WordPress theme for your blog? Do share with us.

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  • sachin

    Hello Harsh Today i purchased Genesis Framework under your affiliate Link :D , hope it tracked under you .
    I have a doubt that “for how many domains can i use the Genesis Framework” ,only one or more ?if more then it will be great.Waiting for your reply…………..

  • sachin

    Harsh ,
    in this post you said you will change to Genesis,but currently your theme Thesis framework,as there is no dates for this post ,is the the new post ,why you not changed to Genesis,please reply

  • Tushar

    Great post you really mentioned all the basic things to consider in a theme and for me what i like to have in a theme is good content font size and simplicity, i don’t even like too much designed site i love it when it’s looks simple and easy navigated.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I agree with your point on “Good content font and simplicity”.. The purpose of a theme is to first focus on readability and good user-expereince in the form of speed and navigation… Once that is there, rest a good eye-catching design will be like icing on the cake…

  • Sagar nandwani

    I will definitely keep all these points in my mind for new theme selection for my upcoming blogs. Thanks for your guide.

  • Walter Pinem

    I tried to find a theme that uses feature slide and often ignore the seo things inside the theme. Thanks to this post for making me realize and I already changed my theme from arras to swift

  • Vincent Chow

    I would also consider the uniqueness of the theme. There are quite a number of blog that has the exact look and feel of SML, with just a different logo.

  • Samad

    @nick i agree

  • Nick

    I don’t know why here always thesis theme is recommended ?

  • Jojo Mathews @Around Social

    Nice Tips, one important thing to add, check the theme first with plugins like wp antivirus, because there is so much infected themes available today…

    • Whiztechy

      Thanks Jojo for adding one more important tip. I agree there are many themes available which have virus and can harm your blog.

  • Akhilesh

    Thesis is the best theme as it fits all the criteria in the post……..

  • Jennifer

    Interesting blog entry, thank you. Have to think about it.

  • Vuong

    I think Thesis and Genesis are two the best choice for bloggers when they help us SEO better than any else. Of course these two themes is not best as you might think at the first look. I have ever wondered why tons of blogger are passionate with them.

    PS: When will my comment be approved automatically Whiztechy ? I hate that manual approval!

    • Whiztechy

      Thesis is all time best because it provides you lots of features and it’s easy to customize. If anyone is a professional blogger than it is always recommended to use a Thesis theme.
      And about commenting part Voung, it’s quite tough be even few regular commentators do spamming and which is not acceptable thus we prefer to moderated comments manually.

  • sumanth

    nice tips..but it would be a bettr post if you have given the best themes under every section i.e. like some themes having good navigation etc. anyway useful info..

    • Whiztechy

      Thanks Sumanth, but I don’t want to clutter too much. I will come up with more posts related to WP themes so that it can give readers better idea.

  • Vivek Parmar

    selecting a theme is always a though decision.
    for me a theme should have good typography, nice looking navigation, support and easy to customize like thesis or genesis
    thanks for offering such great tutorials on thesis.
    could i expect some more tutorials on thesis like
    > adding tabbed widgets in sidebar
    > how to create static site using wordpress conditional tags (liek wpfreesetup and thesiscustomizationservice)

    • Whiztechy

      Thanks for your comment Vivek. I agree with Typography, it is one of the important factor to consider while selecting a WP theme. Typography should be look professional. And we will surely come up with more tutorials soon.


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