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    22 Best free fonts for Designers

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    This is a guest post by Suraj who blogs at Machoarts.com. Read our Guest posting guidelines.

    Designing a particular logo, business card, web page or any brand requires creativity. When any designer starts to design any product then he/she has to think about various resources which requires for it. Fonts are one of them. No doubt that premium font are always better but if you are working on a small budget projects then free fonts are worth to check. Internet is full of free fonts. You can find many font sites which are giving fonts for free but it’s quite hard to find perfect font.

    Here I am going to show you my favorite 22 Best Fonts for Designers which are totally free and you can use it in any project ( Read license terms before using in commercial project).

    Andron FreefontAndron Freefont 300x211 22 Best free fonts for Designers

    Anivers fontAnivers font 300x292 22 Best free fonts for Designers

    Bebas font

    bebas font 300x207 22 Best free fonts for DesignersBentham font

    BENTHAM font 300x213 22 Best free fonts for DesignersBitstream Vera Serif font

    Bitstream Vera Serif font 300x204 22 Best free fonts for DesignersBlackJack font

    BLACKJACK font 288x300 22 Best free fonts for DesignersCalluna Regular

    Calluna Regular 300x258 22 Best free fonts for DesignersCicle font

    Cicle font 300x230 22 Best free fonts for DesignersDelicious font

    DELICIOUS font 300x114 22 Best free fonts for DesignersExistence Light font

    Existence Light font 300x256 22 Best free fonts for DesignersGentium Basic font

    GENTIUM BASIC font 300x246 22 Best free fonts for DesignersLane font

    LANE font 300x242 22 Best free fonts for DesignersMido font

    mido font 300x209 22 Best free fonts for DesignersMr Jones Book font

    MR JONES BOOK font 300x247 22 Best free fonts for DesignersMuseo Sans font

    Museo Sans font 300x201 22 Best free fonts for DesignersMuseo Slab font

    MUSEO SLAB font 220x300 22 Best free fonts for DesignersNadia Serif font

    NADIA SERIF font 300x242 22 Best free fonts for DesignersNew Athena Unicode font

    NEW ATHENA UNICODE font 300x208 22 Best free fonts for DesignersSketchetik Light font

    SKETCHETIK LIGHT font 300x222 22 Best free fonts for DesignersSnickles font

    SNICKLES font 290x300 22 Best free fonts for DesignersTallys font

    TALLYS font 300x160 22 Best free fonts for DesignersVollkorn font

    Vollkorn font 300x232 22 Best free fonts for Designers

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    This is a great awesome list,will very useful for bloggers and web masters…



    Hi, Vijay. You are right this will be so useful for webmasters as well as designers working on banners and graphic ads.


    Kamal Hasa

    Well I guess you can use the open source option of Google font library: http://code.google.com/webfonts



    Yeah, you are right Kamal. We can use these Google fonts but they are so new and working on it, so we have to wait for little more time to see good fonts. We can use Google font library for web designs but for graphic design like banners and logos we have to use other than Google fonts.


    Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing these great fonts.




    Hi Nabeel, Its my pleasure. Thanks for comment. :)


    SQL training

    An Awesome list of fonts Suraj, Will certainly be helpful since I am working on some designing projects



    Nice to know that, it will be good if I can know your name. :)



    really liked the circle font. good work man. nice post



    Thanks Himanshu.


    Arijit Das @Quickmug

    Killer List!!….. great work! :D



    Thanks Arijit. I am so glad to know that you liked these fonts.


    Tom Black

    A really useful list. Good to see BlackJack (it gets used a lot around here!)



    Yeah Tom, its cool special for typographic designs.


    Tech Maish

    I love “C” font family. It has some cool fonts. This list is very nice, thanks for sharing.



    Thanks for sharing.


    Mani Viswanathan

    Some cool fonts..thanks for sharing them.



    Thank you for sharing the post.



    @Tech Maish @Shafar @Mani Viswanathan
    Its my pleasure. Great to know that you loved these fonts. :)


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