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This site rocks the Shoutmeloud Skin for Thesis.

5 Gmail Lab Features for Power Emailing

Gmail is a messaging service of Google which provide its users lots of features apart from sending and receiving emails. The most innovative part of Gmail is its Lab feature which bring lots of innovative feature time by time. There are lots of Gmail lab features available but among all there are few features which must be enabled for real experience of power messaging. You can enable all the features from [...]

Understand basic Online money terms CPA, CPC, CPM and CPL

We have been talking about making money online from long time. To get success anywhere it,is very important to know the basic of all the common terms. Most of the advertising companies work on the basis of CPA, CPC, CPM and CPL advertisement. CPM stand for cost per mille or cost per thousand. In simple word you will be paid when advertisement is shown to 1000 people or page views. [...]

How to Get Twittercounter Widget for your blog

We have already talked about Twittercounter website, which lets you see your twitter follow graph on your blog. Twittercounter also comes with a badge which you can use on your blog to showoff the number of followers you have.   The widget serves two purpose, it shows the number of followers you have and give an option to readers to follow you. Go to Twittercounter site Enter your username by [...]

Importance of Backlinks in SEO for a Website

We have been discussing SEO a lot at ShoutMeLoud and one thing in particular you have found us talking the most and that is backlinks. Have you ever thought or wondered what's the importance of backlinks and why it's important for your site SEO. If you are a newbie and looking to get an answer, then read on. Backlinks are one of the important aspect of SEO. Backlink is a most [...]

How To Check If Your Website Is Accessible From Rest Of The World

Sometimes your website may down due to some error in your hosting provider. It may due to overloading or some problem in your IP, due to which your website can't be accessible in certain parts of the country, it may be anywhere, either in India or in any other country. Also it could be possible that due to some problem in the main ISP of the country your website could [...]

How to access Website Stats in Dreamhost

Shoutmeloud is hosted on Dreamhost  and it offers some great feature within it's custom panel and one of them is stats feature. Almost every web hosting account comes with a stats monitoring service. In   Dreamhost if you are using WordPress or Joomla you need to make few changes in your .htaccess file to access stats. Your domain stats can be access via To access your .htaccess file you need [...]

Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Most Powerful Theme

When it comes to themes for WordPress you need to be very selective. Along with design, what really matter is how well the theme is coded for performance and SEO. Here at ShoutMeLoud I use Thesis WordPress theme which is one out of the box theme architect for everyone. Thesis is not just a theme but it's a theme framework. You can create unlimited number of skins to work with [...]

9 Killer Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers

We already had enough conversation about BlogSpot or WordPress and for one reason why I don't like BlogSpot much is because limitation of optimizing it for search engine. There are many BlogSpot SEO guide that you will find on Internet and many of them is related to template editing and all, but in WordPress, plugins make it easier to optimize your blog. Anyhow, I'm not here to disappoint my BlogSpot [...]