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    After 1826 Days of Blogging All I Can Say “Blogging Is Incredible”

    December 1, 2013

    5 years back on this day (1st dec 2008) I moved a free blog hosted on BlogSpot to a self hosted WordPress blog, and that’s how ShoutMeLoud was born. While I was making this move, the only thing that I knew was I’m moving to a better platform for my blog. Many of you who have read my blogging journey, knows about the inception of ShoutMeLoud, and if you haven’t, today I will be sharing ...

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    How LinkPatrol Plugin Fixed My Blog External Link SEO Problem

    August 19, 2014
    Linkpatrol Plugin Review

    Are you running an old WordPress blog where you have allowed others to contribute guest post and get links in return? Or do you have a WordPress blog where you have multiple authors to publish content on your blog. Chances are that you might not be taking complete editorial control and many of your old links are redirecting to some spam site or broken. . After Panda and Penguin update it has become important for anyone ...

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    List of Inexpensive & Reliable WordPress Hosting For Your Blog

    August 19, 2014
    Thumbnail image for List of Inexpensive & Reliable WordPress Hosting For Your Blog

    Most of the time new users make a mistake by buying those webhosting plans which they don’t event need and end up paying a lot. If you are starting a WordPress blog and looking for a hosting, my advice would be to get a shared hosting which is not only inexpensive, it is also perfect for a new WordPress Blog. None the less, it cost atleast 50% cheaper than others expensive hosting such as managed ...

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    Why You Need To Edit Old Posts on Your Blog : Practical Tips

    August 18, 2014

    Blogging is like wine, the older it gets, better it becomes! Above blogging quote might not fit right about your blog if you don’t update your old blog posts. One of the less known thing about popular blogs that you know of is; they spend a great amount of time on editing old post as they spend on writing new posts. Specially after Panda update, when Google search engine award quality blogs with high-ranking, it’s essential for you to ...

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    Which Is The Best Sitemap Plugin For Your WordPress Blog

    August 18, 2014
    WordPress Sitemap Plugins

    Sitemap of your blog is one of the most essential element and the first step for making your blog search engine friendly. Sitemap file contains link to all the posts, pages of your blog and you can submit the file to Google Webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool or any other search engines to help them crawl your site effectively. We already have a detailed write up on Google crawling and indexing, which will give you ...

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    ManageWp Review: Best Way to Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs

    August 17, 2014
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    Managing Multiple WordPress blog is not an easy task, as we are not only limited to publishing blog posts, but you need to take care of many things like adding new plugins, optimizing your blog, monitoring up time, keeping a track of stats, SEO improvement and problems and many more. Let me introduce to one of the best way to manage multiple WordPress blog. Managewp is one of the latest addition by awesome WordPress developer ...

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    5 Dangers Signs That You Are Addicted To Facebook

    August 16, 2014
    Facebook Addiction

    It is no secret that Facebook has taken over some part of our lives and now we are an inevitable part of it. And with great confidence I can say that the first thing that almost everyone of this ‘Internet generation’ does after waking up is to check their Facebook accounts. One would prefer being active on Facebook as more worthy of their time rather than other important obligations and work. Facebook addiction has now ...

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    Chitika Overview & Guide : Contextual Ad Network For Blog

    August 14, 2014
    Chitika Review and income report

    When we talk about making money from a blog there are plenty of options. One of the easiest way is by placing few lines of Java-script from an Ad Network like Chitika or AdSense and it will show related ads automatically. This is the best option for a lazy blogger who wants to earn money from their blog. The reason I used word lazy here is because others are using methods like Affiliate marketing which ...

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    How To Overcome Self-Consciousness And Win Your Life Back

    August 13, 2014

    You step outside out of your house and the air outside has a pleasant odor to it and the breeze touches your face and has disarrayed your hair a little bit. You’re off to meet someone and you just happen to gaze at yourself through the glare coming off a shop’s window pane while hustling through the streets. You look at yourself and just think how in the world has that dress seemingly got more tightened and ...

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