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    writer’s block

    10 Things Creative Writing Can Teach You About Blogging Better

    June 25, 2014

    I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. I wanted to become a writer! So it made sense for me to take up a bachelors course in Fine arts and pursue my writing career. Intuition drives my art, whatever it is I do – Music, Poetry, writing; I just let my muse do the work. So, it made sense for me to wonder about how a degree in literature could ever help me in writing, and ...

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    What To Do When Blogging become boring for you?

    October 12, 2012
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    Writing about something is based on interest. A blogger should have an interest in blogging. Everyone would feel tiresome when they have to do the same things in a routine manner. If a person does similar activities every day, he starts feeling bored. 5 Factors which shows passion for Blogging If you are a blogger you must have experienced something similar. Actually, blogging is a time consuming activity that demands a lot of hard work ...

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    5 Things to Do When You Want to Quit Blogging

    September 21, 2012
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    Recently I wanted to quit blogging. I sat down and took my personal diary and started writing how it would be if I quit. After writing it I decided to re-introspect my blogging journey. I’ve read & implemented few tactics to again fall in love with blogging which I wanted to share with you here. Are you feeling the same? Do you want to quit blogging? Of course every one will come across that phase ...

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    What To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About

    September 7, 2012
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    Bloggers can’t exist without their readers. sometimes bloggers face a situation when there is nothing interesting happening in the community, they don’t find topics to write about. this situation occurs with bloggers who write about technology or other same kind of stuff because a blogger writing a personal blog will never run out of ideas. Read: How to over come writers Block in simple ways One of the thing which most of A-list Blogger do is, they plan ...

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    Blogger’s Block: 6 Easy Ways To Overcome It

    August 29, 2012
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    So, you are a Professional blogger or a part-time Blogger, and your daily routine includes writing new articles for hours and publishing them and making money. Sounds good, but after years or month, you will find your Blogging routine monotonous and find it hard to write or you will notice your hungriness of updating your blog is not the same anymore. Read: The secret to creating content consistently All bloggers face that blank wall at one point or another. ...

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    How to Make Common Blog Posts Unique When Writers Block Hits

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    When you think about starting a blog you think about cool designs and great ways to market the blog with social media, and for a few months or so you think about all of the great articles you can write. Then after a few months the pressure really sets in—this blog needs content everyday. New content. Unique content. And you have to write it. Until your blog gets popular enough to where you’re getting a good number ...

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    Find Topics to Write About Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

    May 7, 2012

    Being a Blogger, Getting into Writer’s block situation is something not new.  We all need to write something on a regular basis and a point come into our life, where we feel we are running out of topic and ideas. As professional writers, it may at times not even be optional. Sadly, from time to time it just seems so difficult to come up with ideas. This is not as a result of a lack of creativity ...

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    XMind: Free User-friendly MindMapping Software

    January 23, 2011

    If you are a blogger then you would be aware of mind mapping to avoid writer’s block. Mind mapping is a good way to be productive and that’s why there are many mind mapping softwares available but I always prefer to share free and useful softwares and thus I am sharing a very useful and free Mind mapping software, XMind. Useful Resources: 15 Tips to Get Fresh & Interesting Post Ideas Mindmapping Your ideas for ...

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