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    10 Online Free Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Tools

    January 19, 2012
    Currency Exchange Rate Conversion

    As a Blogger, most of the time I get paid in Dollars and via PayPal. So, it’s important for me to keep a track of current exchange rates. There are many sites like XE, Yahoo Currency converter, in short Currency exchange rate conversion sites which helps us to find day to day foreign currency exchange rates. In the world of Internet, money can come from any part of the world and thus currency conversion tools ...

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    ClickDesk : Add Live Chat Support & Live Calling On your Website

    July 12, 2011

    If you are running an e-Commerce site or running a service website or blog, it’s very important to have different options for your customer to get customer support. For a real-time support it’s very useful to have a live support system. Imagine a platform which will allow your customer to make calls from any part of the world as local call charges. Read: 3 Ways to offer most annoying customer service Recently, I came across a web ...

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    ClickToTweet: Send one Click Retweet Link [Social Media]

    January 26, 2011

    Retweet is one of the best way to market your blog and posts on twitter. You will notice most of the contests and campaign running around are based on retweets. For ex: Retweet and win ******. Though when we are sharing tweet request via IM or any other mode of communication, sending complete text and link to tweet is little annoying. Here I’m talking about a Twitter web service call ClicktoTweet which will help you ...

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    How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Advertisements

    March 19, 2010

    Selling advertisements on the blog is common way to make money online from the blog and it’s not guaranteed way to generate handsome revenue from it. There are many reasons like if you don’t have large amount of traffic, it’s not possible to generate huge revenue using advertisements. But instead of advertisements, there are some other ways to monetize your blog. I am discussing here about non-advertising revenue generating streams on your blog. How to ...

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    SiteMeter : Real Time Website Visitors Tracking

    June 8, 2009

    When I started blogging in 2008, I never realized the importance of site stats apart from the fact it helps me in Ego boost by seeing some visitors on my blog. Later on I integrated 3 analytic system: Google Analytics, WordPress.com Stats plugin and last one is Sitemeter. It’s been 4 years and now I have left sitemeter and I’m only using Google analytics and WordPress.com Stats plugin to check my blog stats. There are ...

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