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    Facebook Desktop Messenger: Chat from Windows Desktop

    August 5, 2012
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    Let me start with, I’m not really a big fan of Facebook chat. Some time back Facebook integrated Fb chat with Skype and launched Facebook desktop messenger. Facebook also launched an official messenger app for iOS device and despite of having it on my device for almost few months, I have never used it. It’s because of the basic chat features missing in Facebook chat. Anyways, that’s about me, but I’m sure many of you ...

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    How-to Get Rid of the Facebook Ticker

    September 22, 2011

    Facebook has been literally high on features, so many new ones have already been rolled out and many others will be made known at the f8 developer conference happening later today. If you want to watch the f8 developer conference 2011 live you can do so by checking out our post. They recently unveiled the new Facebook News Feed along with many other new features such as the Subscribe Button, Ticker and Twitter Auto Updates. ...

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