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    Page Layout Algo : Too Many Ads Above Fold Bad for SEO [Update]

    February 11, 2014
    Page Layout Algo

    11th Feb 2014: On 6th February 2014, Google rolled out another refresh of Page layout algo targeting websites which is still showing too many ads above the fold section and have too little or almost no content at the above fold. If you are seeing a drop in your search engine traffic after 6th Feb 14, you should check if your website have too many ads. If yes, you should work on placing the ads ...

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    Why Page Rank Goes Down And How to Get Back Lost PR?

    December 12, 2012
    Page rank dropped

    I’m sure many of you have different opinion about Page rank and it’s useful ness. Google Page rank has nothing to do with the traffic of website. If a website has PR 3 it does not mean that it will have traffic more than a PR 1 website. But it will surely show one thing that the quality of PR3 website is more than the quality of PR1 website. Specially when there are very few ways ...

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    Google’s Happy Feet… Err, Penguin’s Must-knows

    July 22, 2012
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    In the Penguin aftermath, hundreds of website owners across the globe are busy gathering their wits in dealing with the most recent Google algorithm update. A little over a month since its launch, Google Penguin leaves a lot of people asking about its idiosyncrasies. What is it exactly? How does it affect a website’s SERP ranking? Did it hit my site and what do I need to do? How Google Penguin is different from Panda ...

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    How Not to Get Hit by Google Penguin Like Changes Again

    May 9, 2012
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    Google is the main source of traffic for all the blogs who do it on SEO basis and when they go down on google it really hurts. Google recently came with the Penguin Update and former Panda update as well which brought tremors in the blogging campaign of many. What can you do to stay tension free on ever being hit? The answer is simple and basic which will uncover and enlighten once again so that ...

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    SEO Over Optimization Penalty : The Axe Hangs but over whom ?

    March 22, 2012
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    Since last year, Google has made some major changes in search engine algorithm, which starts with Google panda updates, search plus your world and moved to Page layout algo and many more yet to come.  If you follow SEO news, you’ll no doubt know that Google are preparing a number of changes to their algorithm which are going to “level the playing field”. What does this mean? Well, it means that Google are preparing to ...

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    Google Search Algorithm Improved to Fight Against Content Scrapper

    January 31, 2011

    Google seems to be getting harsh on content spammer and website with low quality and little original content. Couple of days back Google adsense slapped Auto content generated blog and now it’s time for getting another from Google Search. Google search team made changes in their search engine algorithm which went live on 26th January 2011 to lower down the ranking on websites which has less original content and content scrapper site. This is a ...

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