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    BitTorrent Live : Free Web App To Stream Videos Live

    March 15, 2013
    Bittorrent Live service

    Live video broadcast is becoming popular these days, and everyone wants to be the first one to grab the news, or watch a video. There are many paid and free tools are online, which will help you to live stream your video. For example, when ever I attend a blogger or a gadget launch event, I stream video live on my YouTube channel, using Google plus hangout feature. When you are using a 3rd party tool ...

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    OtherInbox : Keep your Gmail Inbox Less Cluttered

    December 4, 2012
    Select Email provider

    Emails are one of the important part of our life but the biggest problem with Email is, they take away our productive time. Specially, Emails from Social networking sites , notification Emails, Newsletters which are useful but not the important part of our productivity. Gmail have few features like Priority inbox which helps us to quickly keep an eye on Emails which are useful but again at the same time, how about a feature which will ...

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    Krunch US: Create Slideshow of Multiple Web Pages Into One

    May 1, 2012

    In past, we have talked about Bridge URL service, which let you combine multiple links into one and today I’m going to talk about one similar website, which will help you to do something new. How many times you create a series post and add links at the bottom or top to make sure readers completely read the series. Now, How about instead of sweating that much to add interlinks, you just share one URL which has ...

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    Your-Freedom Proxy Software Configuration Guide

    August 20, 2011

    How many of you are in college or office where access to social Networking sites are blocked or even many useful sites are blocked. I guess it’s something we can’t call “Right to freedom of information”. I believe, every person who is mature enough to surf Internet should allow to access all the sites. Exceptional can be made in the case of Porn and adult sites. I have already shared about Ultrasurf and how to ...

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    How to Remove Yourself from Facebook Public Search

    April 12, 2011

    When ever we talk about working online, the first few suggestion which we get are, use Facebook security, use Facebook  privacy settings and make sure you share the informations which doesn’t create any issue in future. One of the most common question which many people are still not clear about Facebook is it’s privacy. Though Facebook gives us many options to ensure that our Facebook profile can be hidden from everywhere but here I’m sharing a ...

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    5 Features of Random.org That You Should Use

    March 4, 2011

    Random.org is a site which helps in generating randomness between lists, numbers and a lot more. People use Random.org for holding drawings, lotteries and sweepstakes, to drive games and gambling sites, for scientific applications and for art and music. This site offers a lot of randomizing features such as Coin Flipper, List Randomizer etc. In this post I will share 5 features from this site which you should definitely use. 1. List Randomizer This feature is ...

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    How The Internet Has Impacted Our Lives?

    February 25, 2011
    Internet Cloud

    Most people these days have become heavy users of the internet; and I guarantee that you wouldn’t be reading ShoutMeLoud if you weren’t. It’s been an awesome technological advancement that has revolutionized the way that we do things. The internet has certainly impacted our lives, and the way we did things in the past is now different to this day; most people cannot even live without it, nor could know a life that did not ...

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    Bridge URL : Combine Multiple Links via one URL

    December 9, 2010

    Today, I’m going to share an interesting online service call Bridge URL which is going to be very useful for Bloggers like you and me. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to Combine multiple links at once and share it. You have to open so many pages, then copy the link, then send the individual links to your friend or whoever you are sending the links to. That person could also get confused with so many links. ...

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