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    301 permaredirection

    404 Error : How to Deal for Search Engine Optimization?

    April 22, 2013
    404 Page not found

    “Error 404 – Page not Found”, this is one of the most common web page types we see in our day-to-day internet surfing. Without any doubt, such pages offer bad user-experience, but how about Search engines? Are 404 pages bad for SEO? Do search engine penalizes website with too many 404 status code pages? In this article, I will look at 404 error pages from search engine and user experience perspective, and will recommend some ...

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    Will a 301 Redirect Passes Page rank? Matt Cutts Video

    February 26, 2013
    301 redirect

    One thing which in particular I like about Google Webmaster videos is, they clear our SEO doubts, but at the same time Matt Cutts like to keep the confusions on. You could totally understand that from the video below, and I will later on explain this with my example below: One of the most common technique which has been used from long time is passing the link juice by using a 301 redirect. Infact, when ...

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    How to Redirect WordPress Images to Sub-Domain for Faster Loading

    January 30, 2013

    We all know, loading of a website matters a lot for great user-experience, and for search engine ranking. There are many CDN network (MAXCDN, Cloudflare), which will let you setup content delivery network, and speed up loading time of your website. Though, we can’t achieve CDN like feature, with our own hosting, but we can speed up our blog by loading images from sub-domain. You can also use sub-domain to server static files (CSS, JS) ...

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    How to Import BlogSpot Images to WordPress

    November 13, 2012
    Thumbnail image for How to Import BlogSpot Images to WordPress

    Migrating your BlogSpot blog to WordPress is easy and one can easily achieve a 301 Perma redirection by setting up Custom domain on BlogSpot and later Installing WordPress, Importing BlogSpot posts to WordPress, fixing permalinks and doing rest of the thing. I know, I’m making it sound easy, but to make sure you need to do many more things that includes taking care of all your Social media profile, Feedburner migration, SEO changes and many more.  But ...

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    How to Migrate WordPress Hosting & Change Domain Name

    March 30, 2011
    Import mysql database

    If you are a self hosted blogger for long, I’m sure you must have get into a situation where you have to migrate WordPress hosting many times. Personally, this blog ShoutMeLoud has been migrated many times from Dreamhost > Hostgator > Knownhost > Linode > Hostgator. Yah, in 3 year tenure of this Wp blog, that’a quite a change of Webhosting. Some, Webhosting offer dedicated support for migration of your Webhosting account and some of ...

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    Non Www version not Redirecting to Www version in WordPress [Solution]

    March 9, 2011

    We all know that WordPress is a SEO friendly Blogging platform . One thing which WordPress takes care of intelligently is by directing non www to Www version or vice versa, depending upon your settings under general tab. I have my settings set to direct non www version of site to Www & this happens automatically. (WordPress handles it). Now here is a bug which I have spotted couple of days back that after updating ...

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    WordPress.com to Self Hosted WordPress blog Migration Made easy

    October 5, 2010

    Many people start blogging with free blog and once their blog start getting traffic and exposure, migrating from one platform to another one is always an headache. Specially if you are paranoid about SEO and search engine traffic. We already have solution for BlogSpot to WordPress and WordPress.com to WordPress.org migration. Specially WordPress to WordPress.org migration is easy as you will be dealing with same platform but again for non technical user, migration process is ...

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    Moving From Blogspot to WordPress Experience

    February 16, 2010

    I never thought that one day, I will use wordpress. As I always find it very technically challenge over blogspot. I was on blogspot platform for long but getting my own self hosted wordpress blog was not in my diary. However after writing my first article on shoutmeloud experience of an accountant, things have been changed dramatically. Few days back I got to know about Shoutmeloud through google while I was searching some tips to enhance website ...

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