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Professional WordPress Services

When I started ShoutMeLoud in 2008, I never thought ShoutMeLoud will become more than a Blog. It’s 2012 now, and we have established ShoutMeLoud as one of the top resources for Blogging and for Internet marketers. One thing, which we have realize the main reason for not-so successful marketing and that is getting started. Outsourcing works and putting on all things at one place.

Here at ShoutMeLoud we understand as Blogger, we just like to concentrate on writing and blog promotion, therefor we offer various WordPress service , so that you can concentrate on what you are best at and let us take care of all technical hassles. Have you ever thought, how much time you will be saving, if you don’t have to worry about Site SEO, site design, maintenance, Updates and integrating latest technology from Internet.

Let me introduce to my Professional WordPress services, where I help Small business blog owners and individual bloggers to maintain and establish their blog.  Though, I always recommend to start with Personal blog coaching with me and later on you can move to establishing an Instant success blog.

Shoutmeloud offer you various WordPress Services related to blogging. We specialize in lots of wordpress related services, that includes :

  • Complete Set up of Personal Blog
  • WordPress Custom Theme
  • Thesis Theme Customization
  • Moving from to Self hosted WordPress
  • Moving from BlogSpot to WordPress
  • WordPress SEO
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • WordPress Update Service

Our testimonials are our portfolio, and you can see them under comment list below the post.

List of Blog and WordPress Services we offer:

Before I start, let me tell you we are not the cheapest player in the market but what we can offer is quality and you will get things done with in time. When it comes to WordPress, we offer all the services apart from Plugin development. We always recommend Thesis theme for customization and setting up blog, as it’s a SEO power-packed theme.


Blogspot blog to Self hosted WordPress blog

Most of the Bloggers like you and me start with a BlogSpot blog and later on moving to WordPress is always a good option. Though the problem is maintaining subscriber and maintaining search engine traffic, and our unique BlogSpot to WordPress migration service offers, this feature. We not only take care of your blog posts but also we move all images from Blogger to WordPress.

We do all the work of moving your blogspot posts, comments, users, Images and set up your new wordpress blog with all the plugins and widgets. We understand that your blog is your baby and we make sure that your blog will be growing in the new environment.

Most people make mistake by using default import function to migrate and this way they end up creating two copy of same post and ultimate hurt their search engine ranking. We make sure that while migrating  None of your post will be left behind

  • The migration will be a 301 perma redirection, that means Google will redirect all your traffic to new self hosted domain.
  • I will set up your new WordPress blog
  • Your permalink structure will be Intact
  • We also Provide free wordpress SEO in this package.

If you are unsure that why you should move to self hosted wordpress blog, do read my guide on to self hosted wordpress blog

WordPress is the best thing that happened to me. It gives me great power to customize my blog and make money out of it.   Making money out of your blog is not possible because if its limitations but it is possible with self hosted wordpress blog. We provide service to move you from to self hosted wordpress blog.

We will make sure you will not lose any traffic from search engine while migration and after that. We will also guide you on how you can make money out of your new self hosted wordpress blog along with we will provide you with free SEO optimization tips and make SEO settings to increase your ranking in search engine. This will help you to get more traffic from Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN.

Setting up your new WordPress blog

Why do you create a blog? For me it is the best way to create a way to one to many interaction , share my opinion and show the world what I’m good at.   So   leave all the technical part including finding a hosting solution and setting up your first wordpress blog on us, and start doing something which   you are best at , i.e writing post.

This package will contain

  • Providing you with the best reliable hosting solution according to your need.
  • Installation of wordpress blog
  • Setting up your wordpress theme and plugin
  • Free basic WordPress blog SEO

WordPress SEO

If content is king, then SEO is the queen. By default wordpress is 50% SEO optimized but there are many settings like permalinks, Keywords, Nofollow, dofollow , On page SEO optimization and plugins which needed to be installed and configured to rank well on search engines.  We will give you the comfortable zone to write post instead of worrying about search engine optimization .

WordPress consultancy and maintenance

You have a 9-7 day job and find it hard to take care of tech hassles and maintaining your blog , hosting and other issues.  Leave tech hassles on us and hire our team of wordpress expert, who will take care of your blog 24*7. You can hire for half-yearly or on year contract basis.

What next?

If you have any queries or looking forward to seek our WordPress Service you can Email us at admin[at] or use this contact form. You can also get in touch with my via Twitter @denharsh

  • Yahoo IM = den_harsh
  • Skype= denharsh