How an Honest Affiliate Mistake Cost Me $558 & TakeAway For You

Over the years I have shared various tips & tricks of affiliate marketing here at ShoutMeLoud. I have authored an affiliate marketing eBook and have also organized workshops on affiliate marketing. I have shared my commutative earnings from affiliate marketing, and I continue to share as I learn something new. Recently I had a loss of $558.60 in affiliate marketing, and today you can learn something from my mistake. The program in which I incurred a loss of $558 was the Aweber affiliate program. This was in part Aweber's mistake, and in part (27 comments)

How To Submit Your Blog To Apple News Publisher

With iOS 9, Apple is all set to launch Apple news that is similar to Flipboard. As a blogger & publisher, you can submit your blog to be a part of Apple news app. By submitting your blog to Apple news, you will be reaching out to millions of iOS users (iPhone, iPad & iPod). I have just finished submitting ShoutMeLoud to Apple news, and you can do that too. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can submit your blog to iOS 9 news app. You can read the review of the upcoming app here, which will give you a fair idea of how your content will be (22 comments)

How To Add Follow Button on Self Hosted WordPress

Are you looking to get new readers for your blog? Today I will be sharing a new trick that can help your blog to reach out to a new range of audience. Do you know Follow button is a widely used way to subscribe to a blog?  And you can use this button on your self-hosted WordPress blog also. For newcomers, you can read my earlier guide on the difference between & self-hosted WordPress, and how to migrate blog to your own hosting. This article is for all those bloggers who have an existing self-hosted (8 comments)

7 Eye-opening Hacks To Excel In Blogging Career – Personal Experience

It was 1st December 2008 when I started ShoutMeLoud, and I started blogging because it was something I enjoyed doing. It took me a couple of months to realize that one can make money from a blog.  In 2012, ShoutMeLoud started getting mentioned in media all around the globe. Six and a half years have passed, and whenever I think about this journey, it all feels like a dream. I meet people who comment that I work so hard. I want to tell them that to me blogging is not work, but it's something I enjoy and is a part of my daily life. In this (13 comments)