10 Must Read Books to Inspire Creativity in You

When was the last time you did something to ignite the creativity in you? We humans possess perennial amounts of creativity buried deep down inside of us. It is the walk of life and our self-questioning that makes us limit ourselves to the mediocre. Bouts of creativity infusion are all that we need to come to the fact that we can achieve almost that we set our minds and heart to. When we feel all vain and all the negative thoughts take over our minds, it is time to curb all of those feelings with something to motivate us. Creativity block is something (1 comments)

Blogging for Success: My Letter to a Frustrated Blogger

Just published a post on ShoutMeLoud and was reading the stuff here when I saw this letter by a frustrated blogger. In brief, it was a blog post about how the bloggers get stuck into a vicious cycle of hope, hard work, achievement & failure and quit blogging at the end. I read it all and something triggered my mind. I felt like I have been there and done that. In fact, that very experience is has led me gradually to a significant success. From my 4+ years of experience and lots of brain-sucking observation, I know exactly what had been missing (18 comments)

How To Create An Affiliate Program on ShareASale With WooCommerce [Tutorial]

What's the biggest challenge you are facing with your business or startup? Even though you have a great product but reaching out to the right audience is a challenge. Isn't it? Of course, you can rely on PPC & paid traffic to get new leads or customer, but again it's not enough for your product marketing. How about a lot of influencers around the globe talk about your product & market it for you in return of a small commission from every sale they generate. None the less, everything is automated & once you have set things right, you will (8 comments)

9 Must Have Plugins for Faster Loading WordPress Blog

I have been blogging with WordPress since more than four years, and my hands-on experience with it leads me to believe that Wordpress is one of ideal frameworks for creating websites & blogs. Due to its easy to use features and a huge library of freely available plugins, even a newbie or non-coder can make pro websites using WordPress. The only condition, however, is that you should smartly implement the built-in functionalities and the right set of add-ons. Free download WordPress blog creation eBook here One of the most important features of (18 comments)

How To Secure Amazon Account With Two-Step Verification

Do you have an Amazon account? I bet most of you will have. Either as a consumer or as a publisher for Amazon affiliate program?  How are you keeping your Amazon account secure from hackers? Until now, Amazon offers basic username & password to authenticate our logins & indeed it's not enough in today's era when losing an account can cost you more than just money. Recently, Amazon enabled 2 step verification for all of it's users & you can enable it right now. The 2 step verification will add an extra layer of security for your Amazon (5 comments)