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September 2008

9 Useful Firefox Extension to Enhance Firefox

Firefox is one of the most popular Web browser and the best part is Firefox offers tons of extension which you can use to enhance your browser. Though before you end up adding lots of extension, I would suggest you to install only most useful extension. If you end up adding lots of Firefox extension, you might face Firefox slow down issue. It's better to keep only those extensions which [...]

How to Backup Your BlogSpot Blog?

BlogSpot is one of the top free blogging platform but it comes with many limitations.  One of the biggest limitation is, Google owns the control of your blog. Google owns the right to delete your blog at any point of time. This usually comes when you are using your blog for spamming or for any other activities which violates BlogSpot TOS. Probably that's one of the reason, I keep suggesting [...]

Picasa For Mobiles

Picasa is Google's photo service which offers free and premium account both. There are many apps for Picasa mobile. Specially, in recent days you will find many iPhone and iPad picasa apps which you can download free from app store. After the great success of Google official image viewer and editing software Picasa. It is Launched for iPhone , Windows mobile and for Series 60 mobiles. When you open picas [...]

Embed Picasa picture in blog and website

I was always thinking of the best way to embed my mammoth collection of pictures on my blog. Follow these steps and you can also embed pictures on your website with few HTML codes: 1. Go to this link and log on with your user name and pass. 2. Select the album which u want to show as slide-show in your blog. 3. Copy the HTML code. 4. Now [...]

Send Anonymous & Fake sms

When ever e talk about some Geeky way to prank, Sending Anonymous and fake SMS is one of the most recommended prank ideas. There are many sites which let you send anonymous SMS. In case, if you are wondering what exactly is Fake and anonymous SMS, it's nothing but you can send SMS to any of your friend with any mobile number. For example, I can SMS my friend from [...]

Unblock any website using Opera Tor: Surf anonymously

We often come to see  terms like  anonymous and proxy and I'm very sure all of you who are reading this article are aware of what anonymity means. I have already posted about How to access blocked website using Your-freedom which is one easy way to access blocked website. Here I'm talking about another way by which you can surf anonymously and also unblock websites which are blocked on your server. [...]

Link Your Youtube account with Google account

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing site and now acquired by Google.Earlier we needed to create a Youtube login id in order to create an account on Youtube, but after Google acquired Youtube, you can start loging to Youtube account using Google account. This means, instead of using separate login for your YouTube account, you can login using your Google account You can read updated news here: Link Youtube [...]

Unlocking your freedom: Proxy way part 2

  I have covered one of the best way to unlock your freedom by using Your-freedom Now this is the another way¦Which is the best way to Unlock any Blocked site. In this method you are going to use an ultra light software which is way too fast n very small in size In this method we are going to use a software name as ultra surf You can download [...]

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