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Wp-DB-Manager plugin : WordPress database optimization

Wp-DB-Manager plugin : WordPress database optimization

WordPress is one of the widely used blogging platform. We have already talked about how important it is to lower down your wordpress plugin , to keep your wordpress fast.wordpress logo thumb1

There is one thing very important to understand, when we disable or uninstall any plugin, it is not complete un-installation. The table and data of that plugin is still under your wordpress database. One easy way to get rid of it by manually accessing your wordpress php myadmin, and delete all the table created by wordpress plugin.

Though many users are not familiar with this method. WP-DB manager wordpress plugin is one such plugin, which will help you to optimize your wordpress database and delete all unused tables. More over it also helps you to take your wordpress database backup.

Probably this is one plugin which provide all the functionality for your database and also run SQL query from database.

Specially if you are on shared hosting and your hosting company is asking you to lower down the load or if you are facing slow wordpress issue.

wordpress database optimization thumb

The above screenshot shows the database optimization. You should prefer optimizing your database once in a week.

wordpress database optimization2 thumb

This screen shows two options in which you an empty or delete a table. If you see any table for plugin which you are not using any more, select the drop option.

Try this option only if you are aware of what you are doing. Else ask any expert to do it for you.

IMHO this is one must have wordpress plugin.

Download plugin

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  • Bnimbhal


    Their is an another plugin to delete unused dbtables, as I am not a developer so its difficult for me to find the unused tables.

    plz review


  • Mukul Bansal

    Harsh Getting this error when I installed this plugin
    Can you help me resolve this

    Checking MYSQL Dump Path …
    MYSQL dump path does NOT exist. Please check your mysqldump path under DB Options. If uncertain, contact your server administrator.

    Checking MYSQL Path …
    MYSQL path does NOT exist. Please check your mysql path under DB Options. If uncertain, contact your server administrator.

    Checking PHP Functions (passthru(), system() and exec()) …
    passthru() disabled.
    system() disabled.
    exec() disabled.

    I’m sorry, your server administrator has disabled passthru(), system() and exec(), thus you cannot use this backup script. You may consider using the default WordPress database backup script instead.

  • jessica

    I find this plugin useful, however, I have difficulty in uninstalling this plugin. Recently, I installed this to one of my blogs but I encountered a problem after moving .htaccess to backup folder. When I go to my blog and refresh, it says the backup DB folder does not exist” where infact it exists. So I decided to uninstall it using the tab in wp manager setting, unfortunately , it deleted all my post..That is so miserable.

    Can you please provide a tutorial how to uninstall?..I need this since I am a newbie to wordpress..

  • Roy C.C.@JustOnlineBiz

    This is a great tip, that I am going to try out.

    From the time I designed my blog, I think I have installed and removed over 50 plugins.

    You can see how important this stuff is to me.

    Thank you.

  • Sammy | Best Home Business

    I was using WP-DB backup plugin for taking backups of my database. But now since I have upgraded to wordpress 3.0, that plugin is not working. But this one seems to have the backup functionality and some more things like deleting unused databases and speeding up the site loading time.

    I hope it works with Wordpress 3.0 – Can you please update me on that, Harsh? Thanks

  • George Serradinho

    Hey, i have this plugin installed on my blog for sometime now. I love it and it’s easy to use. I like the way you can schedule backups and get it emailed to you and the optimizing feature.

    I think this plugin is a must for all sites using WordPress. I don’t know what I would do if I never had this plugin.


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