Why Google Bots are Not Crawling/Indexing your Blog Post?

If you know how Search engine bots work, crawling and indexing will sound familiar to you. If not, I will explain this topic in-depth here. First of all Google does not provide any guarantees or promises that they will crawl or index your blog stuff. You must keep maintaining your blogs content to enter into Google’s boundaries. Google has a certain amount of resources to crawl, Index and Rank your sites. And it has to treat them differently according to the popularity and importance of the site. So let’s have a brief look at How Google does all these things.

Understand Search engine bots Crawling and Indexing:

What is Crawling

Google spiders will crawl your site when you post some thing in your site. it may not happen at the instant because it is based on a lot of factors. Google does not have any human workers for crawling sites, They are using a computer algorithm for this purpose. So it must consider the factors such as Page Rank, Back Links etc before crawling. Another thing you can do for faster crawling is with sitemaps. But Google will not crawl anything you put in your sitemap. Sitemap will just let the Google know about your site contents. Bonus tip: Put your sitemap link at the footer of your blog. This will ensure that Google bot will follow your sitemap.

What is Indexing

After your content get crawled it ‘may’ be indexed. Before indexing Google want to make sure that your content is worth it. Sometimes they are not, That may be because of several reasons.

  • Internal Duplication
  • External Duplication
  • Weak Contents

So make sure your content is unique ie not copied from any existing contents.

How long does Google take for indexing ?

It may varies, It depends on how your content interlinked, How often you update your site content. For new sites, It will take weeks or even months for indexing.

How to get indexed faster in Google Search ?

For new blogs, It may take some time. So take a long breath and be patient. Google will rate your blog according to your updating frequency, backlinks etc. For older blogs, If you are still facing indexing problem, make sure you do not have internal or external duplication of contents. And do not rely on sitemaps. Because they are optional. Make sure the contents can be searched via normal links.

Many of the newbie bloggers are getting struggled with the Google’s indexing concept. Have a look at this table(Not accurate just for a reference)

Google search not indexing

Do let us know how long dies it take for Google bots to crawl and index your blog? Have you been facing indexing issue lately?

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COMMENTs ( 44 )

  1. says


    What if I had uninstall seo yoast and reinstall it again. Somehow I saw changes on my organic and quite a drastic drop on my traffic. Will google still recrawl my old post?

  2. Maria says

    How to ensure the site map is update after any change?
    How to unblock robots.txt? I test it and google said is unblock, but once I resubmit the sitemap. Google said the same warnings (blocked by robots.txt)


  3. says

    Made a site live last Sunday, only 3 out of 13 pages are indexed. I checked my GWT, resubmitted sitemap yesterday, and indexed pages is now 5 which is very very slow. I am trying now Pingler and Social Bookmarking Harsh. Thanks!

  4. says

    I cannot find my newest blog posts on google search using query “site:www.raviikumar.net”. It only shows main site url, monthly archives and pages and no blog post.

  5. Vikesh Sharma says

    Hi… google recently stopped indexing most of my posts normally it indexed all of them within 1-2 minutes with using fetch as google. Excluding 1 or 2 occasionally is understandable but out of 7 posts it indexed only 2. Will you suggest something.. needed help.. thanks

  6. says

    Hi there, I don’t know why but I have 2 blogs (one related to how to make money with binary options trading and the other one about real estate) and in both cases it’s been a month and a half, I published new content (around 4 times a week) and Google hasn’t indexed any of them.
    Do you know why is that possible?


  7. says

    I recently purchased a shared hosting for my new self hosted wordpress blog. I came from blogger. My new wordpress blog is duly verified in google webmaster tools. Its been 2 weeks since I submitted my sitemap in google webmaster tools and today it says pending.
    When I look at the Index, it say only 1 post is indexed. I have 10 blog posts. When I searched my site via google search bar using the command site:URL, all my 10 posts are indexed. Any advice what to do?

  8. says

    great article harsh, i am also facing a puzzling situation. it is almost one year now. but my site is not indexed in google till yet even after more than 40 posts traffic is below 50 pv/day. i have even submit my sitemap. please tell me what to do to fix this issue. waiting for your reply…

  9. Dinesh Verma says

    I have a question

    “Are Posts of a WordPress blog indexed more easily than a Blogger post?”

    I don’t know why but articles on my wordpress.com blog are indexed more easily than blogspot blog.

  10. Mootch says

    I have a website that is only 5 days old and post gets indexed just after 1 day and another site that is over 3 months old and posts takes about 1 week to get indexed. I think it’s also depend on the content. I update both sites daily.

    • says

      You can but it’s not that necessary. Instead create a blog site map and submit it to Google. Ensure your site map is auto-updated when ever you publish a new post.

  11. Sourish says

    Quite a informative read i must say, The chart actually says it all. Initially i was too facing a lot of problems but now everything is smooth and fine but there are days when indexing can become a serious headache! thanks

  12. Klint says

    I just can’t understand why google search engine index my new blog post within 24 hours in fact in the past, when i post new, it will automatically index for a matter of minutess but for now, it will index on a number of hours before it can be seen in google search results..why?

  13. Joseph Nirmal says

    My health blog is not indexing in google index. So my blog have very low traffic in organic search. how to rectify?

    • says

      Hey Jospeh
      Have you submitted your sitemap to Google search engine?
      if yes, could you check index status and let me know how much it is, and how much your actual number of posts are?

  14. Alex says

    Verify your website in Google webmaster tools and Submit sitemap of your website. Google will index your website soon. Also the posting frequency matters. If you post regularly Google spiders will index your posts soon.

  15. Rohith says

    Google indexing blog post time is really depending on many things like blog age, sitemap, page rank and backlinks. But aside from these elements I suggest that you focus on your content and Google indexing will no longer be a problem.

  16. raj says

    Hi, jimmy Excellent post. google indexing my site privacy policy, contact us and dcma policy page. is it creates problem or not?

    • says

      It won’t create any problem but such pages are not useful for search engines, but is useful for user experience. You should consider adding noindex tag for such pages…

  17. Nikunj says

    Very enlighting Post
    Help Please :
    My posts updating in google index tooks more time it tooks about 1-2 days after I publish the post to index in google and my site in almost 20 days old so what will you suggest me to increase this updation time should I refresh sitemap every time I publish the post or it Doesn’t matters ?

  18. sudeep says

    I am also facing from slow indexing issue. Can you review my site and give me feedback to improve my indexing status.

  19. Shashank says

    Its going to be a month,Google has not indexed my website… any suggestions
    help required…

  20. Nihar says

    Great post! This will help lot of new bloggers to start having patience.

    Even for popular blogs there are some posts which don’t get indexed. It is due to the fact that they might be copied from somewhere or doesn’t add too much value. This could be the reason.

    your table is good. Can i know how did you come up with that table?

    • Jimmy says

      Hi Nihar,

      Thanks for your reply ;-)
      I was experienced this problem earlier and i got reply from a google webmaster forum moderator with this table.

  21. Roger says

    I think if people focus more on creating good content verses indexing, they will soon realize it won’t be long until the site grows.

    That doesn’t mean disregard indexing, but rather focus on content first, then SEO.

  22. rakesh says

    indexing in google is very tough task…but my blog indexed in google within a week after i submitted sitemap to google webmasters tools….

  23. Burhanuddin Tezabwala says

    That table is very useful.
    I too have to update my blog frequently and on regular basis. It will satisfy my readers and Google as well.

    As it is always said: ”If content is the King, then SEO is Queen”

  24. Anubhab says

    I have a new blog too..Thanks for the great info. came hand, when I was pondering why my pages are not getting indexed.

  25. Saket Jajodia says

    Google sometimes index your new blog post intent also probably most of my blog from few months got intent indexed…

  26. Rahul Solanki says

    Well my blog is Google friendly.With in minutes my posts get indexed in Google search engine…I get 70% of traffic from google

  27. Jawed says

    Getting indexed on google is a lot easier than it is on some other search engine like Bing. Another thing is that if you make a blog on blogger.com you are almost always likely to get indexed by google.

  28. Pumama says

    When I post a new post, Google index it after 1 minute :D
    Writing post usually is the good way to get indexed faster

  29. Glitz @ GlitzyBlog says

    My site is also not getting crawled faster so i have to update my blog frequently. this is really useful.

  30. ankit says

    Awesome post dude.I was confused and worried that my blog is not indexed by Google.I will be now patient .

  31. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    Interesting chart you put.
    Once your blog established well, it can be indexed within minute, I experienced it. Its mostly connected to uniqueness of content.

    I think you missed an important factor, which is Robots.txt file. If this file is blocking Google bots, then no pint in trying other all factors.

    Thanks for the nice post Jimmy