Why you Should Tweet your Post Multiple Times?

Multiple TweetsWe have been talking a lot about Twitter lately, and if you have missed How to get more followers on Twitter, I highly recommend you to read it. Twitter is one of the top 5 Traffic sources for ShoutMeLoud. I often get into a discussion with my fellow bloggers on the way of tweeting the post. Most common question I was asked is: Is it good to tweet your post multiple times or just tweet it once ?

I always suggest and recommend to tweet your blog post multiple times. As followers, you have on Twitter are from different time-zone, and you have to make sure that your tweet is reachable to most of the people who are following you.

You have a follower from different parts of the world and probably when you have tweeted your post, another side of the world may be sleeping, and you are missing a great amount of traffic. Moreover your readers are missing a useful blog post. For example, I have most of the followers from India and U.S, and I have different effective time for sending tweets to target both the country followers. This is also similar to sending Email at the best time.

How Should you tweet your blog post multiple times?

I work on simple strategy, and that is tweeting single post multiple times in a day. I tweet maximum three times any single post within 7 days. I maintain a gap of 8 hours before tweeting the same article and make sure in between I have tweeted other articles also. This is because your followers might get annoyed seeing same twitter updates multiple times. Eight-hour gap make sure that most of your followers won’t see the duplicate tweets.

Though, I suggest you to use Tools to find the best time to Tweet and use it with Buffer app account and add such Tweets into the buffer. I usually use Tweet button to send first tweet and add the post again in Buffer app, this ensures that tweet will be sent out again and will reach out to maximum people.

You can use of many Twitter web tools to schedule your tweets. I use Hootsuite for this purpose. You can also make most out of it be scheduling the same tweet after every 7-10 days. This will make sure your old posts will keep getting traffic. Meanwhile, you can also follow me on my personal twitter profile @denharsh to connect with me.

Do you tweet your single post multiple times or you tweet once and leave the rest for your readers?

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Swamykant says

    Hi Harsh

    Tweeting a post multiple times is best option for base articles and not for all.

  2. jon says

    I think tweeting a new post a second time is ok but tweeting out posts that are old is a definite no in my book. i would unfollow anyone who did so, there is promoting your content and then there is overselling it.

  3. Harshad says

    Tweeting a post multiple times in a day is good strategy to bring traffic from different countries, but we need to make sure that it should not look like spam tweets. I have used this strategy with my blog and it definitely works!

  4. Uttoran Sen says

    i have never thought of re-tweeting my tweets more than once, this is a good idea for sending traffic to old articles :)

  5. Malhar @ MyTFace says

    I follow the strategy of tweeting tweets from different category. Keeping variation in tweets will help getting your followers attention.

  6. Technologian says

    I think 2 tweets for a single post in a day will work better. First, to avoid multiple tweets of the same link. Secondly, you still have the option og using other micro-blogging platform to get inorganic traffic…

  7. Anil Gupta says

    Interesting thoughts about Retweeting. Before going through your article, I was tweeting my blog post once only, but now I’m thinking of doing it multiple times may be 2-3 times for some of popular posts on my blog.

  8. Ilija Brajkovic says

    I also tweet 3-4 times per day, it think it’s not too much, and it’s definitely very useful.

  9. Vijay says

    Now I know the reason, why your updates comes multiple times. Initially I thought I have read somewhere…

    Nice tip.

  10. Avi Singh says

    Yups Thats a very good strategy..
    And yes If you want to tweet a post multiple times in day, then you can use service like hootsuite which provides you scheduling option.
    You can schedule a same tweet multiple times a day.

  11. Karen says

    I’m not too sure if this is on the fine line of spamming your followers, if they see the same thing over and over again they are going to unfollow you like a shot!

    • says

      Karen It depends how we take it. For example when I work I stay online for 8-10 hours and after that I’m gone. And similarly after 8 hours your followers from other zone come online and they must have missed your updates which you have made earlier. Retweeting will make sure that your followers will not miss that update.

  12. Sagar says

    That was a healty tip!
    I re tweet my older posts every week but didn’t repeated the posting of tweet every 8 hours..

    Will surely follow it.

    • says

      Sagar even retweeting your post every week is a good advice as you will keep driving traffic to your old posts. Even I do that and my upcoming post is based on it :)

  13. Avinash says

    Harsh, Nice Strategy will try this out in the next few days, also having more followers also helps increase the reach in this strategy.