Top 10 Productive Tips For Bloggers From Personal Desk

For Bloggers From Personal Desk

Being a professional Blogger is not an easy job, as you don’t only have to write articles but you have to take care of everything around your blog. In nutshell, here is my daily-routine: Writing new articles, updating all my blogs, replying to users comment, replying to readers email, promote my blog, network with others, read new stuff, Social media marketing and more and more…

Yah, it’s a lot of work but the thing is it’s fun. It’s interesting to learn new things, implement them and most important make money out of it. Sometime I find 24 hours to be too less to get all the things done, and that’s why I ensure that I not only manage my time effectively but also take care of my productivity to ensure I don’t get tired or worked up so soon. Today, I will be sharing productivity tips which I usually follow to ensure my blogging life remains active and happy. Idea of sharing these tips to get more things done in less time and without sweating.

Bloggers generally face many challenges in comparison to  other work employees. If you have any work experience of a big multinational company you better know that these companies follow discipline strictly. They do their work according to work schedule. This is the main reason behind their huge productivity. Bloggers often face lots of challenges because they generally don’t have idea of business. They  generally don’t treat their blog as a business and finally they struggle. Here I am compiling some great productive tips which should be useful to you.

Productive Tips

Handy Productive Tips for Everyone:


Time management is very essential for every professional person. On a given day, you need to do various task and by allotting a time frame for every thing, will help you to get all things done. Set a priority for things and start finishing them one by one. I prefer reading before sleeping and I usually add articles which interest me and need detail attention into read it later list. Morning time is usually alloted to writing articles, then after breakfast I take care of queries and usually I fix my Blog consultancy meeting post lunch. One productive tip as a Blogger I can give you is stop wasting time on Facebook and on Emails. Don’t start your day with reading Emails, rather use it for creative work and for us, what could be better than writing work. Here are few more recommended articles for managing your time like your own boss:

2. Maintain a to-do list:

I used to be a lazy Blogger and most of the time I miss out deadlines. I usually try to keep my inbox 0 before sleeping. That includes many reply to people like “Hey I will solve your query tomorrow”, “I will send you quote tomorrow”, “I will be writing this post by this day” and honestly, this “I will” factor is bad. Next day, I usually end up doing new things and forget about last night Emails and words. So, I started maintaining a to-do list and give them a priority. I usually use gMail in built to-do list to maintain my to-do list.

3. Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube is amazing source of learning. You can subscribe to various channels which deliver video tutorial on various topics. There are lots of useful tutorials regarding blogging, SEO, web designing etc. present on YouTube. You can also take advantage of WordPress.Tv which is a great collection of WordPress tutorials.

I usually, use Youtube when I’m not writing or reading. I connect my Laptop with TV using HDMI cable and enjoy some nice videos. If I’m stressed out, I play some soothing videos or when I’m in productive mode, I learn DIY stuff. This has  not to be related to blogging all the time, but usual home to do stuff. Helps in self improvement.

4.Turn off distractions

While writing post always try to cut off yourself from the outer world. Turn off your Tweetdeck client which distract you from unusual chirping time to time. Never open any social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ while writing articles. Even now, WordPress comes with distraction free writing mode, which is useful. Though, as I mentioned earlier I’m a Windows live writer fan.

5. Never waste your time

Bloggers found lots of distracting elements online as well as offline. Try to increase your productivity by get away from these habits. It’s either watching television or playing online games or unusual chatting with friends on IMs. FYI, every time you take a break it takes 45 minutes to get back into active mode again.

6. Prioritize your work

Try to know about your most important work and try to stick with it. Don’t try to do 2-3 things at a time. For example, I had this habit of researching while writing and by the end I end up reading something else instead of writing. This is big block in my productivity. I started setting time, to do list and set priority for everything. Just for info, reading consist of minimum 1 hr of my day.

7. Use Browser extensions

Extensions or addons are great productivity tools for bloggers. Firefox is serving addons since long time. Recently Google Chrome also introduced extension. These extensions are very helpful for getting work done easily. You can use SEO tools to check website’s stats, YouTube extension to watch videos and also take notes without leaving your browser.

8. Use Wordweb dictionary

Bloggers often get stuck with difficult to understand word. There are lots of handy tools to use which ease your work. Take advantage of this handy plugin call After the deadline or take help of these 3rd party websites to improve your blog post.

9. Don’t quit your job

I regularly say these words because I know that bloggers face tough time if they quit job before building their business. Save backup money for at least 3 to 5 months if your business is not established. Don’t make any quick decision. Calculate your capabilities and work opportunities.

10. Use productivity tools

Tools play an important role in humans life. There are lots of tools, web apps available to help you in blogging. Always take help of them. Have a look on blogging tools list I made earlier.

Another tip which I would like to give is: Start meditation and exercise. A healthy mind with healthy body can double your productivity.

Well these are some of the productive tips which I can think of now, and I will keep extending these tips with things which I will learn with my experience. Don’t forget to share and subscribe to my Email newsletter for more such updates.

I know there is lot more to say. Leave your comments to add some more productivity tips in this list.

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  1. Ary says

    It will help me with my bad habit. I actually have to do list, but when i do another job, then i forgot the list. Thank you Hars you have inspired me very much.

  2. says

    This is a great article! Very informative. I eespecially like the part about the to-do list and the picture with the post it notes on the board. I will definitely try this going forward. Thank you.

  3. Shravan says

    One of the most informative post I have ever read. Its true that there are many distractions but success lies in not getting distracted and concentrating on your work.

  4. sudha says

    Great points buddy. There are really lots of distractions present when working online!
    Btw i also keep myself away from social networking sites while writing content, it really helps to do more in less time!

  5. Sourish |Friendly Blogs says

    Well Said . You tips always come handy . These are some good notes i like to hear from a blogger who inspired me into blogging


  6. Blog Profits says

    These are all true and these tips are for the bloggers and not for the blogs. It’s really really great. I can also add one point, it is for all bloggers to read, learn, and appreciate other bloggers’ work. I stated one of these facts on my own blog for profit. This point will also make you realize that even though the blogosphere is growing, you won’t be left behind because in the process you will have lots of friends who are bloggers too, and this sharing of ideas will also help pass the traffic from one blog on to another. If there’s harmony between two or more blogs, readers buy it, and they can see it.

  7. NpXp says

    Youtube gets you hooked up than any other site on the web haha.. So it’s better to control your urges and get back to work on time.

    The other stuff that I hate about many people is that the addiction they have towards Facebook games like Mafia wars and Farmville.

    God I just hate them grrr..

  8. Surender Sharma says

    Nice tips Harsh.
    I never tried #2 Tip because of many reasons.But I feel it’s really wonderful idea to get alarmed while working.

  9. Shahab khan says

    Great points buddy. There are really lots of distractions present when working online!
    Btw i also keep myself away from social networking sites while writing content, it really helps to do more in less time!

  10. siddharth says

    Hey this is an awesome trick .Nice share .This shows result in other languages oo .Really awesome.

  11. Avinash says

    Well pointed out Harsh, Treating one’s blog as a business and maintaining it full time needs strict discipline.One needs to also maintain a checklist of to-do things for the blog on a daily basis.