The Only Guide You Need To Setup BlogSpot Custom Domain

I have talked about importance of custom domain name for BlogSpot blogs so many time, and anyone who is on free blogging platform like or, it’s my recommendation to use a custom domain name instead of free domain name. If you are a starter, let me clear your doubts regarding free domain name Vs. custom domain name.

SetUp Blogspot Custom Domain

When you start a blog on, you usually get a domain name like ( and this is what we call as a free domain name. Where as custom domain name is something like A good example is which is a custom domain name. 

There are endless benefits of using a custom name for your BlogSpot blog instead of free name, and you can read all about it here. Now, setting up the custom domain feature in BlogSpot is a bit of technical part, but this DIY guide is targeted to non-technical people. Here I’m sharing the complete step by step guide which you can follow to add a BlogSpot custom domain to your blogger blog. In this case, I’m assuming you have purchased domain name from ShoutMyDomain, and you have access to your BlogSpot blog. FYI, I also offer free BlogSpot custom domain name setup for all the shouters who are buying domain name from ShoutMyDomain, to help non-technical people.

Complete Guide to Setup BlogSpot With your Custom Domain Name:

Very first thing which you need to do is to purchase a domain name, which will usually cost around $11 for one year. The kind of advantage custom name will give you, $11 is completely worth investing. More over, think about what sounds much better: or

If you have never purchased a domain name before, here are guides which will help you to select the right name for your blog.  I recommend you to read it, and decide the name of domain which you want to buy. I highly recommend you to look out for .com domains instead of any other (.info, .org).

Once you have decided upon the domain name, head over to ShoutMyDomain and purchase your domain. (5 minute work). It accepts payment via Paypal, and if you are in India and don’t have PayPal or credit card, you can use contact form and make payment via bank deposit/net-banking to activate your domain.

Now, I assume you have two things with you:

  • Your BlogSpot blog up and running
  • You have access to your domain name

We have to make changes at two places, and once you setup the custom domain feature of BlogSpot, Google will take care of all traffic migration and you will not lose any traffic Or back links.

Add Register domain name to your BlogSpot Blog:

This is the first step where you will be adding the register domain name to your blog. Simply login to your BlogSpot dashboard, and head over to Settings > Basics and you will see an option which says Publishing >+ Add a custom domain Point your own registered domain to your blog.

Registered domain name

Here you need to add the domain name that you have purchased, and after adding the domain name, it will give two CNAME records and 4 A records which we will be needing in the next step. Click on + Add a custom domain, and add the domain name which you have purchased. Once you have added the domain name with www, you will see an error saying “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.” and you will get the CNAME record that you need to use. (See screenshot)

verify your authority to this domain. Error 12

Now. once you have these CNAME details, it’s time to login to your domain control panel, and make changes. Now, follow the next step of this guide and your BlogSpot custom domain name setup will be finished in no-time.

Setting up CNAME and A Record for BlogSpot Custom-Domain Name

This part may sound technical, but it’s as easy as copy-pasting. If you are not using ShoutMyDomain to buy domains, you might have to figure out on other domain registrar company on how you can edit the CNAME and A record. Once you are inside your domain-dashboard, it will be as easy as copy-pasting anything.

  • Login to your ShoutMyDomain dashboard or if you using any other domain registrar, login to that dashboard.
  • Click on the domain name which you have purchased inside your dashboard, and you will be on Manage domain page.
  • Scroll down until you see the option for DNS management, and click on Manage DNS.

DNS management

  • Clicking on Manage DNS will open a Pop up, where you can setup your CNAME, A, MX or any other DNS record related to your Domain.
  • ON the Pop-up box, Click on CNAME record and click on Add CNAME record.

Add BlogSpot CNAME record

  • Now, you need to add 2 CNAME records, which we already have from the step 1. (When we added custom domain name). Now, all you need to do is, add the details one by one after clicking on Add CNAME record, and add details. I have added two screenshots in case of any confusion, you can refer to them.
  • Here is the screenshot for first CNAME record where I have added www as name and as Value. This CNAME record is same for all the BlogSpot blogs, and the second CNAME record will be specific for your domain name.

CNAME record 1 ghs google

  • And here I have added the second CNAME record which is specific to your BlogSPot custom domain name.

BlogSpot CNAME Record 2

  • Since you are setting this up for the first time, instead of “Modify record” you will see add record. So don’t get confuse at any step. In case if you do, feel free to ask me for help via comments.

Adding A records to your Domain DNS

This is the last step where you just need to add 4 I.P. Address into your A record. The process is going to the be the same as above, all you need to do is click on A record instead of CNAME, and start adding the A record. I’m sharing one screenshot which will show you how to add A record, and similarly you can add all 4 A records.

Add A Record to domain

  • And on the next screen, leave the Host name part blank and on Destination IPv4 address add

BlogSpot A record

Like this you need to have total 4 A record and your final screen for A record will look like this. Here are the  I.P. address of 4 A record which you need to add.

Here is the final screenshot of my A record page:

BlogSpot A records

Now once you have setup CNAME and A record, you need to wait for 1-4 hours for this changes to reflect and once done, you again need to go back to your BlogSpot dashboard, and add custom domain name like we did in step 1. Usually after 2-4 hours, you will be able to add custom name to your Blogspot blog without any issue. If you getting the same error “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.” that means, you need to wait for couple of more hours to add the custom domain name. So, here is the final screenshot which I see after setting it up:

finished BlogSpot Custom Domain

Once it’s added, Google will take care of redirection part, and anyone if opens your BlogSpot blog address, he will be automatically redirected to your new custom name. This will also work seamlessly for internal pages, and you will not lose any traffic or link-juice. Also, you need to click on Edit here, and redirect non www version of your domain to www. Simply click on Edit and check the options which says “Redirect to

redirect non www to www

Here is the official help page from BlogSpot team for setting up Custom domain name, and below is a overview video of all the above mentioned steps.

The whole process may look technical, but once you are inside the dashboard and follow all the steps mentioned above, it will be easier for you to implement. In case if you want my team to take care of it for free, simply grab a domain name from ShoutMydomain, and drop me an Email using contact form and my team will set it up for you. If you have been blogging on BlogSpot platform for a while or for long time and not using BlogSpot custom domain feature, I highly recommend you to start using it for better branding and to make your blog look more professional.

If you are stuck anywhere in the process and need some help, feel free to let me know via comments. If you enjoyed reading this tutorial and find it useful, do share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. says

    Hello sir..
    i set up custom domain step by step as guided in this post. New domain redirects to my blog but most of the times when anyone enter custom domain in address
    bar,the page which loads shows domain is parked free and don’redirect to my blog.
    and beacause of this problem i m not even able to burn feed of my posts in feedburner.
    Now what should i do?
    Thank you

  2. Rajkumar says

    Hi harsh, I have recently started my blog. After i read your post, i totally convinced to buy a domain name. I have few questions, hope you will clarify.
    1. Whats the difference between buying a domain name (eg., godaddy) and hosting there itself and setting up the custom domain at blogspot.
    2. If i buy a domain name for some amount (say $10) this year, will the prices vary from the next year and does anyone can have a chance to get the same domain name after an year without my knowledge.
    3. In blogspot, as per my knowledge we cant create a home page. example, i cant make a website like yours. If i setup custom domain name at blogspot, it is possible to make website like yours.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  3. Neharika Prakash says

    Hi Harsh

    I am planning to start a blog but all this that I have read has gone above my head! Can you please help me with setting up a blog with a custom name ? What exactly is hosting ?

  4. says

    Hey Harsh, very helpful post.

    After I got my custom domain:

    1. All my blogspot posts/pages have not been indexed (which were previouly indexed)
    2. What happens to backlinks created before custom domain was purchased?

    Thanks again!

    • says


      1) It will automatically be indexed in few days. What you can also do is, add your updated sitemap link in Google Search console.
      2) Those links will be automatically redirected & you won’t lose the link juice.

  5. says

    I was going over your blog and I love it. I was wondering what platform you are using. I am using Blogger right now but I cannot get it set-up to the way I want it to feel and look. I tried wordpress but they are charging $99 for a year or something like that. Blogger was only $12 so I registered my domain name through Blogger. Can you help me learn the tricks to setting up my blogger blog or perhaps help me with wordpress and how to switch my domain over without having to pay an arm and a leg in the process. Thank you. I look forward to your response.

  6. says

    Thank you so much Harsh Sir, i think you are the best blogger of India the way you elaborate you skills really mind blowing once again thanks for this useful article.

  7. Harsh Morjaria says

    Hey harsh, I am trying to add the second CNAME but it isn’t getting added. Should I add it without “WWW?”

  8. says

    Hello Harsh,

    First of all thanks for this awesome blog.
    Secondly, I want to know that if I set up a custom domain on my blogspot blog at this stage.
    Does it affect my previous posts?

    Please suggests

  9. Saidur Rahman says

    dear harsh,
    your setup strategy of a blogspot site to self domain or custom domain is awesome. but i have a question to you as a blogspot site owner, i made a few backlinks for my blog. if i convert it into a custom domain, what will happen? all of my backlinks will be unidentified by search-engine? please give me a reply as soon as possible.

  10. Taylor says

    Thank you for the tutorial! I have set up my custom domain on Blogger but now when I type in my web address my blog can not be found. I have waited almost 48 hours for it to work but it still isn’t. Should the custom domain work immediately or do you usually have to wait a few days for it to work?

  11. says

    Thanks Harsh and friends..
    I added custom domain for my personnel site six month back.
    But my problem was cant access without www
    Now that is solved very simply.. Thanks

  12. krishnan says

    Very Easy and Clear tutorial to create custom domain. Blogger always 100% uptime

    thanks for sharing

  13. Sampath B says

    This article is crystal clear . This article i have been searching for few days. Now i got it.

    My friend wants it actually so i will sharing with him.


  14. Pulkit Trivedi says


    I have park my domain on Blog Spot. I have buy domain from Godaddy & park on blogspot . but query is when i am opening site than it’ll open but when i open than it’ll not open the website. So, can you please guide me how to resolve this query.

    • Nitin says

      My site is also build in
      and i faced problem same as you
      i have a solution for you
      follow this steps
      1==>login to your blog
      2==> go settings and then click on basic
      3==> click on edit button in Publishing in blog address
      4==> after clicked on edit button
      you will see advanced settings and you have to checked and then save.
      now after an hour your url will move directly to when somebody search as
      this is called url redirection .

    • says

      Pulkit, For that you’ll required to add A Records for your domain.

      Check the topic in this article “Adding A records to your Domain DNS” and follow it carefully.. You will get solution bro.

      and Thanks Harsh for such a good article that will help newbie bloggers that are not technically expert.

    • says

      Hi Pulkit Trivedi, It is very easy.
      I Think Harsh has forgotten to mention in This Post about the Last Step or he might be in a hurry. Just Go to Blogger Settings, ->> Basic ->>Publishing, You will see Blog Address->> Click Edit->>Clik the Box, which ask you to Redirect to Click Save. Just it.

  15. Bhavuk Khandelwal says

    Nice article Harsh, But what about adsense ads? I am using custom domain for my blog but adsense ads are not showing up on my blog

    • Vishwajeet Kumar says

      If you have approved for your blogger account, then there is no problem with that. you can still show ads on your custom domain.

      • Bhavuk Khandelwal says

        HI Vishwajeet,

        Well there is a slight change, If there is an approved account for blogger blog still if you want to show the ads on a custom domain then you need to submit your custom domain to Google AdSense for review. In that review process the same criteria applies as for the new adsense account.

    • Rizwan Ahmad says

      Hello Bhavuk,

      What i can see, the Adsense ads are appearing perfectly on your blog. Also, one thing i would like to tell other bloggers who are face same problem that, when they go for a custom domain they don’t see Adsense Ads. Its because, since Google has changed its approval process for any new site or blog with custom domain, every new website or blog with custom domain will go for a review process by Google Adsense team first, and if your blog or site get accepted then soon you would be able to see live Adsense Ads on your blog or website. After this approval you can add as many blog as you want with custom domain and you don’t need to send you every blog for review, you just need one approved blog with custom domain after that you can place your Adsense ads code on any of your blog.

      Also, if you use free then you don’t need any review just go to your blogger monetization setting and enable Adsense by adding your Adsense id and email. To send your newly created custom domain for review you can go to your Adsense account and there you will find the option to send it for review if you not have already send it for review.

      Hope this will help you out.

      • Bhavuk Khandelwal says

        Thanks Rizwan for this helpful answer,

        Well, I did the same process and after getting rejected for 2 times they finally approved my Adsense account for my custom domain name.

        • Ranadip says

          Hey I’m having the same problem, applied 3 times for review, and got rejected, Don’t know what to do now, How did you got your approved after adding custom domain to your AdSense Approved Blogger Blog!!!!!!

  16. Sahith says

    This is the most explanatory blogspot setup post I have ever read. I am sure, it will be very helpful to all the blogspot bloggers out there. Just curious, how many days it took for you to write this post?