5 Reasons Why I Prefer to Sell Ads Directly From My Blog

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Most bloggers I know tend to sell ads on their blogs using online ad networks such as BuySellAds, Adbrite .. However I’m a bit different from them as I prefer to sell ads directly from my blog. In fact I would recommend you to follow the same strategy as it can turn out to be quite fruitful in the long term.

For one it offers a lot more flexibility and the ability to maneuver your ads based on your needs. Not only that, selling ads directly has a number of benefits as opposed to selling through ad networks, so let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why I sell ads directly.

Why you should Sell Ads directly:

The only hard part with this process is getting the direct advertisers and below I will give some handy tips which will help you to sell ads directly and make more out of it.

1. Control Over Ad Pricing

By advertising directly from my blog, I can control the prices of individual ads in a better way, depending on their location, the value they offer and so on. This is essential for me since I can increase or decrease the price of any particular ad whenever I want, without requesting the ad network.

I can also put up affiliate banners when there are no advertisers for my blog, instead of showing up the blank “Advertise here” banner which can spook my readers. Though most bloggers don’t realize, if the “Advertise here” banner remains unfilled on your blog for too long, it gives off the impression that advertisers are not willing to advertise on your blog, which in turns leads to readers doubting your credibility and the authenticity of your content.

2. You Get to Keep the Whole Income

This is one of the most important reasons why I don’t like using any ad network to sell ads on my blog. Though BuySellAds is a great medium to connect prospective advertisers and bloggers, why I refrain from using it is because it ends up taking a significant 25% from whatever I make. To some people this might sound quite less, but suppose you manage to sell $300 worth of ads on via BSA, you’ll only get $225 and BSA will keep $75.

On the other hand, if I manage to sell ads directly, that $75 will keep adding each month and will become a significant $900 over the course of a year. I can then use this money to invest in my blog to boost its growth, or to hire content writers to keep content flowing regularly on my blog. If you are using Adsense, you should know about Adsense revenue share split. They keep 32% of total income from Adsense, and if you get opportunity to sell you Adsense ad slots for Direct ads, don’t hesitate to sell it.

3. Direct Contact With Advertisers

If you use any ad network to sell ads on our blogs then you can never get to talk to potential advertisers. This means that if any particular advertiser is not sure whether to advertise on your blog, then you risk losing him.

However if you sell ads directly via your blog, advertisers will contact you personally and you can pitch them about the benefits of advertising on your blogs, thus increasing your chances of getting them to advertise on your blog.

4. Free to Negotiate Prices

One of the other benefits of directly communicating with advertisers is that you can negotiate prices according to the situation. For example, if an advertiser wants to go for a particular ad slot on your blog but he wants a slight discount and you have excess inventory then you can negotiate prices with him.

Similarly, if you have sold most of your ad slots and only a couple of them are remaining, then you negotiate with the advertiser and try to get an extra few bucks from him. In other words, you have full liberty to manipulate the prices according to your ad inventory.

5. Hassle Free & Quick Payment

By selling direct ads, you can get instant money from the advertisers, either before placing the advert or immediately after placing it. Though most advertisers prefer to pay once their ads are live, you will still get the money within three or four days on the higher side.

Let me know scare you too, as third-party ads are not bad either. In fact, at times they are better than selling ads directly because, 3rd party service like Adsense and Buysellads have a marketplace and a huge list of advertisers. This will ensure your ad inventories are  not empty.

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How to sell Advertisements from your Blog:

As I mentioned above, hard part is finding the advertisers who buys ads directly, but is it really that hard? Here are few things which you can do to sell ads directly and without any third-party interference:

Advertise page:

Yes, we talked about about me page for a blog, but have you thought about putting up an advertise page. You can use it toencourage and educate potential buyer about benefits of advertising on your blog. Give them traffic details and other demographic details, which will help them to understand your blog audience and help them in making a decision. It will not take more than 20 minutes to create advertisement page and you have successfully opened a new way to generate income from your blog. Ex: Check out ShoutMeLoud advertisement page.

OIO Publisher WordPress plugin:

Here at ShoutMeLoud, we already covered about OIO plugin for WordPress, which is very useful to automate the ad selling process. It’s a premium WordPress plugin but if you are selling ads via Buysellads and it’s performing good, you should give this plugin a try. Most of the time, advertisers go to BuySellads from your blog and buys the ad. Instead of sending advertisers to Buysellads sales page, you will be creating your own ad sales page with pricing and payment options and it will automate the process.

Email potential advertisers:

Here is another tip, which requires a bit of work but it’s worth your time. Check other websites/Blogs in your niche and see if you can find any direct advertiser advertising on that site. Drop an Email to advertiser company and inform them about your blog and benefits they will get if they buy ads on your blog.

Make sure you add enough information and add a nice Email sales pitch to convince the buyer. Being a blogger, I’m sure writing such an Email will not be tough. Is int it?

Editor’s Note: I have been successfully selling direct ads on many of my blog. Communication is the key.  Mentioning about your advertisers and writing post like “Thank you sponsors” encourages potential ad buyers.

On the other hand if you use any ad network like Adbrite then you generally have to wait for the month to end since most ad networks send payments for the current month at the starting of the next month. I hope the above reasons are enough to convince you to sell ads directly and not lose the extra money you could make by selling through any ad network.

This is a guest post by Harshit Singhal from Exceptional Blogger. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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