Post Expirator : Delete WordPress Post After Specific Time

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Post Expirator : Delete WordPress Post After Specific Time

When BlogSpot platform made many SEO changes last time, one changes which was remarkable but less talked was post expiration. Post expiration is useful for those blog post, which are time bound and expires after certain time. For example, some event registration is open for 2 days, and you want post to be automatically deleted or sent out to draft after 2 days, such functionality is very helpful. If you have gone through my detailed guide on low quality content, you would know how important it is to get rid of such time bound post. I always wished if I could get one such feature for WordPress, and today I stumbled upon one such WordPress plugin call Post Expirator.

How to use Post Expirator WordPress plugin smartly?

Creating a successful niche blog is all about covering all important news around your niche. That means, small quick posts talking about some events, some sales or any discounted offer running. For example, if you are writing about one discounted sale going on, which will end in next 9 days, you would like to get rid of that post after 9 days, as it will be irrelevant and will not give a great user experience.

Post expirator plugin lets you set the time after which post will expire. You get the complete choice to decide how you want that post to be expired. For example, you can set that post to save as draft after certain time, or to be deleted or set as private. If you don’t like the idea of deleting the post, you can always create a category call Archive ( or name it anything), and use this plugin to automatically change the category of post to specific category after certain days.

automatically Delete WordPress post

This plugin is useful for affiliate marketers, as you can quickly create a post about discount/sale, and use this plugin to delete the post. If you have a good subscriber base, you can set the post to no-index at the time of publishing, and never have to worry about search engine deindexing. The only downside is, people might end up clicking link on different social-networking site, and might get 404 error. So you should either use a smart 404 plugin, or create a useful 404 page for your blog.

post expirator WordPress plugin

This plugin comes with setting panel, which could be use to select a default category for expired blog post, or you could also choose to show a message that this post will expire on specific date.

Tech bloggers can use this plugin to publish press release with noindex tag, and let it expire after 30-45 days. This will ensure regular updated content flow, without hampering your Google ranking. Over all, this plugin could be use in many smart ways. This is a free plugin and you can download it from official repo here.

Do let me know what smart usage you can think of this plugin, and how are you planning to use it on your Blog? Don’t forget to check out ShoutMeloud WordPress plugin archive to discover new WordPress plugins. If you find this plugin handy and useful, consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Bilal Malik says

    It’s very useful post. I want to know one thing is that will it delete from Google? I posted some events about Eid and Hohli but I haven’t deleted these events because i’m not sure that it will delete from Google or not. If it doesn’t delete from Google then it could be harmful because of 404 error.

  2. Aqib Shahzad says

    I think this plugin will also be effective for those blogs which are sharing the funny stuff on Facebook such as funny memes etc.

  3. yash deshmukh says

    Thnanks a lot for this awesome plugin, this will save a lot of time to search and deete low quality posts….!

  4. Charan Pammi says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thank you for sharing this post.
    It is very good idea for deletion of post after specific time.
    Sometime we dont want to show every post for the whole time, so in that case we have to open the post and then delete it. But after reading this article I came to know that right after publishing the post I can schedule its deleting time. So post and forget.

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