My 3 Years HostGator Experience Story

Its been 3 years I am using Hostgator Web Hosting Service. Today in this article I am going to share my Hostgator experience that how I spent these 3 days with Hostgator, what ups & downs I faced during these 3 years. Lets start:

Hosting Experience With Hostgator

From where I came to know about Hostgator Earlier I was on Dreamhost and I had very bitter experience with them. Then I was looking for a reliable web hosting company, I had a chat with Harsh and he recommend me Hostgator. I trusted his decision and bought 1 years hosting from them with Baby plan. In baby plan we can host unlimited domains with unlimited web space. Thanks Harsh for suggesting Hostgator.

3 reasons why my Hostgator Experience was good:

Free migration of site from older server to new server :

When I bought hosting I was having problem in migrating my old site to new server. Hostgator sent me an email that their professional team provides free site migration service. It was a life saving email. I immediately contacted Hostgator Live Support and asked them to migrate my old site to new server. Their services were so quick that within 10-12 hrs my site was on new server. Other web hosting companies like Dreamhost, BlueHost does not provide free migration services but Hostgator do.

A big nightmare :

Few months back, one of my site was misbehaving. It was showing some malicious code in my site that was hosted on Hostgator. I contacted their live chat system and told them about my site. They transferred my chat to admin of Network Security and he handled my problem very well and removed the malicious code from my site. He gave me proper instructions that how malicious code entered my site and also gave tutorials and tips to remain safe in future.

Hostgator Customer Care:

The third reasons why I love Hostgator is, my hosting was going to end in the month on March and I did not knew that. I got an email from Hostgator that my hosting will be going to end after 10 days. I forgot to pay the hosting bill and after 10 days I got another email that they’ve given me some grace period and after 7 days my hosting account will be suspended if I did not pay my hosting fees. I did not had money in Paypal and no credit card. I contact my bank and they told me that it will 10-15 days for CC to come. I had to pay the bill. I sent an email to [email protected] and requested them to extend them my account suspension date. I asked them that I am arranging a CC to pay the bill. They asked me how many days I want and I told them to give me 10 days. Their staff is so helpful that they did not ask any further questions and extended my account suspension date. I arrange a CC and then pay the hosting fees.

Hostgator experience: Which was not Positive

When I bought Baby Plan rom Hostgator, I was told that I’ll get $100 free Google Adwords coupon but after I bought the hosting and applied for the coupon I came to know that the free coupon code was only for USA & Canada and not for Indian users. It was really an embarrassing moment. Hostgator should have told earlier about this. The same was the case with Toll Free number, it was also available only for USA & Canada users. Though for making free calls to Hostgator, you can use services like Whistle.

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So, these were some good & bad Hostgator experience but I hope you like it. I recommend Hostgator to everyone. Now, waiting for your comments.

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I am Gagan, doing B.Tech in computers. I blog at


COMMENTs ( 16 )

  1. sreekanth says

    personally i feel blogger is a best option for handling security issues.

    I have a blog which gets around 20,000 visits per month. I started it 1 year back on blogger and I still love blogger.

    In future I may use wordpress ….Thanks for your review….I will keep your review in mind while thinking about hosting

  2. Deepak Patel says

    I am also looking for a good hosting company for my new project. But not able to figure out how much traffic can handle by hostgator Baby/Hatchling plan in a day.

  3. Jagan Mangat says

    Nice experience Gaganpreet.
    About Adwords credit dreamhost gave me $50 credit and i made use of it by adding some more credit via netbanking and by contacting Adwords official.
    According to me dreamhost provides claimed credit to their customers,they said $50 and gave it to me(Indian).

  4. SiRu says

    HostGator is excellent and its really worth the money..

    Past 6 months… I had no bad experience… Their support is good :D

  5. Shubham says

    HostGator is the best of all webhosts!
    I’ve been with dreamhost, bluehost, justhost, ipage, fatcow… but There’s nothing like hg :D
    Thanks for sharing your experience Gagan!

  6. Kavya Hari says

    Initially, host gator has an great support at an reasonable cost. And, Gagan you shared your wonderful experience on here. And, it will be useful to me. Thanks a lot :)

  7. Jasmine says

    HostGator is a recommended web hosting company. Host with them, don’t worry. About the $100 AdWords credit, it is not really such a big deal, you host with HG not because of this free credit, but because HG gives you excellent technical support and stable server! :)

  8. Rajeel says

    I haven’t used them. Wanna give a try. After hearing all your experience, I’m really looking forward to contract with hostgator, for the next billing. I am using Just Host now and they are also very reliable n friendly. Anyway, wanna try HG

  9. HackTik says

    Hostgator has been my favourite too primarliy because of their support. However, I didn’t know about the Google Adwords credit fact that it is not applicable for Indians. Thats surprising. Thanks for sharing anyways.

  10. Gs Current Affairs says

    We moved to Hostgator utilising the free transfer service and also Harsh’s Thesis customisation service. We are happy that we did this. The Google Adwords credit was not made available for us also.

    Indians are generally discriminated on such counts. This is followed by all hosting providers.

  11. Arun says

    very well written about your experience on host gator, but i have move on and i currently host my site at net hosting, Cloud servers for the past 5 months and the site is super fast.

  12. Vijayraj Reddy says

    ya, i was also confused about toll free number, then i was told that it is for only US users… but Hostgator is best web hosting company… i love them…

  13. Ramkumar says

    I have been using hostgator for more than a year now. Excellent hosting and affordable price.