How to Select Name for your Personal Email Address

Name for Email addressAnyone starting his/her journey online, the very first thing they need is an Email address. I remember, when first time I created my Email address back in 1998 using Yahoo mail service, I had no idea how to choose a name for my Email address. I entered random name, and landed with a username like “denharsh”, and now it’s been almost 15 years, and I’m still using the same handle everywhere. Be it my Twitter, Facebook or any other online presence website.

When I started, I had a little knowledge about internet, and no knowledge about branding, and importance of a good Email address. Most of my friends, email addresses have prefix or suffix something like “awesome” “sweet” “love”, and so on. Such names look good in Email addresses when we are teenager, but as we reach the age or professionalism, having such a name doesn’t reflect our personality , and become a reason for embarrassment.

A blogger can always a get a professional Email address, with something like [email protected], [email protected], but for a normal user who is using services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail to create an Email account, selecting a good Email name is crucial.

Specially, here at ShoutMeLoud, a good percentage of readers are college students, or those who are starting their professional career, and for them it’s the right time to undo the wrong, and choose an Email name which not only represent them strongly, but also they could use it for coming years.

How to Choose a name for your Email address:

If you are starting now, and planning to get an Email address like [email protected], it would be tough, as most of such Email addresses are already taken. Very first thing which you could do is, you can select the Email service you are planning to use. My recommendation would be Gmail or Outlook. Outlook is fairly new, and you can easily get your desired Email address. Here I’ pointing out few tips which will help you to choose a email name, which doesn’t suck:

Your name:

Nothing could be better than using your name as an Email address. For example, [email protected] If you have a common name, chances are high, such Email addresses are already taken. In this case, you can play around with words. For example:

  1. Agrawal.Harsh
  2. Hagrawal or H.Agrawal

Many Email service providers will let you use few special characters like underscore, dash which could be used to get a desired email username.

Easy to remember:

Select a username, which is not only easy to remember, but easy to pronounce too. Since we are dealing with personal Email address, which we usually don’ t add in our business cards, having a short and easy to remember Email address will do the magic.

Things not to do while selecting Personal Email name:

  • Don’t use any prefix or suffix like (Sweet, innocent, hunk), while selecting your Email address.
  • Your Email address is all about you, so don’t link your Email address with your boyfriend/girlfriend name.
  • If you from one of those culture, where your sirname (Family name) changes after marriage, try to avoid using sirname in your Email address. Instead use something which defines you. For example: Er.harsh. A good idea would be using your profession initials.

When ever you are creating a new Email address or selecting an Email address, think of your Email address as your online identity. Think, how your Email address will sound after 10-15 years from now. Your Email address should not only speak about you, but also show professionalism.

I hope this quick guide will help you to choose the best Email address from now on, and if you have already have an Email address which doesn’t sound professional, it’s not too late to get a new Email account.

If you have any other tip, do share it with us via comments. If you find this article useful, do share it on Facebook & Google plus.

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