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    How to put Google Analytic code on your WordPress Blog

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    We have already covered few posts about Google analytics in the past and if you have missed it, here you can read: What is Google analytics?.

    In easy language Google Analytics is a service of Google which provide all the data or tracking record of visitors ,i.e. who visit your site, what they do when they visit your site,when they visit your site, who is the referrer of your site etc.

    How to get Google analytic code

    You can get Google analytic code for your website by sign up in the official website for Google Analytics googleanalytics thumb How to put Google Analytic code on your Wordpress Blog

    You can sign up with your standard email for your website domain.

    analytics2 thumb How to put Google Analytic code on your Wordpress Blog Put the name of your domain and choose your account name,time zone and country and click Continue

    analytics3 thumb How to put Google Analytic code on your Wordpress Blog After few easy steps ,you will find the code in ga.js format.

    analytics4 thumb How to put Google Analytic code on your Wordpress Blog

    This is the code generated.You should use ga.js format code in your blog as it is more effective.You can note the ID generated as it should be used in the plugin which you use in your WordPress blog.

    How to Add Google analytic to your wordpress blog?

    Now you have to put the code generated on your wordpress blog. Open your WordPress admin panel. In the Add new plugin section search for Google analytics plugin.Install and activate it.

    Under Setting section in the sidebar of WordPress Dashboard you will find the setting of Google Analytics. Open it.

    analytics6 thumb How to put Google Analytic code on your Wordpress Blog

    After opening the setting you will find a page as shown below, put the ID in Your Google Analytic UID section from the code generated in Google Analytics.

    Also in Additional tracking code section put the code generated in ga.js Change the rest of the option as given in the image below and save it.

    analytics7 thumb How to put Google Analytic code on your Wordpress Blog

    Now Google analytics start working on your blog ,but you will not see the immediate results. You need to wait for 24 hours to see the result.┬áIf you like the post don’t forget to Tweet and give a Stumble love.

    Also read: How to increase website traffic using Google analytics.

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    I use the same plugin for adding Analytic code. Good piece of info for new bloggers.


    Jen Kumar

    Hi, This is really a nice post on Web Analytics. I was using W3Counter



    oh.. is there a seperate plug-in for Analytics !? I’ve been using Analytics in my several blogs for quite some time, but never heard of a wordpress plug-in.

    thanks for the info.


    Extreme John

    I have been looking for some decent detailed information about how to do more with Google Analytics for a while now. This is excellent, very well written and extremely helpful. Thank you.



    u can manually insert the code in footer.php without any plugin


    Strictly Online Biz

    I agree with atul
    Another option would be to just go the footer.php of your theme and place the code right before tag as Google suggests. That way you don’t overburden your blog/site with another plug-in. Just my two cents



    @Atul, SOB Thanks for your suggestion, footer.php idea is really useful, it minimize the use of plugin. Your Suggestion is appreciated.


    Delhi Catering

    Thanks for sharing this post with us…..I was finding it ans now my doubts are cleared…….And I will be able to add Google Analytics code in Wordpress blog

    Thanks Dude……..!



    hey link of the plugin you provided i used it and it works in a simple way than you explained,just install the plugin and it automatically asks for which google account you want to use for Google analytics just select the Google account where you have created the GA account for your blog and click on grant access,select id,save settings and done.



    thanks a lot mate, since i don’ t know what is google analytics ID , thaks mate



    First of all thanks for your nice sharing.

    I have one query regarding same, I have blog with site name http://www.xyz.com/blog, now i have to track blog with GA then what kind of work out i have to do on this to get tracking for my blog?

    Can you please help me out in that case?

    Thanking you in Advance.



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