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Content marketing is one thing which will be the future of all online marketing, and the only thing which will change in content marketing is the form of content. With the rise of sites like Pinterest, Vine it’s clear that world is moving towards images and videos for sharing the ideas. Saying that, It doesn’t meant that text content will lose the value, but to make your content more effective you need to utilise images and videos in the smartest way. Last year, I talked a lot about Video blogging and if you are one of those 2600 shouters who are subscribe to my Youtube channel, you would notice how often I started adding video tutorials and screencasts on my video blog over Youtube. <Browse my video blog here>


Of all the thing about online marketing which I have learned; quality and presentation is every thing. If your website is looking good, you are more likely to attract one time visitors to stay for long, if your videos are produced in an interesting way, people are more likely to engage with it. Now, for a blogger like me and you, who are creating those technical know-how videos, which are targeted to niche crowd, we have to work hard to polish and make our video shine. Today, I will be sharing few tips that I have implemented last year, and that helped me to give a bigger brand boost on my Youtube channel or anywhere I share my videos.

Welcome to the world of Intro videos

Intro videos are short videos which represent your brand in interesting way. The idea of intro video is to brand yourself better, and all bigger brand are doing it. Many of you might have notice those 15-30 second videos before or after the video, which market your brand. I believe it will be easier for you to understand when you see one such into video. So here goes the first into video that I have made for ShoutMeLoud, and after the video I will explain how you can get one such video for yourself at the cheapest possible price.

Above video is just a 14 second video, and you can easily add it to your screencast videos using any simple video editor. (I use Camtastia for video recording and video editing). Now, I will share the ways by which you can get these videos done for your blog or even for your brand.

Where You can get your Brand Intro video done in budget

If you are a big brand with lots of money in your pocket, you should definitely hire a creative video production company. A custom video is always a great idea, but if you are like me who is just a small start-up guy or a budding blogger, you should definitely follow any of the mentioned suggestion to create one for your brand.


I love Fiverr for many reasons and one of them is finding the creative people to do creative stuff at minimum price. Would you believe if I say, above video was created for mere $5. Head over to Fiverr, and search for terms like “Youtube Video intro” “Video intro” and you will see many options for getting a video intro for your blog or brand. All you need to do is, buy one such gig, provide your brand logo .psd file, provide tag line/message and the Fiverr guy will create your video within a week time. For an expenditure of $5, it’s a not to miss deal. Click here to browse Fiverr.

Get Youtube Intro video

Usually, I buy one such gig and they also have additional add-ons where I can get higher resolution videos or videos in various format for adding additional $5-$20. For example, below embedded video was done at the total price of $15. I usually this video as outer video, and remind my viewer to subscribe to my channel.

If you have patience and you understand the importance of branding, you should get such 2-3 videos done. Since your logo or message is going to be the same, video variety will be loved by your regular subscriber. After all, by the end it’s all about variety and trying new stuff. You can use this kind of video at the starting (Intro video) or at the end of video (outro video)created by you. If you are not going to follow the second method below , in that case you can use this video on your about page to create a better impression than rest other blogs.

Make Web Video : DIY Stuff

If you are one of those who are more like Do it yourself kind of person, you should check out Make web video. This is a DIY website to create whiteboard videos. These videos are not ideal for your videos call to action, but they are very effective for representing your brand.  I have one such video as featured video on my Youtube channel, and you can check it out here.

I have already reviewed makewebvideo service here. Here video production cost starts at $80 but again, the kind of template based white-board videos you will be making, it will be totally worth it. Below I have embedded such video created using MakeWebvideo service in around 2 hours of time.

I have this vide added on about page of ShoutMeLoud, and at times I use it on interviews for better branding.

Online marketing is all about doing something unique and adding ore feature and flavour to your existing marketing technique. Depending upon your budget you should get an intro and outdo video done for your videos.

Specially getting such videos done for $5 form Fiverr is a steal. How many of you have intro video done or planning to get one? If you have such brand intro video done for your blog or brand, do share with me via comments. If you find this article useful, do share with others on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. says

    I am using powerpoint 2014 to create simple video intro. Also I use free templates on the internet to create video intro but I think I should seriously think on having a professional intro for my videos to have a professional feeling.

  2. says

    Hii Harsh,
    Many Bloggers wish to share video tutorials with their blog readers but they feel that it is a very difficult task and so they don’t focus on it. But in this article you mentioned some amazing tricks and suggestions to Create Video For Your Blog In Cost-Effective Manner. I have already subscribed you on youtube and I am also going to Create Intro Video For my Blog soon. Thanks for sharing this helpful and encouraging article with us….!!

  3. Vikas Yadav says

    Hello@Harsh:- A very useful article for all those people who want to learn something new by taking the help of videos instead of reading long tutorial, or ebooks etc. But sad to see that a new blogger can not take the maximum advantage from the intro video, due to its its higher prices. But finaly, thanks a lot for sharing your into video first time on shoutmeloud..

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