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Facebook pages is one of the best tool to promote your site on Facebook. Facebook has been adding many new features like Facebook schedule message, Sponsored stories and today I spotted new feature call Facebook offers on my fan page. This new feature will directly help E-commerce companies to offer special discount coupons and offers to their fans and customers. I just tried my hands on new Facebook fan page offer feature and here is a quick guide and information related to creating an offer on your Fan page and how you can use this to make money from Facebook pages.

How to create Facebook offer for your Fans?

Like you create a new status update, similarly you will be creating a new Facebook offer for your Fans. Go to Fan page you admin and click on Offer, Event+ and select offer from the drop down options.

Facebook offer

To create a Facebook fan page offer, you need few details only. You can select from three options:

  • Stores only
  • Stores and online only
  • Online only

You can easily select online only offer and use your affiliate link and discount coupon to offer something useful for your fans. Believe it or not, people like discount and offers which are hard to resist. So, lets say, if you are a Dreamhost affiliate or any other Webhosting affiliate or any other affiliate programs, you can simply add your affiliate link and add the coupon code. Here is an example:

create an Online offer
If the affiliate program which you are using doesn’t offer any coupon code or you embed coupon code directly into link, you can skip the coupon part. For example, I can directly offer following link, which offers $97 off without any coupon code on Dreamhost.

Click on next and now the creative part comes in, you need to add a catchy offer headline in 90 characters along with an image. Make sure to use an image which can bring maximum interaction and use clickable offer lines. Here is the final screenshot of created offer:

Facebook offer created

Set budget:

If you know about Facebook edgerank, by default any status update you post on Fan page, doesn’t reach to all and that’s where Facebook come with sponsored stories, where you set a budget to make your status update or offer reachable to more Facebook users. You can also publish your offer without spending any money, i.e with 0 budget, but if you are promoting something irresistible, make sure you start with minimum budget of $10. When you are setting your budget for Facebook offer, you can also see the estimate number of reach. Here is a screenshot for the same:

Budget for fb offers

Click on share and your offer will start appearing in your Fans timeline. Now, here is interesting bit, your fans can quickly click on claim option to see the offer and they will get an Email notification with offer details, which will make this more effective. Along with it, fans or you can claim the offer and reshare the offer with your friends, specific list or to the public. You can also see the number of people claimed the offer, now it doesn’t mean that they have made a purchase, but it means they clicked on claim to see the offer.

How to make Facebook offers more lucrative and beneficial?

Facebook offers give ample amount of opportunities for E-commerce, product sites, Service sites to offer special discount and make money directly via Facebook pages. Bloggers who offer their own product like eBooks, Membership sites or they can use affiliate marketing to take advantage of fb offer feature.

They key is to, offer a product which people are more likely to buy or offer something unique and especially for your Facebook fans. Along with it, your image and catchy line for offer will make a huge difference. For an E-commerce site, it would be a good idea to add some budget and use this feature to make their offer reachable to larger audience.  You can also take advantage of status scheduling feature, to offer special discount on special occasions and on holidays. Use your imagination and creativity, and I’m sure you can find some amazing ways to make most out of Fb offers and events. You can learn more about it on official help page. For now, minimum Fan requirement for a Facebook page to run offer is 400, you can follow my tips to how to make a Fb Fan page popular or use Facebook popup plugin to get more Fans.

This seems like a great offer and I’m sure in coming days, it will open many new door and oppurtunities for Bloggers and internet marketers to make money directly from Facebook fan pages. Have you tried this new feature from Facebook? How’s your experience so far?

You can also check out Aweber $1 trail code offer, which is currently live on ShoutMeLoud fan page. Don’t forget to like and share this post, if you find  it informative.

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  1. Sukanya says

    I have two facebook fan pages. One having 50 k+ fans and the other having 15 K+ fans. Both the pages have offer button.My question to you is : how do i get the affiliate link to post on the page. Let us say, I want affiliate link for a particular e-Commerce website like Amazon. Do I have to approach them for this? And then post it using the method posted by you? And the offer post goes down when a post is made. What happens to the ad then when it goes down the page??
    2. I have seen some ads posted on the right hand side of the page under “your ad here” how to post an ad there? Would like to know more about it. Thanks

  2. Chetan Bhasin says

    I don’t see that offer either. May be the feature is not available for all pages by now, or may be facebook is offering this new feature only to certain pages with some minimum age or number of fans.

    There have been a lot of facebook features that were not instantly activated for all facebook users, but they became available after some time. I guess we should wait and see what happens.

  3. PrIyAnGsHu says

    I have today seen you posting an offer of HostGator on your fan page and felt curious to know about how to really post such an offer, and have finally landed on this post. Thanks for this great guide Harsh. I have just posted an offer on my fan page :).

  4. Rishabh Jain says

    This option is really useful, well i am also not able to see this option in my Facebook Page is there anything i have to do to enable it up.

  5. Shailendra Singh Bais says

    Altough one can offer an offer in feed itself. But, its a bit professional thing from Fb. to E-Commerce pages.

  6. Nizam says

    Wow! That’s really another way of making money online and yes people like discount and offers. But first one should have minimum 400 likes for a fan page as you said. Hopefully I will be trying this out. Thanks Harsh :)

  7. Himadri says

    I just checked the article and this is just awesome.At first i just got confused that how Facebook is offering to make money but after reading the article i have found that this is very much possible to earn money from Facebook.I am also a blog author and inspired by your blogging.If you have time then please check my blog.Thanks for your continuous exciting posting.

  8. Saad says

    What Does The Buffer Button Do , What is its use ? and is there any free way to do this or promote on facebook ?

    • Ammar Ali says

      It’s buffer app. You can get it here bufferapp.com ;)

      Harsh! I can’t see this option on my FB page!

  9. CCOkoji says


    This is very important. But I am not seeing the “Offer” on the drop down.

    I see Event, Milestone + but offer is not their.

    Any solution for that?

    Thank you,

  10. Chris says

    Just another way to make money online with social media account beside direct selling. thank you for the idea

  11. says

    Awesome feature !! A very useful tool to increase affiliate earnings !! No need to run a blog or websites just create a facebook page and promote it daily till you get a large number of fans.