4 Crucial Phases In The Life Of A Blogger

Blogging is a passionate job for geeks who love to spend their time on internet. Blogging brings lots of hope and satisfaction in life. One can see his brightened career in the form of blogging. Blogger has a fantastic future because blogging gives lots of exposure as well as money in life. But every blogger has a starting point. From starting point I mean a phase in a blogger’s life when he came to know about blogging thing.

Different Phases of my Blogging life

Starting Phase

I came to know about blogging 10 months ago when my friend told me about blogging and how we could make money online with the help of writing articles on blogging platform like Blogspot. I took his words seriously and started writing article. I don’t know what to write and how to write articles. I was new to Blogspot blogging platform. I made a blog and start writing articles. I was unaware of the power of Twitter, Facebook and comments so I minimally promote my articles. The most memorable moment is when some one drop a comment on my blog. I used to feel like I have done a great achievement and from their my blogging journey started.

Part Time Blogging

Time passed away and I attended the most important event for any WordPress user, i.e. Wordcamp India 2009. There I met one of the founder of WordPress Mr. Matt Mullenweg. I came to know about power of WordPress and Blogging. After the event I started serious blogging on WordPress platform. But I faced a huge problem in my whole blogging life. I had a day to day job and It was very difficult for me to research for an article and writing it. I started finding it hard to take out time for my friends and  family.

Full Time Blogging

After some time I had various projects and freelancing offers in my hand. I started earning from my blogging job. I started counseling with my friends about my work and in the month of October and took a very tough decision of my life. I resigned from my day to day job and become a full-time blogger (Professional Blogger). Now I’m happy because now I am earning a good amount of money with a freelancing work and I have a enough time to take care of my blog.

Profesional Blogging

Full time blogging is not equal to professional blogging. People often confuse between these two terms. Professional blogging brings lots of responsibilities and discipline in your life. There should be proper schedule of your each work. You should work and think like professionals. There are many professional bloggers all around the World who are working very seriously in their field. My friend Harsh Agarwal is a perfect example of professional blogger who managed to work day and night and now he bring his blog at one of the top blog of India within one years.

Power brings responsibilities (A famous dialogue from Spiderman Movie) applies to the blogging also.

Do let us know. What is your current phase of blogging?

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Himanshu is a full time professional blogger from India. He is passionate about computer technologies. He daily updates his blog Guiding Tech. Apart from writing on internet he likes listening to music, reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on internet.


COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. Tejpal Choudhary says

    I am newbie in blogging and now see blogging as a carrier option .SML is my best place to visit about getting new things of blogging .I got inspired from Harsh.
    Thanks Himanshu for sharing

  2. Kok Siong Chen says

    I’m still in Starting Phase. I wish to become a part-time blogger in a short time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rajat Jain says

    hey Himanshu..

    its really vry good feeling when sm1 shares his/her journey of blogging..
    it boost the ppl who havn’t started or trying to start..
    I m 1 of them..

  4. George Serradinho says

    At this stage, I’m a part time blogger and loving it. One can get exhausted and tired, but the love and reward you get, just out weights everything else.

  5. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says

    the illustration you used and the way you wrote this article is awesome.. Professional or full time blogging is the key step and needs lots of struggle and sacrifices so one has to think twice before deciding..

  6. MostlyBlog says

    Good post , i am still doing part time blogging and waiting for one final day to start full time blogging like Harsh and Himanshu , both of you guys doing really good work.

  7. Bloggeri @ Blogging Handbook says

    Hi Himanshu,

    I am just at the starting phase with my blog. I have been only blogging for a few months. I still work a full time job and only blog on the side. Hopefully someday I can start to blog full time. Learning takes time and I am learning more every single day. Having goals and sticking to them will probably help.

  8. Arijit Das says

    Harsh need to be appreciated for becoming a founder of such an effective daily blog… ShoutMeLoud is my 3rd Favorite blog after Mashable and Techcrunch. :)
    He really worked hard for being a Professional Blogger.

  9. Rakesh waghela @Webiyo says

    Himanshu !

    Nice article ! But I would suggest instead of being monotonous in several aspect , you can tell the readers about developing strategy to make their blog happening ( at least a lively blog ).

    I am sure you have much more to share with SML readers !

  10. Shivaraj says

    Nicely explained the different phases of blogging.As i like the way you write the post as same as Harsh………Both of you had same writing style.

  11. srivathsan.GK says

    part time blogging is one of the major conflicts and what you said at last ” Power brings responsibilities ” is 100% true ..