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    Conditional Captcha + Akismet : Combat with Comment Spam in WordPress

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    Akismet is one of the best Spam filtering plugin but still it’s not bad. Because it learns from user algorithm and once few Webmasters mark your comment as spam, it’s becoming little tough to get out of Spam box.

    Apart from that it’s a big loss for the blogger also as some useful comment getsWordpresslogo 125x125 Conditional Captcha + Akismet : Combat with Comment Spam in WordPress into Spam folder and if you get lots of Spam probably you will not try to find out legit comment from spam folder and delete all of them at one go.

    Here I’m sharing one useful WordPress plugin which I suggest everyone of you should try to add it into your WordPress blog, as this will help commentators and you (Bloggers) as well.

    I know the title of this post sounds funny and looks impossible, but that is not in a situation where you have conditional captcha. I do get over 400 spam comments on my blog everyday but after installing this wordpress plugin I haven’t gotten a single spam comment.

    How Does this plugin Work along with Akismet?

    Many of the spam comments we recieve on blogs are made by bots and these bots keep on sending spam comments to your blog. What conditional captcha does is that if akismet marks any comment as spam the author will be taken to another page that is automatically generated by conditional captcha and the fellow will be asked to fill a captcha, if the commenter can’t fill the captcha (which bots cannot do) the comment will automatically be deleted and if the captcha is filled correctly the comment will be approved.

    Don’t be confused by the name of this plugin and this plugin won’t put any physical and obtrusive captcha on your blog, and it will only show a captcha to any commenter whose comment is marked as spam.

    How to Stop Spam Completely on Your Blog

    • Download and install the conditional captcha plugin.
    • Activate and follow the instructions you see on your wordpress dashboard to visit the ¬†configuration page under Plugins> Conditional Captcha
    • Make sure you select the following settings as you see in the image below

    conditionalcaptcha2 Conditional Captcha + Akismet : Combat with Comment Spam in WordPress

    4. After doing the above, click update settings and you are ready to go.

    Over to You!

    Have you heard of this plugin before? Do you think it is possible to overcome Comment spam completely? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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    well sounds interesting… had installed in my blog.. now let see how it works….



    its an awesome plugin guys…you should try it today…i have already installed and in 15 days have avoided 2000 spams



    It will be a good combination :)


    Robert @ Techinfo-4u.com

    This is very interesting, and could come in handy

    So am I right in saying that the user is only asked to enter a CAPTCHA if their comment has been marked as Spam by askimet?

    All other ones that have been approved by askimet wont be asked for a captcha?


    Joynal Abedin

    Great plugins. This plugins is also used in SML. I would definitely try it out.
    Thanks for your share.



    Well without a question this would be a deadly combination of best of both the worlds.
    Though I am on a different approach right now, as we are not utilizing Akismet on our blog (as we believe it slows down the whole process), therefore till now we had a necessary Captcha for all unregistered users, (though we also understand that Captcha is a big turn-off for the crowds), therefore we plan on changing the current captcha system we use over our site into some thing which folks would rather enjoy using, like the mathematic captch, pick right color Captcha, a Flash/jscript slider captcha system.

    I am hoping once we are able to implement this it would be fun for our users as they would not need to type some characters and would also not slow down our site, do suggest on your thoughts..



    Great plugin but I want to make blog commenting system as much easier as possible. Sometimes captcha create barriers for our readers too


    Harsh Agrawal

    Tinh it doesn’t show captcha all the time. If Akismet doesn’t mark your comment as Spam, you don’t have to fill the captcha but if your Comment has been marked as Spam by Akismet, it will show you captcha and thus your comment won’t get into Spam. :)


    Mani Viswanathan

    I was waiting for the review from you about this. Now installing it :-)

    Thanks to Onibalasu & you for this quick tip!



    Wow… Let me try it out to fight against spam :)


    Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    I think conditional captcha is one of the better options to combat spam. Because many legitimate comments do get marked as spam by Akismet.



    Arif Nezami

    Spammers are getting powerful day by day. Thanks for sharing the tool, hope a relief from SPAMs from now on.


    Onibalusi Bamidele

    Great Harsh,

    Thanks so much for publishing this post, it will really help people stop spam.

    Thanks a lot,



    Hi Oni and Harsh,
    Thanks for sharing this! I am working on a new community site using buddypress, and this plug in sounds like it will make my life easer once it is open and getting traffic. I will be giving this one a spin there and on GA. :)


    elie palima

    sounds like a very cool plugin. I will try this out since almost 10% of the time, my akismet plugin puts Legit comments on the spam queue and it really sucks.

    this is a totally good news for me. thanks for the share.


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