Top 3 Benefits of Guest Posting

Benefits of Guest Posting

One of the most given tips for building back-links and building a brand is via guest posting. Before I will start what are the benefits of Guest posting, I would suggest you to look into how to craft a Guest blogging campaign. This will give you enough idea about how to get started with maximum ROI. Anyways, lets move back to topic and see some of the reasons why you should start guest posting today.

Guest posting, unlikely to older days, is very much famous now. Thanks to all the big and famous blogs that enabled guest posting and gave the bloggers to do what they would love to. Share their knowledge on a bigger platform or other things as well.

Guest posting is very useful and for me, guest posting later turned out to be a way of income as I became a paid author here. There are still many bloggers who consider guest posting a waste of time and strength. This is a post for the people who don’t consider guest posting as a useful resource. I am pretty sure that I would be able to turn your bad thoughts about guest posting good and good thoughts better in this post. Read on!

Benefits of Guest Posts in plain English:

1. Backlinks

You may know that Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are very much based on the backlinks factor. You have more backlinks, your ranking would increase. All the blogs which have guest blogging enabled, get most of the guest writers by the backlink factor. Backlinks are very useful and would get you more visits as well. So, backlinks would be the first benefit of writing guest posts.

2. Bigger platform

Many times the reason for guest posting for a blogger is that he/she feels that his/her blog is not big enough and the knowledge cannot be widely spread and may go waste. Guest posting helps you to share your knowledge with people on a bigger platform. Not only, you get more famous but your knowledge becomes useful as well. You receive feedback in the form of comments and that’s when you know whether you knowledge is successful to other people or it isn’t.

3. Popularity

This is experienced and tested. I got featured on a site just because of guest posting on ShoutMeLoud. The person who featured me had read my guest post on ShoutMeLoud and he liked it very much. He appreciated me and shared the article on his site including me in a list of his blog. After the first time I wrote for ShoutMeLoud, I received a lot of emails(through the contact form at my blog) which offered me to write guest posts at their blog. The frequency has slowed down now but has never stopped. You become more popular if your article is good enough to attract the eyeballs.

Can you think of more benefits of Guest posting? Do let us know via commenting.

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. pary matin says

    Awesome article, Guest post has a lot of benefits, and i can say we have 3 or more benefit as you mentioned above, which is Back-link, traffic and exposure which we require most to keep our blog healthy but it is required to submit a post to related blogs if you want maximum benefit of guest posting.
    keep it up please :)

  2. Gurneet Singh says

    Undoubtedly, well-written guest posts on good websites is solid strategy to get quality back-links for your blog and rank higher. Vinayak Sir! good coverage of benefits of guest posting.

    I would like to highlight one more benefit of guest posting. If you write guest post on Good Website, you will get a number of comments for your article, some of them in form of questions or suggestions. This can give you some IDEA of what you can write, related to that, on your blog. It may prove useful for new bloggers, if they use it properly.

  3. Emilie says

    I write guest posts as I like interacting with people and exchange views.This is really cool.Interaction with others helps to improve our blogs.

  4. Amrish Singh says

    Writing guest post on the other popular blog is the best way catch reader for your blog . It also give backlink that help to get better ranking

  5. TheShadow @ Mobile Themes World says

    Guest post is the best way to expose yourself.Its helps in both ways ie both the website owner and the author gets reward (Traffic).I too joined this site as a guest blogger but my post was rejected but i will never give up.i am still waiting for good topic to get published here.

  6. Amol Wagh says

    And if you write guest post that can go viral, It would give you hell of traffic as well as exposure.

    Mostly writing a big killer post like – 40 Reasons to Start a Nice Blog.

    or something similar would give that blog high traffic first & then most of those readers are most likely to sign up your blog feed or newsletter.

  7. Irfan says

    The biggest reason of mine behind writing guest post is getting exposure. People might not get the chance to know about me and my blog if i never come to them, guest blogging gives us a chance.


  8. Amit says

    Well ,I like doing it! ,it helps you to interact with same minded people that’s really cool, which is very tough in real offline world :)