7 Benefits of Working From Home

If I have choice between work from office or home, Home would be my definite choice. In this post, we will look into the some of the benefits of Working from home. Specially, for bloggers who are into pro-blogging, they are aware of pros and cons of working from home.

Working from home means you do not need to go to the office and manage all your work from home. You can set up your small office and start your work from home. You can opt for any career from freelancing to blogging as your work profile. There are several ways of making money online, you just need to select the best one according to our proficiency and interest. Working from home has lots of benefits over working from office .

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Major Benefits of Work from Home:

Choose any time

You are not bounded No_entryfor a 9a.m. to 6p.m. work time. You can choose any time for work according to your need. You will get more time to spend with your family, your beloved ones. You can go for any bill submission (bank, electricity bill, phone bill) on day time. You can watch first day first show of any movie. There is no hard and fast rule for any work, though in my personal opinion set your priorities and let your work and family be your first priority.

No office politics

There is no office in the world where politicspolitics does not exist, rivalry always exist between co workers, but it is worst if it turned out to political game from healthy competition. Every one face loss from these type of activities either employee or company. So at working from home there is only one person whom you compete and the person is you itself.   You need not need to worry about any mental pressure as once your set yourself for any online jobs, all you need to think about work. It’s a fact that office politics is a major reason for mental breakdown of many office workers. So instead of fighting to get the best position in the office, be your own boss and set office at home.


It’s very hard to find any one who loves his boss. If you work from freehome, you are your own boss . You will set your own deadlines, you can work according to your own convenience.   moreover you work will not be dependent on your companions. You can choose any work time, no one can distract from your work. Your stress level will automatically degrade as you need to concentrate on you work only.   Who would like to work under some one when they can have complete freedom to be there own Boss.

Less expense

You need not to give your travel expense, petrol
bill, heavy lunch bills, you need not to buy expensive formal dress for office as you can work on your pajamas (any comfortable clothes).   More over setting up office at home, does not cost much. You can easily grab any empty space at home and set up your office. The only thing which you might need to spend a bit will be creating your Portfolio or website. Though now a days due to competition, you can easily get a website for cheap. If you work from home, make sure you have an online portfolio or showcase which will help you to get more clients.

Enormous opportunities

You can make money online by
many ways; you can opt for blogging as your career or freelancing (writing, designing, and troubleshooting) as your career. You can also write articles for other blog to earn online money.   Internet is full of opportunities, you only need to grab something which fits your personality and interest. Once you are into right online job, which fits your passion and interest, you will be enjoying your work.

Do remember Internet world , works under First come First serve basis, so try to grab any opportunities coming to your way.   Keep making a list of future project and ideas which you can implement later.

No layoff at recession time

If we talk about the current market situation, the most
common fear of any office going employee is recession and Layoff. Layoff is the worst part for any employee as it comes as a free gift from your company to overcome recession. When you work for your own there is no such fear exist. In fact recession makes lots of geeks to work from home as a blogger and they all are doing very good.   Recession is one of the prime reason to push many office going employee to start their own online business or later on leave office and start working from home.

No stress

Although work pressure exist in the bossfield of blogging and freelancing but its always less then what you get from working from office. You cannot face office politics and quarrels of any employee. You needn’t give any explanation of late work to your boss, you can’t face your boss annoying face because you are the only boss of your work. Your stress level automatically reduce and you can give your 100% to your work. Although working from home looks very easy and promising but it is not as easy as it require lots of hard work and initial setup. Also you need to maintain the discipline and be competitive as you get less competitive environment. You need to be more productive and efficient and choose your market rival and make friends through social networking so that you can never face loneliness.


Working from home has lots of advantages over working from office.

  • Time Flexibility
  • No office Politics
  • Independency
  • Less investment
  • Less Stress
  • No Layoff
  • Enormous Opportunities

Do you work from home? Let us know your experience and what other Benefits of Working From Home, you can think of?

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Himanshu is a full time professional blogger from India. He is passionate about computer technologies. He daily updates his blog Guiding Tech. Apart from writing on internet he likes listening to music, reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on internet.


COMMENTs ( 17 )

  1. says

    working from home is a passion. But in India, work from home is not yet started by many people. I think people don’t have certain awareness about this work

  2. Himanshu says

    But what if your blog takes 1 or 2 years to make some decent money. you can’t predict how much time your blog will take to become super blog. you should’nt leave your job until your blog gets 1000s of visitors/day

    • says

      A better approach is, once you start earning enough recurring monthly income, that’s the time one should leave their job for blogging.

  3. says

    You are right Himanshu, no other day job can match working from home. The kind of freedom you get by earning money right from your bedroom is one the best feeling in the world.

  4. Shiv says

    Good Post Himanshu. But I am not with you at “No Stress” thingy. Copy Cats, Page Ranks, Competitors… these things are making me more stressed now a days. But what made me to choose this career is Independence and I am the BOSS concept. Anyways, thanks for making me feel proud friend :)

  5. sudha says

    Some good points, but you need to know that some times it can be stressful if you need money coming in and it isn’t.

  6. Sahil Kotak says

    Some people think that working from home means adjusting with the quality of work and they try to give more time to there work. But, the real thing is they don’t need to do that. Working from home means that they are free of any hassles and they just need to concentrate on there work properly a time being no need to give extra time to work.

  7. Nej says

    Some like the concept of working from home and some don’t. Others don’t like the idea of relying on an online career as main source of income. True enough, building a career online may really take time (and lots of patience) before it can exceed (or at least equal) the amount of income you’re getting at a regular/traditional work.

  8. internet work from home says

    Remember that time is money: the only way to make the income you want is set an hourly rate you™re happy with, and then work out pricing as your rate plus expenses. If you don™t have enough time to do the work, then increase the rate or hire someone who does. It™s simple supply and demand

  9. Swashata says

    Hey its nice actually :) But personally I feel like having a job rather than being a full time blogger! Blogging and web designing is my hobby and by good luck to have Comp Sc. and Engg as my career :)
    .-= Swashata ´s last blog ..Optimizing the Adsense positioning on your Blogger Blog directly from Template XML =-.

  10. Tech-Freak Stuff says

    As far as I have noticed, one you feel the fire under your Ass, you yourself start serious Blogging for making money! And once you start getting serious about the fact, that this is way you have to earn money all your life, then you are on the right path!!
    .-= Tech-Freak Stuff ´s last blog ..What is encrypted code in WordPress themes? =-.

  11. DDlinks says

    great post ,but do you know make money opportunities other than blogging (either create or write for others) .
    what about data typing job (filing forums ) ? do you know good companies to work for.

  12. Rahul says

    I like work from home thing. This can change fortune. If you make 1000$ – 5000$ every single month. then only quit job.

  13. George Serradinho says

    Some good points, but you need to know that some times it can be stressful if you need money coming in and it isn’t.

    I liked the picture by ‘Enormous opportunities’, made me laugh a bit. It could be about opportunities and also that he got a huge shock and probably more things. It depends on how you look at it.

    A bad thing about being your own boss, is that you can’t just leave when things need to get done. I know people that check their clocks and leave when it’s time no matter what is happening. The boss always stays behind until the job is finished.
    .-= George Serradinho ´s last blog ..Newest WordPress Plugins 30/7 =-.

  14. says

    I am not suggesting anyone to quit his hob for blogging as the condition of job is very critical in the whole World due to recession, if anyone get laid off due to recession or haven’t gt joining by the top IT firms then they don’t need to lose hope,they can find equal opportunity by working from home. Thanks for your comment Sajitha.
    .-= Himanshu ´s last blog ..How to Drive Huge Traffic from Facebook? =-.

  15. Sajitha says

    Working from home is a cozy concept. But don’t quit your day Job today to Start something new. Do a part-time job at home and then make sure you can live on it before quitting your day job.
    .-= Sajitha ´s last blog ..Rahul Bose launched a green blog =-.

  16. S.K SHARMA says

    yes Himanshu you are right.There is no fear to snatch the Job in recession period.
    Even “I am my own BOSS” saying can implemented.
    .-= S.K SHARMA ´s last blog ..Display more comments with Vertical Scroll Recent Comments WordPress Plugin =-.