6 Things to Check in your Blog on very 1st day of Every Month

Blogging is not a simple and easy task. It was not one day learning subject, you may know new things everyday about blogging and about your blog. Have you ever though what’s happening to your blog daily and what changes occurring with your blog every month?

Blog Ckecklist 1st day

You may think your height has not increased even an inch in last month, but you are wrong, you have increased a bit, I guess and badly it was hard to identify it but for our goodness it was quite different when we come to our blog. There are tons of free and premium tools which help to compare our blog with other blogs. For example: SEMRUSH.

I know the feeling of joy if we notice our own blog is doing better than your competitor. But have you ever compared your blog stats with last month stats of that same blog? Many of them won’t do it but I highly recommend this step for every blogger friend and webmasters as it helps to know what happening with your blog. Some things may increase dramatically and some things drop a bit.

Why should we neglect that drop and also why should we feel happy seeing an increase in xx thing? Try to know what factors are responsible for that increase and focus on that thing, work more on that increasing factor to see even better results

Blog Checklist for 1st day of The Month:

 Blog Traffic Stats

I know every blogger including pro-bloggers work day and night to get more traffic and mainly for organic traffic. Traffic is almost equal to earnings, the more targeted traffic is with you the more money flowing to your pocket. Work hard on traffic to clear your bills. Traffic is of many kinds, say mainly Organic, Direct, Referral and Campaigns

Using Google Analytics tool, compare last month traffic with last but one month traffic, it will give clear stats in graphical format. Also check bounce rate, pages views/visit, countries. Main thing you should check thoroughly is Traffic Source. If you have seen any increase in search traffic, it says some new keywords started ranking or old ranked keywords ranking even better than the past. Go through Keywords tab and make a list of keywords which are responsible for brining organic traffic for your blog. Using Rank checker tools, you can know about keyword rankings in search engines. If you are starting for the first time, you can use tools like SEMRUSH to find all keywords you ranking for and use professional tool like SEOMOZ or traffic travis to keep a track of keyword ranking.

Now, checking the Blog stats now and then is no enough, but you have to take constructive actions to improve overall stats on your blog. If any post is getting high traffic but also have a high bounce rate, try to add more internal links and also a link to your subscribe page, so that you can get more subscribers and readers stays for long on your blog. For low ranking keywords, build some do-follow back links from blog commenting or by guest posting.

Also, if you have created time sensitive article and it’s expired now, there is no harm in adding noindex tag to such posts to avoid low quality issue.

Post frequency 

Have you checked your post frequency of your blog? If not do it As soon as possible. Post frequency is nothing but, how many posts you post in a month. If it was 1 per day, you’re awesome and doing well.

So, you might think 30 posts in a month is enough right? Yes, but not completely. I recommend to post only one post a day. But not 3 posts in one day and sitting another 2 days calm. Don’t make your readers confused. They are coming to your site daily to read some useful stuff, if they see 3 new posts in one day, they might feel bored to read all those 3 articles. And also if they noticed that your blog is not updated from past 2 days, they may lose their interest on your blog. Hope you got the point now. Check how many articles you posted in last and last but one month. Try to match them.

Social Media Fans

Social media fans

Social media also play a key role to make a blog success and popular. Almost all your readers are using social media, no doubt in it. They always prefer to enter your site via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Check whether there is any increase/decrease in social media fans. Check Facebook fan page likes, twitter followers, retweets and even traffic from social media sites. Never neglect them as Google is announcing new animals frequently to kill our well established sites, but no one can is capable to make your readers or fans let to go from your site.

My advice is, use Google Docs to create a doc file for you and update every month, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Alexa rank, PR, Mozrank and other metrices which matters to you. With increasing number, it will help you to boost your blog ego and if numbers are decreasing, you will be compelled to work more in upcoming months. In any ways, having a readable form of your blog growth stats is very important.


Comments indirectly say grow on your blog. The more comments you get will say your site is getting popular and many visitors are converting to readers. Always try to get more genuine comments, I suggest you to never accept any spam comments or short length comments, those kind comments are from spammers or from link builders. Such comments will surely destroy the blog fame and reputation.


Apart from social media fans, Subscribers will also work for any site. A subscriber is nothing but a one who trust your site and who feel your site won’t be wrong any time.

Blog subscribers

Subscribers also play a major role in online income. Dont agree with me?? Let me say small fact I understood, if you place any affiliate banner or link on a site which get 1000+ daily traffic but all of them are new visitors and on a site with returning visitors, returning visitors always prefer to follow your blog style, if you post about any premium plugin, theme or whatever it may be; which you use in your blog, those returning visitors also try to buy it. The main reason is, they trust your blog and they will do whatever you did. If we use affiliate link there it will make income for you from your blog.

Online Income Ads:

Now, there are numerous programs available which will let you make money. Adsense is no doubt the best but there are many others like Bidvertiser, Viglink, Infolinks and many more. Specially if you are into Affiliate marketing, you might be signing up for new Affiliate products every month. At the starting of every month, it’s a wise advice to make an income report for your own blog. There are few things which you should notice:

  • Which Advertising program is working the best for you
  • Which product Affiliate conversion is high
  • Which product is hot selling but conversion is low
  • Payment status

The whole idea here is to find low paying advertisement and low paying affiliate products. Keeping a record of these things will help you to run only highest paying advertisement program on your blog and thus your revenue increases. If you are in such niche where you inspire people, you can also write a monthly income report like ShoutMeLoud.

Now, these are just few of the things which you should definately check every first day of the month. Optionally, you can also set this for last day of the month, as first week of every month is busy for Bloggers for roundup posts, posting monthly progress report and so on.

Over to you 

What’s going in your mind now? Do you think there are still different mandatory things to check every month? If so please let us know about them.

This is a guest post by Amar from GeekDashboard. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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Amar Ilindra is part time blogger currently doing his B.Tech and he usually writes about Blogging and technology at Geek Dashboard


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  1. Hussain Saifi says

    very good post yes Nizaam social media plays an important role if when you only focus on your work not other personal life on social media it is not for blogger to involve other spersonal discussion am i right

  2. Radha Krishna says

    Nice tips Amar. I mostly prefer to check the user interactions on my blog (bounce rate, time on site, no.of social media shares etc). This helps me identify how my blog is performing.

  3. Jimson Paul says

    Apart from 6 things mentioned above i would like to know if there are some few more steps to improve my blog.

  4. says

    Very informative article.

    I always keep a check on no. of visitors i get on my website and I totally agree with the concept of posting one article everyday instead of 3 and being quiet on other days…

    To add to this… it would be a nice idea to keep a check on no. of sites that are linked to you which will help in link building too…

    Nice work Bro!!!


  5. Nizam Khan says

    Awesome and informative post! Well yes, social media plays an important role to make a blog popular and successful and creating a doc file using Google Docs is really a good strategy to keep monthly update of social media stats(followers). And agreed! the more comments the blog gets the more popular it is getting and one should not approve spam comments, as it will destroy the blog reputation. Thanks Amar for sharing this wonderful post :)

  6. Mahaveer says

    A very informative post. I keep a watch over my progress in the same manner as you have described here. Every week, I check my traffic improvements, and every month I check the number of posts I made compared to last month. Keeping a self-check improves our progress-rate.