10 Tools Every Young Entrepreneur Should Know About

Starting and running your own business may be hard due to plenty of reasons. Lack of knowledge and experience, limited financial resources or distance teamwork often comes in the way of growth and wealth. While gaining experience is a question of time, the other problems can be solved with the aid of information technologies. Below you’ll find the list of software solutions that help entrepreneurs organize different business processes and have decent free or low cost plans.

Tools for Entrepreneurs

Slack for Team communication:

One of the biggest challenge for any startup is the team-communication management. You might be using Gmail, Skype to interact with your team, or using Dropbox or Google Drive to share files with each other. Slack is the solution to all the problem. Watch this video to understand how Slack works:

Create free Slack Account



As an entrepreneur and company soul, it’s your job to find the right tool for every-task. Social media marketing is one of them, as it will help you to increase your brand visibility, gain trust and when your investor will see your social-media pages, they will love your brand. Since your budget is limited, you should pick Hootsuite. This is complete social-media dashboard, from where you can manage all your social media profiles including Google plus. This is one tool I use for managing multiple social media profiles of my blogs, and highly recommended. You can try for free using below link.

Try Hootsuite for free

Web Analytics

Google Analytics is a well-known solution that helps you monitor and analyze your website traffic. A detailed statistics shows you the web sources that bring you visitors and your audience characteristics. You can set up a goal – the desired action a user should make – and track efficiency of your website performance and advertising campaigns.

Project Management & Collaboration

TeamLab offers a wide range of features to organize business and teamwork. Along with a basic toolset including time tracking, tasks, reports, you get a variety of additional options that mainly aim at building efficient communication. Though multifunctional TeamLab is easy to understand and get used to. The majority of features is provided for free with no limits. Depending on your requirements and needs, you can choose one of the three deployment solutions: SaaS, open source or Amazon Machine Image.

Google apps for Mail

Google apps is one of the most popular choice for creating professonal Email account under your domain name. They charge $5/user and you should have 2-3 professional email address for your company.

Sign up for Google Apps


Developed eespecially for small business, Yendo provides the most essential accounting features. You can create and send invoices, generate reports, use sales, purchases, profit & loss and balance sheets. All payments and expenses are automatically recorded. Yendo is smartphone and tablet compatible, what makes bookkeeping processes even easier to track and manage.

Workforce Management

Kappix is designed to organize staff work, schedule shifts, positions, duties and employees. You get an ability to customize the interface according to your needs: to change the calendar format to different sizes or set up the day when scheduling begins. Kappix is installed on a client’s server and operates on the Windows platforms: Win7, Vista, 2003 Server, WinXP.


Free CRM is a web-based software solution to maintain customer relationships. A fine bunch of options includes
calendar, contacts tracking, support, service and sales management. For those who prefer in-house solutions, Free CRM offers server editions. The free version has almost all the features but data and record storage is quite limited.


Mojo Helpdesk provides a centralized space to work with customer requests. Clients feedback is organized in the system of tickets, each one assigned to a particular employee. This way you achieve ultimate efficiency and quality of support. Mojo Helpdesk is integrated with Google Apps: Gmail, Calendar and others.

Customer Surveys

Survey Monkey allows you to be truly client-oriented and learn the most about your customers. Using this service, surveys are extremely easy and quick to organize. There are templates at your disposal that let you create a new research in just a few steps. The answers are validated and converted to graphics and can be downloaded to your PC or printed.

Social Media Analytics

Social Mention monitors your company presence in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, FriendFeed, YouTube  and other web resources. You can choose whether to check your popularity in blogs or find out questions and videos about your product. It also calculates company’s influence in online community and defines brand strength and reputation. The automated alerts system helps users constantly keep track of social buzz.

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. Kevin Peter says

    Harsh, thank you for sharing the most basic requirement that we need overall once the project is implemented. These apps do fulfill the immediate needs of any start-up. But, you have missed out on the time management part. Any suggestions on it?

  2. Kevin Samuel says

    Hey Harsh,
    That’s a pretty nice list there. You could also add to your list HappyFox(http://www.happyfox), a simple customer support tool. HappyFox has powerful automation features and an intuitive user interface which make dealing with customer requests a breeze. Features such as Smart Rules and the inbuilt reporting mechanism are added highlights of the tool. With affordable monthly pricing-plans, HappyFox is also light on your wallet. Check it out!

  3. Pankaj Taneja says

    Great roundup. Scheduling and mobile access to email, contacts, calendars are other important things an entrepreneur needs.

  4. Karen Beck says

    Great list, Olga! Keep going!
    We are currently using Teamlab for online collaboration and quite satisfied with it, eespecially now they’ve launched Online Docs Editor and we can forget about Google Docs.
    Google Analytics is a must. There is nothing to add here. I really can’t imagine that someone can do without it.
    After your post I started thinking over the Social Media Analytics – seems to be a useful tool.

    • Olga Sorokina says

      Karen, thank you much! I’m pleased you enjoy using TeamLab. Definetely try out Social Media Analitycs – you won’t be dissapointed.

  5. Nick says

    By the way, there are a few tools to monitor your presense in web:
    Google Email Alert System, TweetDeck, Technorati.

  6. Raj says

    why have u preferred Zoho for email solutions, Google Apps is still the best one and offers innumerous number of apps to integrate with.. most of the other tools u have mentioned can integrated in Google Apps

    • Olga Sorokina says

      Zoho just offers one of the best services in relation price-quality. Google Apps are very popular, you are absolutely right. My aim was to offer you the platforms that have more specific features that G Apps don’t provide.

  7. Geet | HobbyIdeas says

    A good list of apps. I am using Goolge Analytics. Social Mention sounds interesting — might try it.

    • Olga Sorokina says

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Social Mention is really worth trying. It may operate very slowly sometimes – don’t get surprised – a new service, not polished yet.

  8. Ritesh says

    when it comes to CRM, I will say that SugarCRM & vTiger, are definitely the best and the beauty is that both are in opensource category. You need not to pay anything for these CRMs.

  9. Nick says

    Great list! Maybe using this list someone realized a product which contains all those items in one?

    • Olga Sorokina says

      Well, unify all the listed features is a hard task indeed. Working in TeamLab, I can tell you that CRM, Email and Invoicing will be included soon. This way the service will include the following sections: Project management, Collaboration, Documents, Instant Messaging, CRM, Email, Invoicing – close enough to all-in-one solution.

  10. Maninder @ HackTik.com says

    Well, these are mostly related to Online entrepreneurs.All of those who are into offline kind of business may not be using all these. They may in fact will be relying on some offline promotions more than the online tools.

    • Olga Sorokina says

      You are right up to teh point: both online and offline businesses need to manage payments and schedule employees shifts. And the online tools mentioned here will be a great help for offline enterpreneurs as well.