How Not To Get Your AdSense Account Banned? AdSense Beginners

Adsense TOSIt was in March 2009 that I started using AdSense, and since then it’s a part of my blog monetization technique. In first 5 years I have earned about 2.2 million INR with AdSense, and realized no matter how many Adsense alternatives we talk about, AdSense is by far one of the best contextual and highest paying ad network for any blogger.

How to Keep Adsense Account Safe

I have already shared some of the working tips to increase Adsense revenue but as I mentioned, Adsense is very strict about Adsense TOS, and you have to take care of certain things to stop violating AdSense policies. We all know, getting Adsense approval is not that easy and we need to do many things to keep our AdSense account active.

Recently, I got an Email from Adsense team saying “Adsense serving has been disabled on one of my site” and I realize it’s the right time to update this post and make new AdSense publishers aware of Adsense policies and things to avoid, which may lead to account ban.

Little out of context but since 2011, when Google launched Google Panda, they also made some major changes in Adsense quality guidelines. Especially, in 2011-2012 we have noticed many Indian and Pakistani Adsense publishers has been banned due to copyright violation and due to low-quality pages. Another major reason for Adsense ban is invalid click, which is altogether a big topic, and I will cover it on another post.

Though Google Adsense is very strict about the policies and as I mentioned on my previous post of why I removed Global Translator plugin to save myself from getting banned from Google Adsense.

These are the simple mistakes you and Adsense publisher should avoid getting themselves banned:

Understand Adsense TOS and Stop violating Adsense Policies:

Invalid Clicks:

This is where the maximum Adsense account gets into the danger zone. Most of publisher who starts with Adsense, they usually ask their friend to click on Ads or click on their Ads from different I.P. If Adsense team detect such activity, they put your account in disable mode to ensure and safeguard their Advertisers.

Also, many new publishers ask their readers to click on ads, which is also discouraged by Adsense as stated in their program policies.

Using Adsense on unsupported language blog:

At the time of writing, Google doesn’t support all the languages to qualify for Adsense program. If you have approved AdSense account, and you are using it to show it on the blog whose language don’t qualify Adsense TOS, then make changes asap. Especially, if you are using any method to make your blog multi-lingual and serving Ads on it, this will be considered as a violation.

Here is the list of AdSense supported language.

Maximum Adsense unit on a single page:

AdSense work on simple rule of 1-2-3 to define the maximum number of ad unit on a single page. You can refer to the previous post for more info: Maximum number of the AdSense unit on a single page. Though, this is not any violation of Adsense policies as this could be a mistake, and AdSense won’t show more than three content ad unit unless you are a premium Adsense publisher.

Sending ads on Email:

Many publishers started the trend of sending AdSense adverts within the email, and sometimes it goes viral. Google find it against the program policies.

Advertisement label:

Many publishers started using a trick like click here,   Click to see hot babe, and this also helped to encourage the click. Encourage click? Oh, time to look at point 4. Or you use pop-up script to show Adsense in pop-up and readers have to click on it to read the content, Ahh big no!

Competitive contextual advertisement:

Make sure you don’t use any other contextual advertisement program. Let Google ad sense by your only and favorite advertisement program. Though for monetization you can use many other ad networks and here are some which I have used, and they comply with Adsense TOS. Infolinks, BuySellads, Technorati Media, Viglink.

Altering the Adsense code:

So you are a programmer? Huh! Doesn’t matter. Changing your Adsense code in any ways is not permitted by Google.

Shading with Image: Placing Google Adsense Image ad unit with the adjacent image can be a great and smart move, but guess what? Do it and Google AdSense might ban you. Google TOS doesn’t allow the use of shading your AdSense image ads with the adjacent image.

Hosting Copyright content:

If you are running Adsense on a site that distribute copyright content like Movies, songs or any other files, you are most likely to get an instant ban. Adsense doesn’t allow putting Adsense on the site that distribute copyright stuff.

Linking to site who distribute Illegal and copyright content:

This is something which I got to know about in 2012 and one of the reasons why most of the sites are getting Adsense ban. If you are linking to sites like (Streaming movie), illegal or pirated software, Keygen sites, your AdSense serving might be disabled for that particular site. Here is the other type of content, which is not allowed for Adsense sites:

  • Porn, Adult material
  • Violent content
  • Racial content
  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Gambling/Casino
  • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
  • Pages selling Weapons and ammunition
  • Distribution of course work. Eg: Student Essays

Above are just an example, and there could be more. So, you should avoid putting any such content on your blog or at least avoid serving Adsense on those pages.

Paid Traffic:

If you are buying traffic for your Adsense enabled sites, it’s not permitted according to AdSense TOS. Also, consider reading Adsense landing page Quality guidelines, which will give you ample amount of idea, what Google expect from your pages.

Promoting your post on Social media or buying traffic from quality sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit is not the violation.

Making ads look like part of content:

You are free to make your ads blend with the content by changing the color or size, but don’t make it look exactly like content. In below image you can see what kind of mimicking is not acceptable:

AdSense implementaion wrong practice

Quick things to know:

  • Don’t make your AdSense ads sticky. Making it sticky is against AdSense implementation policy.
  • Using AdSense ads on a Site, which curate videos from Youtube or other video hosting site, can put your account in radar. To Avoid this, ensure you also have original content on your blog. A good idea is to add 200-300 words content in your words describing the video.
  • Don’t place AdSense ads on 404 error page, Exit pages, log-in pages and thank you pages.

But if you are a victim of AdSense ban game, ShoutMeLoud earlier post on AdSense alternative program will be very useful for you.

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  1. says

    How to Protect adsense Account from Click bombing Attack ?
    please help me. From last couple of week My adsense CTR increase from 2% to 3.80 %. I can’t understand whats going on? I know its a festival session and may be its one of the cause of increase.
    I want to double sure for not to being victim of click bombing. Please help me . How can i protect my Adsense account??

  2. Maria Jose says

    Hi! thanks for the info you share on ShoutMeLoud. I have a question, hope you can help. I’m starting a blog with information related to at leat five areas of knowledge, all the post will be writting by profesionals, lets say doctors, engineers, teachers etc. Do you think is a blog that can be aprove by adsense? Thanks ins advance. Maria.

  3. Darshan says

    Thank you very much for your post. It was very helpful but has put my plan to start blogging in a perilous situation. I am planning to write blogs about the life and feelings of youngsters (breakups, patch ups, how to deal with them stuff etc). For that I have bought a domain name . Now after reading the Google TOC I am afraid if Google will consider my domain name in adult category. Should I be concerned. Please help this poor beginner blogger. Thanks in advance.

  4. sbsingh says

    Hey Harsh, Good post.
    I m new for this all, i got approve for my blog. please tell me that can i share my blog post on social media ? or it can cause violation of TOS of Google adsense.

  5. mantra cures says

    Wondering if it’s safe to use Facebook boosting Ads to send traffic directly to my Youtube video (with ads on them)?

  6. says

    This is a detailed article. I also want to share some more sources and the famous one is “From where your traffic come from”.
    I do not know why but it is not good if your 100% traffic come from Social Media. I know it is not against Google TOC, but many of my blogger friends discuss this topic.

    Do not buy traffic, You will see ads like generic traffic to your site, never fall for them.

    Many of us blame Google for banned accounts, but they are No 1 in their field and to remain number 1, you have to be harsh on your users some time.

  7. says

    Hi, Thank you for a detailed article. My website is a commercial website that provides information, it is not a blog site and I am not planning to put up articles there. I am planning to apply for google adsense account. My question is when I check my website for any duplicate content using online tools – it says 20% of internal duplicate content. Should I be worried?
    Thanks in Advance

  8. trang says

    Hi, Thank you so much for your informative article. I have one question, I’m not sure why sites relating to Course work are more likely to be banned? Can I post my own essays, because my website is about self-study, so I think I need to post my essay as an example to provide useful tips to my readers.
    Thank you!!

  9. kaleem says

    All i want to know is that a website contains only embedded videos is Eligible for adsense or not?

    Thanx in Advance….

  10. says

    Is it allowed to show ads on articles related to online sport betting with a link pointing to their official app in iTunes?
    waiting for your response

  11. rohan says

    AROUND $2 get deducted from my adsense account for invalid traffic on 15 july 2015. i don’t understand where it comes from.
    my adsense account is associated with my 5 YouTube accounts,
    and is it legal to share YouTube videos on facebook groups, will it violate adsense TOS ?
    one of my YouTube channel shows high traffic sources from Facebook, is it the reason behind deduction from adsense?

  12. says

    If i edit pixel in ads code then my account get ban??
    For ex: I will edit width px to 100%px in ads code for adjusting width according to space..
    Is it illegal????
    Kindly reply me..

  13. PrasanthKps Online says

    Hi there, Thanks a lot for ur article, it really helpful to all users. But i have one doubt though, can i use images from google images for my Adsense youtube video or website.. Clear my doubt.. For example if i posting video about Facebook Security can i use Google images..

  14. says

    I have Infolinks and Chitika on my site. Wondering if adding Adsense could get me a ban on this lucrative ad service.


  15. says

    Can an Adsense ad be displayed in a slideshow?

    For example, if I have article called “Top 10 iPhone Apps”, and you have to click next to see each app, can I put an Adsense ad on each slide?

  16. says

    Hey Harsh,

    First of all thanks for sharing those tips on how to prevent ourselves from having our google account banned.
    I have a few blogs that I run and I do everything by the books – only three google ads used, nothing shady, no black hat SEO – just doing everything in accordance with the TOS. Even installed that google-fraud-monitor plugin just to make sure nobody bombards me with illegal clicks. I’ve been hearing that some people that just like me are doing everything right, and still get banned – is there really a guarantee that if you are a decent blogger you won’t be hit hard?? I mean what if you spent 2 years, put up 200 great articles, achieve 40-50 k of legit traffic from organic search per month….and eventually start making good income, and they “slash” your hard work with that? I mean I know that there are other alternatives, but can we appeal such a mean decision and do you know cases where people indeed get their accounts back, and google to recognize that it made a big mistake?

    I am looking forward to hear you opinion based on your experience regarding my question.

    Thanks Harsh and keep up the good work with your blog – it’s really very informative!



  17. says

    Thanks for this clarification.
    In my blog, I have a popup signup form that asks visitors to signup to download one book or the other.
    I also have a page for plr ebook downloads.

    Please, I want to know if these two issues are part of violation to adsense guidelines.

    Thank you.

  18. sham says

    Harsh, Where did you get the topic of “Competitive contextual advertisement”. I also heard about it but looking at the adsense policy page, there’s no such thing there. So if you can post a link to your source of this info pls.

  19. Sahil says

    Hey harsh, I have many doubts regarding google adsense.

    Suppose I have a gmail account and I sign up for adsense through that gmail account. Now I open that gmail account ony college wifi and my college friends also use same wifi, open my website and click on my ads then will google block my account ? I just want to know that whether I can access my gmail account or adsense account on public wifi etc or not ?

    • Manjul says

      Your wi-fi router will assign IP Addresses to all of your devices eg. and visits will considered from the same network. means you are encouraging your friends for click.

  20. endrytama says

    Very well explained but simple and easy understand than reading the whole TOS from google (well i admit that im a lazy asshole haha)
    thanks for this post dude.. keep up the good work

  21. says

    Hey harsh,
    once i was happened with an adsense banned.. now i came to know why,what and how,, to get away from adsense banning.. thanks for sharing.. :)