Landing Page Hot Spots – How to Track Them and Increase Click Through Rate

Landing pages! They never cease to amaze me. They are the game changer, maker or breaker of any online business. Make them ugly and unseemly, and they are going to ruin your fortune. Make them look beautiful, and they are going to be the game changer. Now the big question is how on earth you are going to make your landing page stand out and prompt action. Simple, you need to find out the spots that visitors give attention to most when they are on a website. You may or may not be aware of but these places are popularly known as ‘hot spots’ that drive most clicks and eventually more conversions.

Now there are 5 different types of hot spots available as of now. Wondering what are these. Here we go:

Web page heatmap CTR
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Landing page heat maps to increase CTR

Hot Spot 1 – High Quality Image

It is a quite common practice among website owners to feature large and high quality images of their products on the landing page to increase conversion rate of the website. However, just adding high quality images is not the end of the job. Even after using high quality images, you will find that the conversion rate is as low as ever.

Sometimes, use of large and high quality image may prove to be counterproductive. Wondering how is that possible? If the ‘Call to Action’ button looks ordinary, an awesome product image can overpower the impact of the ‘Call to Action’. And sometimes, it may happen that the product image hogs all the attention and the ‘Call to Action’ gets totally ignored. But you can definitely change the situation by making some changes in the ‘Call to Action’ text or by making some changes in the placement. It is basically all about by gathering experience by making mistakes.

F reading pattern
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Hot Spot 2 – Bulleted Points

All internet marketers are aware of the fact that people read in ‘F’ pattern when they are browsing (Web page heatmap). To be precise, people rarely read online rather they skim through it. They tend to scan the whole page, drill down the details quickly and form an idea. Therefore, it is quite understandable that you simply cannot make your landing page text heavy. By the term ‘text-heavy’, I mean to say that you should not paste boring content all over the page just to make the page look good.

Rather you should be using bulleted points. Though people do give more attention to bulleted points, you should not overdo this. I mean you should be using too many bulleted points because this may dilute its importance. Keep the number to four or five maximum. And for god’s sake do not bury the most important features of your service. Place them at the top of the bulleted point list and there you go.

White space in design
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Hot Spot 3 – White Space

I know how tempting it is to fill out every single pixel of the landing page with something glossy or colorful but believe me this may prove counterproductive. Just because a space is left blank does not mean that it is useless or void. White space, as it is called, sets the tone of the design, soothes the eyes of the visitors and allow them to concentrate on things that really matter.

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It is observed that when white space is used judiciously, people actually read whatever you have written on the landing page . So, if you have something important to say to your targeted readers, you need to place the text on a white background rather than experimenting with floral background.

Eye Gaze
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Hot Spot 4 – Eye Gaze

If you are using human face on the landing page, do not let him/her stare directly at the visitors because this will not serve any purpose. Rather you need to make the subject look at things important. Just make the subject look at sales copy or at ‘Call to Action’ and people will automatically follow their eye gaze and you might see higher rate of conversions.

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Hot Spot 5Single Call to Action

Call to Action button is definitely a major hot spot that draws most clicks in normal circumstances. If you wish to see your visitors converting into customers, you need to make them view the ‘Call to Action’ button and make them click on them. This can be achieved by reducing distractions along the way. Make sure that the landing page has only one Call To Action button otherwise, it will create confusion and eventually this will cause havoc in the conversion path. Do not let this happen.

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What other website hot spots are important to keep an eye on? Do let me know from your experience.

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