Vidinterest, a Social video aggregator – the next big thing on the web

VidinterestWhen ever it comes to making a playlist of videos, we have default options on sites like Youtube, Vimeo and so on. How about creating video playlist from all popular video sharing sites at one place.  None the less, you can make your playlist private or public.

For starters Vidinterest potentially has a bigger pool of videos tapped from the largest online video player – YouTube, second largest – Dailymotion and the best quality – Vimeo. Simply add, follow or hide your video playlists at Vidinterest like no other. Either copy paste the URL at Vidinterest or create a bookmarklet in your browser and enjoy the categorized video adding facility.

It will work as your personal album of videos which you can access all at one place whenever you want. Top that up with the Pinterest like interface and the ability to log in using Facebook then you have a super easy video aggregating system. You can follow other people’s playlists and also create your own private set of videos that no one will see which is rather clever and their primary selling point along with the ability to play video in a playlist without stopping. The videos are pulled from the popular video sharing sites so the need for moderation becomes redundant and a certain quality and appropriateness is maintained.

Social video aggregator

This video discovery platform has those nifty little features that separate it from the lot. It provides video playlist on bookmarked  Videos. Just copy the link of the video from above mentioned sites and  paste it on Vidinterest and it will register in your collection. This  could also be done by merely dragging the +Vidinterest text (bookmarklet) available in the about/goodies page at, into your browser.  Now adding your video will only be a click away. Or you could simply  follow other video adders and enjoy the automated playlist which will  play videos nonstop without having to click the next button after each one. If you wish to play all the videos you have searched  with a keyword, you could do it as well. It also lets you categorize  your videos with the names you wish to group them with.


You can create different playlists, the video can be viewed by the rest of the community site, if desired. Additionally, you can share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and you can also leave comments to “Like” and add to playlists.The interface of this app is brilliant and simple. And although it is in its early Beta , Vidinterest promises to be just as successful service to Pinterest. Indeed, privacy is a very interesting feature and you can choose to make your playlist public or only to our fans

Vidinterest works with Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo . As a Pinterest droplet install on your browser will allow you to add a video to one of your collections. Rather clever to create playlists of videos by themes. The main video hosting platforms already have functions to create playlists. The advantage here is to create a board video from multiple video platforms.

Each video viewed online in Vidinterest, it can be discussed, added to another playlist like boards in Pinterest or shared on the major social networks with a single click. Using the system is as easy as you use Pinterest but they limit user signup for Facebook user only at the moment.

The entrepreneur who came up with the idea and made it happen with the help of two other programmers comes from the little country of Nepal. The IT industry there and the internet based business are still at their infancy so this has been a major undertaking.

The responses in the first few days have been fairly positive and they have been hit by the increasing number of approaches by investors.

Do let me know how did you like the idea of Vidinterest? What more features you are looking for your personal video playlist on this site?

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  1. Sangram Barge

    Even I think ,Vidinterest can become the next big thing,very inspirational to see young Entrepreneurs setting up startups .

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