How to Trace Email Sender I.P in Gmail

How many times, have you received Email from an unknown person. The email could be about anything like threatening, a TIP, suggestion and for personal stuff. Sometimes it’s important to find the location of the Email sender to make a wild guess about who this anonymous Email sender is. In this tutorial, I’m sharing how you can trace sender IP address in Gmail with simple steps.

Follow the Steps:

  • Open any Email in Gmail
  • Click on More Options and Click on “Show originals.”

Refer to Image for More details:

Now a new Window will pop up like this, and there see the highlighted area

Check the first line “” ip=”

That’s The I.P. of The Sender. Now to trace the sender using this up.

In our case

Open this site .

Select option as trace and enter the I.P address of sender which we have found in above steps.

In the next window, you will see the details of the user.

That’s it, and now you have an idea about the location of the sender.

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  • nicole says:

    hi! i cant do this steps.. because gmail is now different.. what version of gmail are u using? and how can i turn to that version?

  • Seema says:

    Somebody hacked my account and i reset my password through google support. But they have missused my account. Now when i search with the hacked ip, it shows as United states. But the content of the emails shows that a know person has sent an email form my inbox. How to trace from where they have hacked. It seems like they have blocked their ip. Please help me to identify

    • nickz says:

      i think,, if u have a backup email, u must use it… if before ur registration, u put ur backup email, u can use it so u can retrieve ur account…

    • Niranjan says:

      Ìt may be possible that user is using proxy servers.If he/she using proxy server then it is very difficult to find out them .You have to take help of cyber expert after lodging police complaint

  • Warren says:

    It still works… somewhat. You will need to find a different website to check the IP though.

    • Badri says:

      Can you please suggest some sites to track IP address of the mail sent through gmail?

  • Kedar says:

    Gmail wont share the info WRT : X-originating IP ,
    What to do ??

  • Andrea says:

    Someone created an gmail using my name and then used it to obtain personal and private credit report info. How can I find out where this email originated from, date created, IP address. Etc. so I may give to the police. I know they are bombarded with id theft cases so the more info I can provide for them the better. Thank you.

    • @Andrea
      I believe it won’t be possible to spot such things unless you hire a private white-hat hacker or if your country Cyber cell look into this case. There are tricks you can use to identify the I.P of the guy who is using that email.

  • Alfred A Arnold says:

    I used you advice and received a pile of numbers as you stated but they dont even tell me the country it was sent from.
    how do you read these numbers, they mean nothing or is there a list like post codes someware.

  • Glenn says:

    Hey Harsh, The IP address in the headers is the address of the email proxy for your email service (e.g.,, etc) Not the sender’s IP address.

  • Agha Mike says:

    Hi Harsh,
    One stupid question came in mind that can we use 1 Gmail account in all countries.

  • Meer Irshad says:

    Hi harsh

    Once again a wonderful and useful post from shoutmeloud, This article helped me trace the location of many unknown mail thanks for sharing this post…

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