Top Freelance Apps Every Freelancer Should Use

When it comes to Freelance apps, there are many free and paid options are available. The Internet is full of Web apps and for every paid app, there is always a free app available. Though, it’s up to us which app we embrace and use in our day to day activities. Personally, I’m a big fan of many Freelance apps like Gmail, Dropbox, Activcollab, Evernote, Google alerts, Google Analytics and many more. Now, have you ever wondered what are the other popular apps used by Freelancers around the web?

A software review and rating site released an Infographic showing some of the most popular Freelancing apps used by Freelancer worldwide. Some of these apps are new to me, and I’m sure you will also find some interesting apps, which you have never heard of or never used.

What are the most popular Freelancer Apps [Infographic]

When it comes to popular user voting, we get best of the best recommendation. This survey if conducted among 97 Freelancers (Not a huge number) which is a decent number to get the popular list. Do Check out the details of all the apps after this infographic.

Here is a detailed breakdown and description of all the apps, and you can consider installing any of these apps, which suits your need.

25 Apps for Freelancers:

I will also link to some of the previous articles that we have covered about these Freelance apps so that you can learn more about it.

Dropbox :

My favorite cloud storage tool to syncing files across multiple devices. This is very useful for freelancers to sync files across all the devices they use. There are many Dropbox addons, which will also make your life easier and get more done with it. I’m not surprise to see Google Drive is not making into this list, as it’s relatively new, but I’m sure in coming years, it may make into the top list.

Google Analytics:

A Free Website stats and tracking software offered by Google and also my favorite here. This is one of the Website stats tools, that I highly recommend to every Blogger. Learn: What is Google Analytics


A Free Email service by Gmail and I’m sure you don’t need a description for this. If you are still using Email services like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, My recommendation would be the switch to Gmail, and you will never regret it. Additionally you might love to add add-ons like Rapportive and Other Inbox to make most out of it.


Another useful Freelance app that supports multiple platform and mobile devices. It’s more than just a notes taking application and part of our Best Blogging apps for iPad. You can find some useful Evernote tips here.

Google apps:

How cool it is to use an Email address under your name, Google Apps is a free service offered by Google which will let you create your Email address using your domain address. We have already shared few guides, and you can refer to them below to get started.

Google calender:

A perfect free tool to manage your calendar. Syncs across all the devices and help in increasing productivity.


Though I’m the big fan of Aweber for Email marketing, Aweber is also one of the tops in the list as they offer free Email list for first 1000 users. The perfect way to start building your list and one of the best Aweber alternative.


A perfect and highly recommended tool for Social Media management. Not completely free but this is one stop need for a freelancer to update almost all their social media profiles including Google plus.

And rest of the list:

  • iCloud: Free cloud syncing tool for iOS user.
  • Basecamp:  Project management tool, though I prefer Activ collab over the BaseCamp.
  • Mint: Manage your Freelancing finances for free.
  • Google voice: Save money on your Voice calls.
  • Quickbooks: Freelance app to create invoices, pay bills and many more.
  • Freshbooks: Another online invoicing software
  • Prezi: Cloud-based Presentation software
  • Pivotal Tracker: A Project management tool.
  • Balsamiq mockups: An adobe air based to make mockups.
  • Google Alerts: Stay ahead of the crowd with this free web alert notification.
  • GotoMeeting: Free Web conferencing tool.
  • Batchbook: A customer relationship management tool for freelancers.
  • Joomla: One of the popular content management system.
  • Posterous: A Personal Webspace and makes sharing best content from the web easy for you. Perfect Freelance app for bookmarking.
  • Skitch: Quickly capture, edit and share images with comments.
  • Django: A high-level Python Web framework.
  • Google Adwords: A perfect tool to advertise your Freelance work. Follow our Little Adwords guide to get started.

I’m quite surprise to miss seeing Skype and TeamViewer here, as they are also quite popular. Anyways, if you are a Freelancer in any field, I recommend you to have a look at above-listed apps, and you might fall in love with many of them.


Do let us know, what other Freelance apps you missed seeing in the list? And don’t forget to pin this Infographic on Pinterest and let other knows about amazing tools that are available online for you and other freelancers.

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  1. Never herd about some of the apps which are interesting and also useful like Skitch and GotoMeeting thank you for sharing the Infographic and the Apps Links Harsh.

  2. This is a great list. Basecamp, SurveyMonkey, GA, and Hootsuite are among my favorite and most useful apps.

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