11Cs to Fulfill Your Startup Dreams – Golden Tips for Newbies


Some hear about startups being bought for millions by big companies, and hatch plans to start their own internet business.

Others nurture online business ideas that they think will shake the web for long-time before taking the leap of entrepreneurship. While there is nothing bad in dreaming big, it is important to keep the realities of starting and running an online business in mind.

When it comes to starting a web business, there are hundreds of details to be mastered but let’s just focus on 11Cs under the most critical phases of starting an e-venture. And it only makes sense to begin where it really begins.

Initial research and planning

‘Little can be accomplished without planning’. The statement holds true for almost everything challenging in life. Whether you want to start an online store or something completely unique, you need a blueprint, a roadmap or whatever you want to call it. And in order to do that, you need:

Clarity of ideas
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1) Clarity – The process of planning cannot begin unless you are crystal clear about your needs. Want to blog for a living? Answer these questions first:

  • What kind of blog I’m capable of running?
  • What is the competition out there?
  • Are there unanswered questions that my blog can address?

Answering such questions will help you learn if you are ready to start and run an online business or need to busy yourself with groundwork.

2) Courage – Every idea is brilliant while it exists in your head. Finding time to put your thoughts on paper, discussing them with people, and taking concrete steps to materialize your ‘great idea’ are the real challenges. And doing all this requires real courage.

Courage motivation
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This is a part of planning because this is where it all begins. If you cannot muster the guts to start working on that glorious online business idea, we are sorry. It can do nothing more than impress your drunk friends.


Okay. You are done with the initial planning, and are sure that this is the online business idea that you want to bet on. Next is the task of doing the work that people won’t see but will become the backbone of your venture.

For multivendor e-commerce stores, this means getting merchants on board. For food ordering and delivery startups, this means joining hands with local restaurants. Got the idea?

Now to go through this phase smoothly, two Cs are most crucial, and they are:

3) Collaboration – Of course you cannot do it all on your own. You need people. People that are:

  • Capable
  • Trustworthy
  • Skilled
  • Righteous

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Without collaborating with such people, it would be really difficult to get your venture off the ground. This bunch can be your friends or people you pay to do the work. Mostly it’s the prior.

4) Conviction – Starting something online just because it seems a good way to make easy money will never lead you far. To create an online business that survives the tests of time, you need to believe in your idea. And this ought to be true of your team as well.

Idea motivation
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Strong belief in your internet business will help you and your team in completing the tiring groundwork.

NOTE: Even if your amazing online business doesn’t require offline struggle, you still need a team that believes in your idea and is willing to go the extra mile, online.

Site setup

Good news, it’s time to build your website, app or software. Bad news, it will be exhausting if you don’t know how to code. There is no dearth of amazing web businesses that never scaled because they failed to connect with target audience or came out with poor features.

Let’s straight get to the Cs that will play a dominant role in making you succeed with the Setup phase:

5) Capital: Already dreaming about making loads of money and raising millions in VC funding? Stop right there. Before that, your unique idea needs financial nurturing. The capital will be mostly spent on hiring:

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • UX and SEO experts
  • Infrastructure (servers etc.)

If you already have a team that has great design and development talent, then, the investment will be less. But don’t think you can go ahead and build something awesome without some dough.

6) Concentration: During the development phase, it usually happens that the focus strays away from the primary idea, making the end product something that doesn’t fit in the initial vision. This is why founders ought to stay true to the blueprints finalized during planning and development phase.

Here are some points that will help you with the task:

  • Explain your vision to your team in detail in the very beginning.
  • Write down your goals and objectives and paste it somewhere everyone can see.

This however doesn’t mean you have to ignore suggestions from the team members. Embrace ideas that align with your product philosophy.

Marketing (Yeah! you need to tell people)

Congratulations! You have a website just the way you wanted. Okay, somewhat like you wanted but it will not generate traffic on its own. You need to work for the visitors and it is not going to be easy since you spent a big amount of your savings in developing the site and don’t have handful of millions in funding. So, don’t even think of TV ads.

Marketing your product
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Below Cs will come handy to make your online business trend on internet:

7) Creativity: Even offline businesses are trying to grab eyeballs online. In such a melee, how will you make your new venture stand out? We think creativity can drive your brand message across in the choking internet advertising scene. All you need to do is:

  • Plan memorable ad banners
  • Create engaging explainer videos
  • Run interactive video ads
  • Engage your audience with insightful conversations

Okay, this is easily said than done but this is also exactly what you need to do if you are thinking about paid marketing. Check out this post if free marketing is on your mind.

8) Commitment: No matter how passionate you are, you will get tired of ‘selling’ on internet at some point of time. It is inevitable unless you taste the fruits of success quite early.

Don’t stop your efforts when everything seems a lost cause. Stay committed to your marketing practices, and work relentlessly to:

  • Get your venture featured on relevant blogs and news sites
  • Communicate with relevant audience on platforms like Quora
  • Speak about your online business offline as well

Stay true to your marketing goals and our next section will follow.

Funding! (Do you wanna accelerate?)

How fast you wanna accelerate
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VC or angel funding is like getting paid millions to raise your own kid. While some startups and online businesses continue to grow without funding, it is nice to know that there is truckload of cash in the bank to undertake aggressive expansion. But dollars will not come walking to your door. You will have to earn them, and here are 2 helpful Cs for that:

9) Coaching: Even if you have the most brilliant online business idea in the world, it still needs to make sense to angel investors and venture capitalists.

Doesn’t sound difficult?

What if you only have a couple of minutes to explain:

  • Business model
  • Revenue generation
  • Growth
  • USP
  • And hundred other things

This is why you need someone that has firsthand experience in presenting ideas to reluctant people in suits. Long story short, get a mentor.

10) Consistency: Time to refer to top dating rule! ‘Be prepared to be rejected, multiple times’. Your pitch for raising money will find no takers so many times that you will lost count. This is why you need to practice ‘not giving up’.

Rejection Seth Godin
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Keep approaching VCs and connecting with investors to find the one that will be ready to bet on your dream online venture. This however will only work if you do as Paul Graham (founder of Y Combinator). He says:

“Convince yourself that your startup is worth investing in, and then when you explain this to investors they’ll believe you”

And let’s not forget the most important point.

11) Customers/clients: Seems kind of obvious, right? Yes but still worth mentioning. Your website, mobile app or software needs users, and their number needs to grow as the months pass by.

While you need to think about this from the planning and research phase itself, don’t forget about the users while including new features. Answering such questions will also help:

  • Will the new features add value to user experience?
  • What matters the most to target audience?
  • How to counter clones and competitors?

Besides Cs

There are 700-paged ebooks and rather small videos out there titled ‘starting an online business for dummies’ or something similar of sorts. And let’s not get started on the startup literature out there available for free and few pennies.

To put simply, there is overwhelming knowledge to help you gain perspective on starting and running an online business. But remember, the best way of learning about anything is by doing. So, get out there and get your hands and mind dirty.

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Authored By
Veenu Sharma is a Digital Marketing expert at FATbit Technologies. She enjoys exploring web and also develops content for businesses and marketers. She has created content on diverse topics including internet marketing, startups opportunities, traffic generation & niche markets etc.

29 thoughts on “11Cs to Fulfill Your Startup Dreams – Golden Tips for Newbies”

  1. Dave @ Ultimate Azon Theme

    Awesome List! I know that detailed planning is playing a HUGE role in growing my own online business quickly. Once I started looking at it as a “real” business and planning / executing accordingly, it all started to click and grow faster than ever!

    Now, once I can go full time on my online business – it will be full steam ahead!!

  2. Husnain

    Hello Veenu, great post buddy. This should do enough for a newbie to convince him to start hard working.

  3. Life360degrees

    Great tips. I’d like to add on to this list. I think patience, persistence and belief are important too.

    1. Harsh Agrawal


      Great points. It’s important to be persistent about what you believe in.

  4. Shariful Islam Razu

    Hey Veenu, Thanks for sharing this awesome golden tips for newbie like me. Just learned some really important thing.

    1. Veenu

      Hello Shariful, It’s great to hear that startups like you are learning new thing from this post.

  5. Sateesh kumar

    The tips are very helpful for newbie bloggers. Running from Failure is the biggest mistake that a new blogger commits. I really liked the way you explained the marketing term

    1. Veenu

      Thanks for appreciating the post Sateesh. I don’t think failure is the biggest mistake for new bloggers. Robert F. Kennedy says ““Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

  6. Hamid

    A good checklist that is. The most important thing could be perseverance and not being afraid of failure.

    1. Veenu

      Yes Hamid, Perseverance is also one of the most important things for the success of a startup. One should not ever be afraid of failure coz failure is eventually the way to achieve success.

  7. Yami Sultan

    C for courage and C for Capital are the most motivating and needful for me. At this time, I do not think without monetary help and will power, things can ever work ahead. It has been an effective article for me.

    1. Veenu

      Yami, there’s no doubt that without courage & capital one cannot move ahead. But you cannot neglect other C’s like commitment, consistency, concentration which lay the foundation of a long term business.

  8. Paulo Barros

    Very good tips !!
    The best tip I believe it is consistency, because no result comes from nightly to day!

    1. Veenu

      Glad, you like the tips Paulo. Startups need consistency to provide predictable and reliable results time and again to their customers.

  9. writerbuddha

    Have few forum’s name where I consult of my each and every technical idea to build successful blogging site? I think from initial stage no one master of all.

  10. Annie

    Hi Veena and Harsh,

    Such an informative post it is. Certainly the best article for newbies. Who on the earth would not like to start up and succeed in life!

    But, I believe those who fails to do that lacks courage, passion, and commitment. Great write up indeed. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up for the post!

    Best Regards,

    1. Veenu

      Thanks for appreciating the post Annie.

  11. Jason Moore

    Thanks for this great article. I know it took lots of time to prepare. It really touches on the fundamentals of being successful which is the most important. Many of those points require much thought to analyze as they are profound. I hope to I can succeed at even half of them. Thanks again!

  12. Abhishek Jain

    Courage is the most important factor that decides the success of any startup. People are not willing to leave their cocoon. If the first step is taken attentively then everything will fall off nicely in place for you.

  13. lh.louis

    Hi Veenu

    Marketing is tough but it’s kinda very fun thing to do, whether there is result or not from doing marketing, but still feel good doing it, guess that’s passion.


    1. Veenu

      Hello Louis, marketing is not very tough and not so simple. It has to be handled very carefully for business growth.

  14. Listverse

    Nice List of C’s , I would like to add one more C that is Confidence, this is the actual booster for any startup people that could self motivate yourself on times of downfall to raise you up.

    1. Veenu

      Yes Listverse, confidence plays a critical role in startup success. Thanks for your suggestion.

  15. Pankaj Dhawan

    Hi Veenu,

    This is brilliant advice that can be given to anyone who is starting out. Startup is much more than just these Cs and it is more about product, marketing and leadership that startup has.

    I think we should more focus on the product as per the customers need and that will get us to far better stage.

    1. Veenu

      Hello Pankaj, definitely customer needs must be the topmost concern and focus of a business. But all startups are not product based. Yes marketing leadership are certainly the must-haves. Thanks for your inputs.

  16. Ravi Roshan Jaiswal

    Hey Veenu,
    Nice meeting you here.. 🙂

    Excellent article indeed.. I am very happy to see this article and I think it is shared only for me. I enjoyed lot reading all the informative tips for newbies. All the tip and technique are really wonderful. And I hope they will help to start
    and enhance our new startups..

    Deep knowledge of all the tip made me easy to understand. And I hope many people will like this article because of best informative knowledge, you know. Every level technique is described here which great beneficial to control a newbie on their startups.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative article..
    Have a good day ahead..

    – Ravi.

    1. Veenu

      Thanks for appreciating the article Ravi.

  17. Raaja Anandhan

    Hi Veena,

    This is a great post indeed. This tips are not only for newbie bloggers, even a experienced one have to keep in mind and follow these steps often.

    Great write up. Thanks for share Veena.

    1. Veenu

      Thanks Raaja, I am happy you like the article.

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