8 Super Actionable Snapchat Growth Hacks To Try Right Now

Snapchat is a newish platform for marketers and hasn’t been explored as much yet. But the way the Internet is, marketers move towards it in droves and try to establish their brands and figure out a way. If you haven’t gotten to a point where you understand Snapchat, then it’s probably high time you understand how the platform works so that you will be able to leverage it for your brand before a competitor does.

8 Advanced Snapchat Growth Hacks Your brand should use

So what are some must know hacks to get you started with Snapchat?

The Best of Filters Together: When two is better than one

Snapchat’s filters have been pretty straight forward; you could take a picture, choose a filter and then you’re done. What if you wanted two filters that you like and use them together? There’s an option for that.

  1. Take a picture
  2. Swipe left for choosing your first filter and choose the one you like and keep holding
  3. While you keep holding the filter that you like, use your other finger to keep swiping across to find other filters.

Congratulations! You have dual filters on your Snaps now!

Snapchat double filter
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No Text Limitation: Become Limitless

For iPhone Users

Do you find the 31 character limit, well, limiting? Then there’s a sweet hack that you could use. Let’s take the help of the Notes application.

  1. Go to the Notes application
  2. Keep pressing the button which adds a new line.
  3. Long press the space and select all. This makes sure that your empty space is copied.
  4. Go to Snapchat and in the text field, enter the space and voila, now you have extra spacing so you could add a lot more text than 31 characters.

For Android Users

For Android, it’s a bit more of an effort, but we found the perfect article to help you.


snapchat unlimited text
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On-Demand Geo-filtering for extremely specific location based Snaps

Location always has been a big play for Snapchat, and they are taking it to the next level. You could use custom geo-filtering to promote your event and people who can see it can share these snaps and promote your event on your behalf. This is great for marketing in a specific area. This option isn’t available to all locations, but I would suggest you to jump on it the second it’s available. Learn more about Snapchat geo filters here.

Creating your Snapchat filters

Using the emojis on snapchat, you can get your coloring for your snaps. This means you have your own filters for your images. So how do you do this?

You can zoom into emojis on snapchat to make it look bigger. If you keep zooming, the emoji becomes transparent, and it becomes like a layer on top of your image. So if you want a red filter, choose an emoji that is red in color.

For the best way to do this, zoom into the emoji from it’s side and keep zooming in.

Snapchat Partnerships: This helps you to grow fast

Collaboration is the name of the game these days and you can collaborate with other companies by posting their content on your snapchat and vice versa. This mixes up things and gets you in front of a new audience. Youtube stars do this all time by doing collaborations and getting in front of each others’ audiences.

This one is Customer satisfaction Magnet: Customer support via Snapchat

Using the video chat feature, you can make customer support very personal. You can start video chatting with your customers if they are your snapchat friend. Solve customer complains real time and from an application, they are comfortable with. This means that your user does not have to log on to your website and go through the support feature and expect to chat with one of your customer support executives.

Different Colors for Different Words: Leave an impact

Do you want to bring the users attention to a particular text and make it stand out? Type your text and select the word you want in a different color and long press it till it becomes selected and from the color, picker chooses the color of your choice. So you can have a single word in a different color or to give some color variation, you could give different colors to different text in your snap.

Snapchat multi color
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Know your horizontals and verticals: Do you?

We’ve all been taught time and again that while shooting a video or taking a picture the horizontal landscape is the better option as it looks better, it’s wider, and when viewing it there is no black strip. For Snapchat it’s the exact opposite, always take pictures vertically. Otherwise, your image is going to have the wrong orientation and the user will have to tilt their heads or turn their phones.

Snapchat is the perfect experimental canvas

The thing about the internet is, it remembers everything. Anything you post there and you thought you deleted is present somewhere as a screenshot or on some other site or worse, in somebody else’s computer. This isn’t true for Snapchat. Snapchat has limited time for it’s content and this means there are two advantages.

  1. You don’t have to spend a lot of time creating content
  2. Your worst content lasts only for a small amount of time

To expand on point number one; More of your content for Snapchat should be impromptu or without too much preparation because it lasts for a very less time. This means you can churn out a lot of content within a very short span of time.

The second point is useful for an experimental marketer. You can go crazy and experiment with snapchat marketing by producing a different kind of content, even if it’s bad. This lasts for a small amount of time, and your pain is short lived.

What have you tried on Snapchat? Let us know the interesting things you’ve done!

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  1. I am really new to SnapChat. Just downloaded the SanpChap iOS app couple of weeks back but was not getting the exact guideline about how to go forward with this tool. Your post is a life saver and will make my job a lot easier.

  2. KISHENSREEHARI sir, Great article. Snapchat is now a popular mobile messaging application.Day by day its users are increasing with rocket speed. Marketers should try this Snapchat hacks to grow their business. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Kishen,
    That was an interesting article. Frankly speaking, I have not used Snapchat at all but recently installed the app (I still have to create an account). This hacks are definitely going to help me in using the application more efficiently.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

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