Seven Annoying Social Networking Habits You Might Be Making

Social Networks have been a boon to us. They allow us to stay in touch with friends staying far and wide. However, we also walk into some irritating people who make us wonder how jobless they are. This article is about some annoying habits I have observed while browsing Twitter and Facebook.

Social Networking Habits
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Infinite number of Friends

On an average users have some 200 friends. Those who are into the social media, say blogging, might have 700 friends. But 2000 friends? Guys, there ought to be a difference between a fan list and your friend list. Unless you are Brad Pitt, that kinda thing is irritating and really gets on our nerves.

The Status Game

While it’s a very handy tool to update our people with what is going on in our lives, some people make it a cliche by overusing it. Self obsessed users never fail to come up with a dozen dull status messages every day. Why would I want to know if you are late to work? Or that you are sleepy while you’re waiting for the bus?

Pre-Occupied with Oneself

Some people use their Orkut and Facebook account to promote themselves to a limit that it gets irritating. We are interested in your doings but not to the extent that every second link heads to your own blog or that you cannot stop showing off your stuff.

Lurking Around

There are so many of these people on our networks who we don’t remember conversing with much but they’ll keep appearing and vanishing at intervals. Sometimes a random photo comment making fun of you or appreciating something if he’s trying to impress you. This thing is very common in the photo albums of girls, with random guys appearing.

Funny Syntax

There’s a difference between using chat lingo and writing text that supposedly makes you ‘cool’. Agreed, our fast paced lives don’t have much space for correct spellings and correct punctuation while communicating online but why make it so corny. Spelling going as goin’? How does it help. You are typing the same number of characters. And then the same thing with those grammar mistakes.

The Paparazzi

One fine day this guy will post some embarrassing photo of yours in public. Can we learn some etiquette, please? We don’t want our family to see who we were within the disco last month.

Stupid Quizzes

I bow down to people who create this and twice to those who actually answer them. “What Kuch Kuch Hota Hai character are you”? Guys are you totally jobless.

I know I sound very harsh here but don’t you agree this kinda behaviour does get on our nerves. Can we not be content with healthy communication? Why desire absolute nonsense?

Let us know if you find yourself in similar situation wanting to block users for this very behaviour?

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10 thoughts on “Seven Annoying Social Networking Habits You Might Be Making”

  1. The Status Game can be one point from the list alone that would cause me to no longer read that persons status updates. The rest are just nice cherries added to the top.

  2. some of the point totally agree with you, but since social networking is big, we don’t what kind of people in it.. so in this kind of cases, ignore is always a better option.

  3. I agree with you in this post. What I also dislike is that people will send me tons of invites to join causes and to help them in some sort of game they are playing and I always ignore those things. That has gotten old very fast.

  4. Here some of the points are dumb. Facebook is for meeting new people and making friends then what’s wrong with having infinite number of friends. If don’t mine I want to visit this article’s author facebook profile.

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