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Internal linking of your blog posts is one of the important factors for search engine ranking, and it also helps in reducing the bounce rate of your site. Though if you have a good number of posts (50+), it might get too much to interlink manually all the time.

2020 Update: Linkwhisper plugin is a better alternative to SEO Smart links and the Internal links manager is a nice free alternative.

Watch the below video to learn how Linkwhisper could help you:

 How about we automate the whole system of Internal linking and instead of manual linking all the time, it will auto link any Keyword with a pre-defined blog post.

Here I’m going to talk about one important plugin for every WordPress blogger call: SEO smart links Premium. SEO Smart link plugin auto interlink your blog post and also tags and categories.

Even from the SEO perspective, it helps in quick internal linking along with keeping the anchor text intact. Google spokesperson Matt Cutts is sharing the importance of interlink links in the below video.

It’s a must-watch for anyone with a website:

SEO smart links plugin is one of those plugins that is used by all professional bloggers. The plugin has an inbuilt caching system which is crucial for any blogger on shared hosting, as it doesn’t slow down your blog. SEO smart link plugin allows you to auto link any text with a link to your WordPress blog. This helps in getting good internal linking for any keyword on your blog.

  • SEO Smart links for bloggers:

SEO Smart link plugin helps you to rank better for a keyword, and this is something that I have tested and tried myself. In this post, I will also share how to use SEO Smart link plugin.

  • SEO Smart links for Affiliate marketer:

This plugin is also useful for an Affiliate marketer to auto link words with their affiliate URL. For example, you can auto-link word “Hostgator” with your Hostgator affiliate URL.

Moreover, you can add no follow the link to such linking which will help you in SEO. At the same time, you are increasing your affiliate links and income without hampering your blog SEO.

Download SEO smart links plugin (30 days money back guarantee)

How to configure & Setup SEO Smart links plugin

SEO Smart links premium offers lots of advanced features that will help you to make most out of it. Moreover, this plugin comes with the caching technique which will help you by not putting any load on your server. You can also whitelist domains for which you don’t want your link to by no-followed and for the rest of auto-linked external domains, you can keep links as no follow.

Let me quickly show you how to use this plugin. If you don’t have the plugin, you can buy it from official page over here. Once you have activated the plugin, you will see an option called “SEO smart links business” in the left sidebar of your dashboard.  Go to SEO Smart links business > options to configure the plugin.

Here I’m sharing the settings which I’m using on ShoutMeLoud. You can copy the exact settings or modify them according to your wish.

Configuring SEO Smart link
  • Save
  • In the procession option: Select posts & pages as shown in the above screenshot.
  • Automatic interlinking: This is one important option & probably the biggest feature of this plugin. This option will help you in automatic interlinking of words with posts, tags & categories. In my case, I have used posts for auto-interlinking, but you can also check Categories, Pages & tags.
Setup SEO Smart link business plugin
  • Save
  • As shown in the above screenshot, configure Misc. Options & process RSS feed settings. This plugin can process auto-linking into your RSS feeds. Those ways, your blog feed readers, can also see auto-linked posts and this you will get more views on your old posts.

Now the below-mentioned option is useful to reduce the bounce rate & also improve the performance of this plugin. Using this plugin, you can make all external links on your blog open in new tab. This is pretty useful as with the number of mobile users are increasing, you don’t want them to leave your web page. Apart from this, you can also make all linked domain as nofollow. Though, I don’t prefer & recommend you to do that as I have already shared that outbound links have a positive effect on your blog. So here is the last & final setting:

Enable caching
  • Save

Import Export feature:

This is a very useful feature for those who are using SEO smart link plugin extensively. You can  Import & Export your added keywords and link anytime. This works as a backup, and if you are running multiple blogs, you can use this feature to group the keywords auto-linking on multiple blogs.

Import export Keywords
  • Save

Custom keyword automatic interlinking:

Even if you don’t want to spend $149 for the above-mentioned feature, but the one I’m talking about right now will make you spend that amount. This feature of the plugin let you associate the link with any word. Now, what this feature will do is, it will scan your complete blog for that keyword & automatically link to defined link. Not only these, but it will also automatically process all your future posts for that word & link. This is one feature which will improve your blog search engine ranking by a great extent.

Custom keyword automatic linking WordPress
  • Save

In the above screenshot, you can see the format & example. ( Don’t mind the bad screenshot).

SEO Smart link Premium Pricing:

SEO Smart link premium pricing
  • Save

For many this plugin price may sound pricey, but with the features and being one of an essential WordPress plugin, one can’t ignore this plugin. This plugin comes with two licenses and if you are like me who offers WordPress Services, you might like to grab the Business version of SEO smart link plugin as it gives you the freedom to install it on your multiple sites along with client sites.

But if you have a small blog, you can grab the personal license. This is worth every penny of yours.

Here is a quick video preview of this plugin and how it’s going to help. This video tutorial is done with an older version of WordPress & works pretty well with the latest version of WordPress.

I have been using this plugin since 2011 & even after 8 years this is one rock-solid plugin that I can’t live without. This is the foundation of great internal linking structure for any WordPress blog.

Grab this plugin (30 days money back guarantee)

Do let us know if you have used SEO smart link Premium or free plugin in the past or using it? Do you find it worth putting it in the list of WordPress SEO plugins??

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

15 thoughts on “SEO Smart Links Premium Review”

  1. Thank you for the amazing insight. I completed the visual aspect of my website and now I must work on the technical facets. I never knew how detailed SEO could be. I now see that it does take research to learn. I do hope that with the assistance of these tools I can improve my sites functionality and SEO ranking. Thank you!

  2. SEO Smart link is a plugin which creates ultimate internal linking for a WordPress website and helps in refreshing old blog posts. You can read the importance of Internal linking on Google Webmaster Official blog.
    Thus SEO Smart Link is a must have WordPress plugin for professional bloggers.

  3. kbharath @ techntricksonline

    Thanks for this Awesome Review Harsh i didnt use this plugin on my blog because i was really confused how to use this plugin and now i am using the free version of SEO Smart Links plugin and its really working like a pro on my blog and now its really easy for interlinking the posts or categories.

    Thanks Again

  4. One thing I have noticed that linking tags and categories add very little value to the SEO if at all. While manual linking of related posts is best for SEO.

  5. Nilantha Jayawardhana

    Useful plugin review.

    I use Insight plugin to interlink post. I should do it manually with Insight plugin. It is hard work. This premium plugin is very useful for do it automatically.


  6. Thanks a lot for the Post, Harsh.

    Through your Post, I found an awesome plugin, SEO Smart Links.

    Gonna implement it in my blog and see my ranking improvement

  7. Muhammad ismail


    I’ve read your whole list of Internal linking wordpress plugin. Its one of the best tool to internally link content on auto pilot mode with a simple plugin. I like and bought the one mentioned by you Smart SEO link. . and i must say that its one of the best plugin. apart from one can also use popular post plugin and related one .
    Thank you for sharing it.

  8. I have been searching for a similar tool for a while. Thank you for this review. I have just visited the plugin’s main site page and noted it is no longer $299 but $399.

    Before making the purchase, I was wondering if you have a discount/affiliate link to the plugin.

    I would love a discount but if not, I would love if you got a commission for recommending such an awesome plugin.

  9. Thanks for the informationb.

    Just one question before buying it:

    I have the plugin “Yet Another Related Posts” plugin for WordPress. It adds some links at the end of the post for the related posts to the subject.

    Please, do you think it is worth for SEO purposes to use “Smart Link Premiun” in addition to YARP?

    Thanks a lot.

    Juan Carlos

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Julan,

      YARP is for related post. However, Smart link premium is for automatic interlinking. These two are different things.

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