Quantity vs. Quality of Blog Posts: Which is better?

Quantity vs. Quality of Blog Posts
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Many bloggers, business professionals, marketers, and webmasters ask this question:

Is it more important to write a lot of blog posts (with sub-par quality), or is it better to write a few, but really good blog posts?

  • What’s better: Quality or quantity?

A lot of beginning bloggers are trapped in this question and don’t know what to do, especially when it’s so easy to whip out a bunch of really quick, short, low-quality posts.

So which is better? Well, there are pros and cons to both.

Let’s go through them point by point and identify whether it’s better to have a high quantity or a high quality of blog posts.

Pros and Cons- Quality

Quality Blog Posts Pros and Cons
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Let’s first observe the benefits and detriments of having only quality content.

Pros- Quality

Loyal Readers

Loyal reader
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The first and most important thing that you are going to get with quality content is loyal readership.

A quality blog will cover areas of interest in great detail and with the exact methods the reader needs to hear about. This will make your readers happy.

If your readers are happy, they’ll get what they need, become subscribers, and stick around.

And if you didn’t know, loyal readers are the biggest assets your blog can have. They are the ones who want to hear what you have to say. They are the ones who will buy your affiliate products. They are the ones who will make you an authority.

Free Social Promotion

Loyal fans are the best social promotion tool on Earth.

When your posts are of high quality, your content will be much more relatable and engaging to your readers.

And when your loyal fans share this great content, there is a high chance that some of their like-minded friends will share that content as well. This gives your blog free, effortless social media promotion.


More Subscribers

More Subscribers
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Anytime I come across a quality blog, I make sure to subscribe so that I never miss out on anything they have to say.

That’s exactly what your readers are going to do if you post highly informative and quality information.

And if you know anything about internet marketing, you know that having a lot of targeted, engaged subscribers are the keys to selling products and increasing traffic.

With these engaged users, any exciting piece of information can be shared with the world in a matter of minutes through the power of an active social media campaign.

Freelancing Opportunities

Some people say that having a good profile on Freelancer.com or Upwork gives you the most freelancing work.

But the truth is, having a high-traffic, high-quality blog is the best way to make clients come to you.

When you join freelancing platforms, you are at the mercy of the client with regards to rates and time frames. You’re also competing with hundreds of other freelancers. But if your blog is demonstrating the kind of quality your client wants to see (along with all those loyal followers), clients will come to you.

When that happens, you get all the power with regards to rates, amount of articles, time frames, etc. That’s the position you want to be in.


Having a quality blog with quality content not only keeps your readers satisfied, it gives you a high amount of satisfaction as well.

You know that your writing is great and your website is professional. You are not afraid of being insulted. You know that what you do truly helps people.

When a blogger has reached this level of satisfaction, new promotion ideas, guest posting plans, new post ideas, content marketing strategies, and everything else needed to grow a blog will come with ease.

Cons- Quality


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This the biggest drawback to writing high-quality content.

It takes a lot longer to produce quality blog posts than it does to just rapid-fire out a lot of low-quality posts. Writing high-quality blog posts requires a lot of time to research, plan, and execute, whereas low-quality posts don’t need any of that.

If you spend all of your efforts on creating high-quality blog posts, there may be no more energy left to market, promote, and network- all essential things when trying to build a popular blog.

This will eventually lead to burnout.

Fewer Page Views

Since it takes a lot of time to build up a lot of content, having less content on your blog will mean fewer page views per visitor.

You may have gone in-depth on a particular topic, but you hadn’t covered anything else that you could link your reader to. This would cause your reader to leave immediately after finishing your article.

Having something to interlink to will keep readers on your site for a longer time.

No Trust

No Trust
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Trust is the backbone of online business.

Whether you are selling products or giving some advice, trust is what makes your readers value what you have to say.

No matter how well you write, if there is not enough content on your blog, readers likely won’t see you as the “ultimate” authority on the given topic.

This lack of trust will be a major problem until you have a substantial amount of posts on your blog. 

Lack of Advertising Opportunities

Because there’s less content, and because there’s less trust from readers, there will be less traffic and you’ll have a hard time finding advertisers.

Why would anybody be interested in advertising on a blog that has little to no traffic?

If you’re looking to make money, focusing exclusively on quality will not be profitable (in the beginning).

Pros and Cons- Quantity

Quantity Blog Posts Pros and Cons
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Now, let’s take a look at what happens when we only focus on quantity.

Pros- Quantity

More Page Views

Of course, all bloggers want to have their content read.

So when you have a large amount of posts published, and someone lands on any page of your blog, chances are high that they’ll be able to find some article that’s interesting to them.

They’ll click around for a while, stumble across a few ads and affiliate products, and have a lot of opportunities to subscribe.


Again, if there is a large number of posts available when a reader comes to your blog, the reader will be impressed by the large number of posts (even if they’re not impressed by the actual posts).

They will probably think: “Wow, this is a pretty developed blog. They must have put a lot of effort into it and they must know what they are saying.”

Having this kind of subconscious impact will automatically improve your authority in the eyes of a reader.


Getting a decent Google ranking becomes so easy when you are producing a high amount of posts on a consistent basis.

This is because the content that we see in SERPs are not managed by humans. It is all indexed and managed by robots who base their rankings on the amount of quality content.

After the Panda updates, a marketer trying to get away with super low-quality content is clearly not going to succeed, but that doesn’t mean you have to make all of your content super high-quality either.

Search engines don’t care about things like length as much as they care about things like trust factor. Keeping the trust high with your readers is going to land you higher on SERPs.

You should read about low-quality content to help you to work on writing quick posts without hampering search engine rankability.

More Ideas

post ideas
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This one requires a bit of intelligence, but if you are able to analyze your old posts for popularity and traffic flow, you can quickly generate more and more ideas.

Published articles are like treasures troves of ideas if you know how to spend time with them.

You can find the ones that got the most comments, and tease out and expand upon ideas from them to create more posts on similar topics.

By doing this, you will never run out of ideas or suffer from Writer’s Block.

Cons- Quantity

Fewer Returning Visitors

Why in the world would someone come back to a blog that had a substandard level of quality?

If it’s obvious that your blog is just about trapping visitors in the hopes of getting their email address or a few clicks on an ad, why would anyone spend their time there?

And as we know, no returning visitors means no one will be sharing your content, and the promotion of your blog is entirely up to you.

Fewer Subscribers

With fewer readers, you will get fewer subscribers. No one would want you to send them the same low-quality content via email that they don’t want to get from your blog.

This is going to hurt you when you’re trying to make announcements, or run contests, or promote on social media.

To be truly successful in blogging, you need to have loyal followers.

Less Respect

If you work in a shop and you don’t give your customer what they want and how they want it, they won’t respect you and they won’t buy your product.

The same goes for online work.

If a reader comes to your site expecting to get something but instead leaves disappointed, they won’t want to visit your site again. They’ll have lost all respect for you and your product (i.e. your blog).

Fewer Sales

The world has become a global village and one of the main reasons people land on websites is because they’re about to buy something. This is the basis of affiliate marketing.

Even if they decide to buy the product, if your content is low-quality, they probably won’t buy it from you. Instead, they’ll get annoyed that your writing is poor and solely designed to make money.

Quantity vs. Quality: Should I write more or better? 

At the end of the day, you need to focus on both.

If you only focus on quality, you’ll find yourself low on time (i.e. high on burnout) and low on readership. But if you only focus on quantity, you’ll find yourself low on respect and ultimately low on sales.

But if you use both together, you are going to get the best of both worlds.

My suggestion is to keep a combination of pillar posts and speed posts. Target a niche, and try to cover all important updates, news, and tutorials in that niche.

This will give you a quality blog with a lot of blog posts.

For more on this topic, check out

So let me know: Do you focus on writing quality posts or do you prefer a high quantity of posts on your blog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Quantity vs. Quality of Blog Posts: Which is better?”

  1. Hi Raja,
    I like the way you shared your view over quantity and quality of Blog post. But in some way i am confused that how a single person can write both quantity and quality posts because i personally feel that it get so hectic as you have to write quality article than you have to take a lot of time to research on the topic and when the blogger have to increase the quantity of blog also then the work becomes double.
    If any possible ways to go for both quality and quantity post then please let me know.

    Thank you
    Shorya Bist

  2. I think Quality is the king and it cannot be compromised but quantity too should be addressed, if a blog is not updated regularly then it will loose its traffic. So we need to update blog regularly with good quality post. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post about quality and quantity.

  3. Quality ofcourse..! Because I have seen some blogs where people write one or two post a week but they are running successfully..! There is a kind of content marking also there..!

  4. Well! Ever since I’ve started blogging (whether it be for myself, or for someone else’s blog) I focus more on quality than quantity. I don’t know why but I don’t feel comfortable unless my writing is well researched and makes good sense. Plus, I can’t write too much, so I take some long breaks between two write-ups.

    Anyway, not talking about strategy – what have your observations been about your writing of quality and quantity.

  5. Yes, both quality and quantity are important factors to become successful. While quantity of articles bring visitors to our blog, quality makes them to stay with us.

  6. Yeah, I think quality content is king and quantity content is queen. So both of that make a blog go to top rank.

  7. Agree with you point that every blog needs both quality and quantity articles. But the problem with quantity articles is they will be surely related to Latest News, Instant Offers, Version Releases etc which are not useful in future. So how to manage that sort of articles?

  8. Great post dude. But I would like to say that less quantity doesn’t mean you’ll face all the above cons. One quality post will beat them all. But I do find good points in your argument. But still this post stands out in few areas.

  9. Chandan Sharma

    Well , What i do personally is, I create both long and short content.
    One long content followed by 2 short ones.
    That helps me to retain both user and respect…!!!
    And I think 4 blogs a week is more than Enough to retain both of them.
    So, if we combine both of them its works pretty well.

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