11 Popular Blogging iPhone Applications [Paid & Free]

I have been an avid user of iPhone from last 5 years and needless to say, the iPhone has increased my productivity big time.

There are over millions of apps on the iPhone app store, and you can find endless options for your requirement.

Blogging iPhone Applications
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As a blogger, I look out for Blogging apps for iPhone, which I can use to increase my productivity and most important I can do things when I’m traveling.

Though most of these iPhone apps which I mentioned below, requires Internet connection but with the availability of 3G and upcoming 4G technology, high-speed internet connection is not an issue.

In the last couple of years, people using mobile and smart-phones for browsing is increasing tremendously.

Using a smartphone, not only helps you in getting in touch with your friends but also there are many apps which helps you to get work done fast.

Being an iPhone user, here I’m listing iPhone blogging apps, which every Blogger should consider installing on their Apple iPhone.

Blogging apps for iPhone
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List of such apps are endless and explaining them in detail within one post is not possible, so I will rather pick top 10 Blogging apps, which I believe you (iPhone user) might like to grab it right away.

This list consists of apps from Blogger and normal internet users point of view. I’m not including common Blogging apps here as we have covered a lot in last post on Popular Blogging iPhone applications. Rather, I will pick some of those apps, which you might not have heard or might have never used to increase productivity. Also, I’m not including Blogger iPhone app, as it turns out to be a disappointing app and here are some more apps, which you would like to consider installing on your iPhone/iPad.

Useful Blogging apps for iPhone:

Some of the below listed iPhone applications are free apps for iPhone and some are paid. I couldn’t find the best free alternative to them, though you can always jailbreak and use vShare to get all apps in second, but if you are a serious blogger and don’t mind spending a dime to increase your productivity, you can consider buying them instead.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express
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Before, editing images and photos to be used for a blog post can be a daunting task for bloggers on their mobile devices. But, there is a solution to that now since there’s an iPhone app that you can use to do this task easily. That means you do not have to wait for more extra hours until you get home to edit photos for your next blog post.

The Photoshop Mobile app lets you crop, change color, and rotate photos in just a few clicks on your iPhone device without hassle. This app is also available for Android phones. <app store>

2. WordPress iPhone app

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Not only can you write, edit and read, but can manage multiple WordPress blogs and publish as well. This official WordPress app for iPhone devices is something you couldn’t do without as a blogger who wants to work with ease anywhere you are.

This app lets you post and publish an article inside your WordPress admin area without stress via your iPhone device. You wonder how that can happen. No need for that because it is a beautiful app developed by the CMS giant, WordPress developer team themselves.

The app will also enable you to post photos on your blog via the phone, and you can see that using the Adobe Photoshop Mobile app to edit photo can be interesting since you can then upload that same image to your blog via WordPress for iPhone App. This app is a must for bloggers that need changes in their blogging activities. <Link>

3. Idea Organizer – Paid

Idea organizer
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What if you got another post idea and you lost it due to lack of proper jotting down of the idea?

How would you feel when that happened? I know you will find it very difficult to understand if you found yourself in such a situation.

Losing a single post idea worth countless amounts of dollars for a blog that has large readers base such as SML. But now, you will never lose those blog post ideas anymore since there’s an iPhone app for you to use to make things better for yourself as a blogger.
iPhone Idea organizer lets you record both in voice and text, by giving you the freedom to create post ideas anywhere you are. <Link>

4. Drupad

Drupad is one of the best available iPhone apps for Drupal users. You can do various management related tasks like, manage multiple Drupal sites, flush cache, moderate comments & content, edit user account and many more. Like WordPress for iPhone, this is also a popular app among Drupal users. <Link> Similarly, you can consider adding

Similarly, you can consider adding tumblr app if you are using them for your micro-blogging purpose.

5. WriteRoom – Paid

Distraction is one of the enemies of all bloggers and they needed to avoid this dreadful enemy. They help bloggers wastes more time without anything to show for it. If you’ve had such experience before, you needn’t worry anymore because this app will help you stay clear of all form of distractions from any angle. Your iPhone can even be one of those distractions, so WriteRoom will help you stay away from those fancy distractions so that you could be able to finish your writing job perfectly hassle-free. Write without distraction on your iPhone device with ease.

Update: This app has not been updated for ages. For now, I recommend downloading Plaintext2 which is also free.

6. Instapaper – Paid

For a blogger who wants to access a webpage offline instead of wasting their internet connection, this app will work out for you than any other. It works in the same way like ReadItLater, but this one is more than just a web portal application, it works on iPhone device as well. It lets you save webpages for later offline use. You should know that all the contents that you’re storing on this app while you are still surfing the net are completely optimized for all Apple device screen for better readability. <Link>

7. Pinterest iPhone app: Free

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Pinterest is one of those social networking sites which created a buzz in the social networking industry. It went up in terms of traffic and popularity in no time. Pinterest iPhone app, lets you upload and browse photo with ease.

All you need to do is keep updating your Pinterest profile with interesting and sharable photos, and keep your Pinterest follower count growing. Also, you can use this app to find new images, people on Pinterest. One click share also enables sharing uploaded images with Facebook and Twitter account. One useful app to keep popular social networking account updated. <Download link>

8. Bufferapp for iPhone:

We have already reviewed Bufferapp sometime back, and this excellent online service is not available on the iPhone.

Though it comes with many limitations on the iPhone, if you are using Bufferapp, this app will take care of your analytic needs. What I miss is, a default option to add my feed links via this app, but if not link, you can always add your quotes and things you would like to share on Twitter  & Fb.

Bufferapp manages, multiple twitter and Fb account, so you can imagine how handy it is for serious bloggers who are managing multiple social networking accounts.

Alternatively, you can also look into Hootsuite for iPhone, which is also useful for iPhone bloggers to increase productivity. <Link>

9. ShoutMeLoud App:

ShoutMeLoud iOS App
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Want to become a better blogger? Read all blogging tips & techniques right on your iOS device with ShoutMeLoud iOS App.

Download app

10. Tumblr

Tumblr iPhone App
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If Tumblr is your thing, then the free Tumblr app is a great tool for you. The app lets you post quotes, photos, and more to your tumblelog. In fact, you can even post audio and video to it straight from the iPhone (3GS or later). You can search across Tumblr to keep up with everybody, and your Tumblr Dashboard is built right into the app.

Download Tumblr App

11. CrowdFire App:

Crowdfire app
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Crowdfire is newest addition in this list of blogging apps for iPhone. This is a social media app, which let you manage your Twitter & Instagram account on iPhone or iPad. You can do various tasks such as unfollow Non-followers, copy followers of somebody else twitter account & many more. Without getting much into detail of CrowdFire, I recommend you to download it, as it’s free.

Download CrowdFire

As I mentioned above, there are endless Blogging apps for iPhone which you can find on App store (free & paid), but my suggestion is to add 1-2 app every day and use it to maximum potential.

Once, you are comfortable using it, add more app and take control of it. Adding endless app, will not guarantee your productivity but using a single app to its maximum potential will ensure maximum productivity.

If you are looking for video blogging solution from your iPhone, I would suggest you to try Twitvid or uStream app. Do let us know, what other iPhone apps you are using on your iPhone to cut down your blogging time & to increase productivity?

Popular iPhone apps for bloggers:

  1. YouTube Capture
  2. Blogger app ( BlogSpot users)
  3. Google My Business (Manage Google+ pages from your iPhone)
  4. Google AdSense  (Check Google AdSense income report from iPhone)
  5. Blogo app
  6. Desk app
  7. Nuzzel app (Social media)
  8. Godaddy app (To buy domain names on the move)
  9. Feedly (Feed reader for iPad)
  10. Buffer app
  11. Canva 
  12. Adobe post (free app for creating graphics)
  13. Mention app (Google alerts on steroid)

As you can see, there are no shortage of blogging tools on the iPhone platform for the busy blogger. You can find apps that will support any number of popular blogging solutions, and the apps range from free to just under $10. It is now easier than ever to keep your blog active and engaging. How much easier can it get?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

7 thoughts on “11 Popular Blogging iPhone Applications [Paid & Free]”

  1. Surender Sharma

    @Harsh you have complied very useful list of blogging applications for iPhone.
    In the mobiles field,iPhone has changed the life of the bloggers.Number of iPhone applications developed to make a bridge between web and mobile.It has almost changed the entire way of blogging.

  2. Jens P. Berget

    I have tried blogging from my iPhone, and I agree that there are many great tools, but to me, the iPhone is just too small. It’s hard to write articles, although I’ve tried many times.

    What works great for me is to take notes and write a structure. I’m using WriteRoom when I’m not at home, and then I sync with my Mac when I get back home. If I just want a few notes, then I’ll use Things (it’s great for notes and stuff you need to remember).

    I think that the iPad will be a lot better for blogging than the iPhone, but it might be just me 🙂

  3. Rakesh Narang

    does anybody know a good phone nearly Rs. 10,000 that’d give a superb blogging experience?

    please mail if you do my id: wizardjournal[at]in[dot]com

  4. If you use Blogger then you may do it with any multimedia mobile. Just by operamini.

  5. Mukundan Srinivasan

    My favorite applications are WordPress and Squarespace. I will make a try of other applications you have listed. Even though many applications are there for blogging in iphones and smartphones I don’t feel comfortable typing in it. For photobloggers who mainly post photos with few lines of text these phones would be really helpful. Anyway that’s a good round up of iphone applications.

  6. Hey, thanks! I just got my ipod touch 4th gen yesterday, and am trying to install the hubpages app. 🙂 Looks like it’s gonna work perfectly XD

  7. I haven’t tried many of those apps. I did buy Blogpress which looked good until I tried to write in landscape mode..it cut the screen in half and one half was for typing and the other had a big blue submit button. Not the ideal experience!

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