Periscope for Beginners: A Guide for Bloggers

Have you ever wanted to share the lovely view you are having? Maybe a walk to the beach, a road show or anything that you wanted to share with the world? Or have you wanted to see the world from somebody else eyes?

Meet Periscope which is the latest mobile video live streaming app by Twitter. This app is available for both iOS & Android (download link below) and it’s already talk of the town among tech & digital marketing enthusiasts. If you have used Meerkat app before, Periscope will seem like more polished alternative of it. If you haven’t used any of these two apps, I would suggest to download Periscope on your mobile phone and connect with the world. You can use your existing Twitter login or mobile number to register with Periscope. Even if you are not ready to broadcast yourself, you can always watch what other people are broadcasting.

Periscope: How to use it, Tips & Unique marketing ideas

The very first thing that you should know about Periscope is; it’s a Twitter acquired company. Though it doesn’t auto-follow your Twitter followers. You can use Periscope as a broadcaster, or you can use it to watch live streamed funny, serious, bored videos streamed by people around the globe.  You can browse live stream by two options: Via Map or using the List.

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When you use the Map mode, you can select live streamer based on their geographical location. You can see what people are streaming in your home country, or you can see what the other part of the world is doing. The list method is the faster way to browse all the live video streamer of Periscope. When you want to broadcast something of your own, You can click on the broadcast icon at the bottom to start Periscoping.

Broadcasting on Periscope
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Here are few important things that you should know before broadcasting. Depending upon your purpose on Periscope (Marketing or leisure), use the settings accordingly.

  • Precise location sharing: Keep this off if you don’t want to share your exact location. If you are a brand or a marketer broadcasting from office, you might like to keep precise location on.
  • Private broadcast: You can broadcast your video to the world or the selected people. By default, it’s always broadcast to the world.
  • Chat: You can enable chat for everybody or for people that you follow. I would suggest start by keeping chat open for everybody and future broadcast, you can turn it off depending upon the streaming you are doing.
  • Camera-Switch: DoubleTap your screen anytime to switch between front & back camera.
  • Save Periscope video broadcast: Go to settings & enable autosave broadcast. This will save your broadcast into your camera roll. After all, you might like to watch or share your broadcast to other channels such as Youtube, Facebook or any other platform that you use.

Save Periscope broadcast
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By default, Periscope keeps your video available for public for 24 hours. In case if you ever want to delete your broadcast before that, you can do that too. This is useful when you are broadcasting something & made a blunder. Yesterday, I did my first Periscope by giving a virtual tour of my home office. Here are the stats of the video.  You can follow me on Periscope by searching for @denharsh or Harsh Agrawal in the people finder tab.

Periscope broadcast stats
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Is, isn’t it better to learn more about Periscope app watching a video? Here is a complete walk-through of how to use  the Periscope app

Useful Periscope Tips & Tricks:

  • Your broadcast video can be viewed by anyone for next 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will be automatically deleted.
  • Use Emojis & Hashtags in your stream title.
  • If you want, you can always delete your broadcast instantly after you are done broadcasting.
  • Spend time thinking about a good title, as Title is important to get more views on your periscope broadcast. You can use these title generators to create a catchy title.
  • You can use this site on the desktop or mobile browser to see all live Periscope broadcast.
  • While answering people question in a broadcast, make sure you read the question. Be a good host, else your viewer would lose interest. If you are planning to reuse the video later, do remember default recorder will not record the chats. In next article of Periscope series, I will share a tutorial on how to record Periscope videos with chat & hearts.
  • Periscope if very addictive, so you might want to ensure your productivity doesn’t go down. Do remember, it’s active 24*7, as you may sleep but world never sleeps.
  • You can use record your Periscope or Meerkat videos. You can later edit the title, description & more important embed the video anywhere on the web, including your blog.
  • When you click “Start broadcasting” the first capture will be use as thumbnail.
  • When you are doing a public Hangout using Google Plus hangout or any other medium, you can use Periscope at the same time to record & share to this platform.

Download Periscope: Android version || iOS Version

From the marketing perspective, Periscope can do wonders if you use it wisely. As it is mobile video streaming app popularity is all time high, and you can use your marketing ideas to reach out to a new audience using Periscope. The best thing is, everything is done at the tip of your hand, and you can go live anytime & from anywhere. Here are few unique ideas that I have on using Periscope for marketing yourself or your blog or the brand. You can add your Periscope marketing ideas in the comment section:

  • Live stream a product launch or press release event. Ensure you have a monopod or tripod to avoid video shaking.
  • Musicians can do a live music gig on a selected days of the week. This could take you to the places.
  • Fashion bloggers can share their fashion tip on Periscope. Yesterday, I spotted an Indian & Brazilian fashion blogger doing the same.
  • Independent Journalist can do a daily morning show & share their views or news. Please keep it interesting & fun.
  • Behind the scene of “….” is a popular choice of video to watch online.You can leverage it in any niche you are in.
  • Always remember, you are live streaming & it works when it’s something exclusive.

Here are few good resources for Periscope Marketing:

Do let me know your idea & thought about Periscope. If you find this guide on Periscope useful, do share it with your friends on FB, G+, Whatsapp and Twitter.

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