Patience – A virtue to blog

The fact that this blog is visited by successful bloggers from different profiles, I dared to write an article about a basic element in blogging, the element that many of us unconsciously forget – one of the highest points of our morality called PATIENCE. Most of us suffer from the lack of patience and unfortunately we cannot challenge it, but just a few have really achieved it and they are the WINNERS. Or they are not?! Ok, but how about Harsh, isn’t he the VICTORIOUS, just look what he managed to do with ShoutMeLoud. Ask him what was the price he paid to become a successful blogger.

Patience in blogging
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A short definition of Patience (for the sake of science)

An arab thinker gives a short but very concise definition about patience:

“Patience is the art for overcoming the difficulties”

I think that we cleared everything now. Every blogger goes through various difficulties during his blogging career, so I will say to you my dear colleagues, if you think that success in blogging comes within a  day, month or a year, stop reading this article from the next sentence, cuz you are judged to fail.

Stucked in dreams

Nobody in this world has achieved nothing without sweat, without blood because everything has its own price. So dear fellow bloggers, if you have just entered in blogging, STOP dreaming of success and money. People don’t pay your dreams they pay you the favors you do to them, so keep that in mind and start working. Let me give you some verses from a poem that pretty much describes this:

For some, dream are all what they do

And for others, they make their dreams come true

Beware, because your dreams can be your prison eespecially if you are a sleepyhead parasite who spends all the day lying in bed with a remote control in your hands. Please, wake up my friend, you need an action. No one can make your dream come true better than yourself. You wanna be a pro blogger? It’s time to think like a pro blogger, to act like a pro blogger, even if you are just a beginner.

This way of thinking will help you to extend your horizons, makes you thirsty for learning and improvement of your blogging skills. If you think that a stupid “online money making formula” you see on internet will offer to you the possibility to earn thousands of dollars just by doing “nothing” you really have lied yourself. But even if it was true, stay out and begin your journey just by relying on yourself.

I know that most of you will ask me what’s wrong with earning money in such way, but the truth is that earning money without doing nothing i.e. become rich within a week will limit your capacities  to maximum and will not let you to continue straight ahead to what you have intended – to become a successful blogger. The comfort that give you the money you have earned without effort will kill your skills and dreams. Did Harsh become a professional blogger just by a chance? I don’t think so. Take some minutes and read his blogging journey. Educate yourself with patience and start working hard to make your dreams come true.

Time vs. Patience

Everything in this world has the dimension called Time. Every our activity requires time to be realized. Tell me, can you watch a whole movie of 1 hour and 20 minutes for just 20 minutes? That’s impossible, only if you start skipping it which means you have not seen the whole movie. Most of us think that success is not matter of time. We are eager to get to the top as soon as possible, by skipping all the stages of our development as successful blogger. Let success come naturally. But we should forget ridiculous things and use our brain to become the lords of our minds. We should avoid being manipulated by our stupid passions. Don’t let your engine which will lead to the top to be the success of others, but let it serve to you as guidance and path to achieve what you intended.

Beware! Time is a merciless monster. If you are not careful with him, he simply will engulf you. You should learn the art of patience, the only thing that can help you face the monster called time. I’m going to finish this article with some verses I read from the Holly Muslim Book, Qur’an, taken from the chapter called Time, where God says:

By the time! Man is surely in loss, except those who believed and did good deeds and advised each other the truth and exhorted each other to patience.

These verses show clearly the way which leads you to success and we can get the precise formula for success: Faith, hard work, good deeds and patience.

I will let you now to think and discover what your really want in your life. If you have any concern or suggestion regarding to this topic, I invite you to make a little discussion here.

This is a guest post by Reegon, co-founder and author at Dip in IT.  If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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25 thoughts on “Patience – A virtue to blog”

  1. Yes, patience is key for success in every field, no matter the case, you have to be persistent in achieving your goal or dream.
    Nice post Reegon.
    I like eespecially the verses form the Qur’an!

    1. Hey, thnx Jon. Those verses from Qur’an were the inspiration to write this article and they pretty much describe the path which leads to success. It differentiates who is the LOSER and who is the WINNER.

  2. Ravi Rajvanshi

    It should take time in elevating your blog or website and after sometime you may get good result. So here patience play an important role.

  3. patience is indeed very imp …bloggers gotta learn from their mistakes and shud never give up..success will one day folow for sure 🙂

    1. I agree with you Fouzan. Mistakes are part of our lives and they are our the only force that can make us move forward (normally, this is true only for those who never give up). There is a great quote of Winston Churchill who says:

      Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

      Man without mistakes is not perfect.

  4. great lines “Patience is the art for overcoming the difficulties” . i really appreciate you for sharing your words with us 🙂

  5. Thank you very much Sahil BJ and admin. I’m really happy that I managed to motivate you a bit through this article. And I’m very privileged to be here among such successful bloggers. So we are like brothers, we should continue to motivate each others, because the path we have taken (blogging) it’s very difficult.

  6. Rahul Ghosh

    Hey my blog is 2 months old and i still do not have that momentum of traffic flow. Iblog daily and hope one day, when i go out my traffic wont fall drastically as my users will have enough content to browse for. At present though i get 100 unique visitors a day.

  7. Glad to know the secrets of blogging. Patience is tough but i will try after reading your inspiring and enlightening post mate. Thanks. 🙂

  8. Thank you for your inspiring words, but what is your opinion about this motto:
    “It’s true that patience leads to success, but this success costs a life time”

  9. Patience is one thing that can make a lot of difference both in personal and professional lives…and no different to succeed as a blogger. It’s top thing that a blogger has to develop at any cost.

  10. Hi Reegon

    Patience is a virtue but consistency is the key, keep on doing till you succeed.

    Thanks for sharing this info.


  11. Nice article. Agreed that patience is the key for blogging but this is not the only thing which required to get success in blogging. Quality content is another key factor to get success in this field.

  12. No doubt! Without patience we can’t succeed.
    Time is our enemy, because faster than us. Time is killing us.
    Time is also our friend, he will help us to achieve our goals.
    Great article, thanks.

  13. I think that blogging comes from passion,interest and setting goals.As we all know content is king but blogger should know how to market his blog through his niche blogs and social media.

  14. Hi Reegon,

    Excellent Post.

    All the quotations made by you are very inspiring.
    Patience is required not only in blogging but in all working spheres.
    This post of your’s will motivate the dreamers to fulfill what they have been uselessly dreaming for.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks for this post Reegon.

    If you want to become good blogger, keep writing for your customer and clients without worrying about its popularity and visitors.

    We need to have more patience in our blogging career.

  16. Shaifur Rahaman

    Yeah, I agree, 100% patience is must for a blogger. But I also think, besides patience, there is also need of hard work 🙂 What you say about it?

  17. Hi Reegon,

    Thanks for such a great post.
    Many of the blogger think that we can earn lot of money by a blog without doing hard work or without spending time. If a blog not doing well within the very short time, lot of blogger decide to close their blog. This post motivate those blogger that patience play a major role.

    I am really with this post.

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