14 Must Have Mac Apps Every New User Should Download

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I Love Apple!

Apple Inc. is a company responsible for making people go crazy as it keeps rolling out latest impressive gadgets. From Macbook Pro to iPad, and iPhone there are lot many techie gadgets that make people drool over for their amazing performances. There are undoubtedly many companies other than Apple that keep rolling out new range of gadgets every now and then. But then Apple has great range of products with lot many impressive features that leave people wanting them for one or the other good reason.

Apple has fascinated me to such an extent that I ended up buying Macbook Pro, iPhone 4S and iPad3. Yah I’m an Apple fan boy and I’m proud to be one. Talking about PCs and laptops, being a Macbook Pro user simply fell in love with its operating system – Mac OS X that comes fully loaded with amazing features.

A complete shift from Windows to Macmade me understand the difference well. When I started using Mac OS X I kept wondering as to what apps would be beneficial for me to make me more productive.

It was then that I did a great deal of research and after checking out innumerable Mac apps for my new machine, I finally found some really great must have mac apps which is worth downloading.

In this process which took a toll on my time and efforts, I realized how grateful it would be for new Mac OS X users to find all useful must have apps under one roof. So, I jotted down list of 14 best Mac apps that promise to improve your efficiency. Read below to know more about these apps.

Best Mac apps for Apple lovers:

Most of the apps which I have mentioned below are free apart from 1-2, which is worth a mention here.

Google Chrome for Mac (Free)

Chrome for mac

Google Chrome as you all know has great features that enable the users to perform their browsing tasks with ease. Chrome is one of my favorite browser which is my personal choice because of its reliability, speed, stable update releases, great collection of extensions available, vast list of Chrome web apps and lot many other cool features. <Download>


It is handy password managing app that eliminates the hassle of maintaining the long list of passwords and login data of various websites/services. Frankly, I tend to forget the passwords easily and it sounds weird to have similar password for all accounts.

This cool Mac App besides storing the login information also keeps the serial numbers which is one good reason that persuaded me to install it. Moreover, I enjoy using the Mac-like interface for viewing all of items in the Mac OS X browser be it logins, identities, securing notes, software licenses, wallet, and recently generated passwords.


Bean (Free)

Ask any Mac OS X user and you won’t get a suggestion to install Office for Mac as it is quite an expensive deal. I too wondered what could be the smart option that doesn’t ask me to shell out too much money and then I found Bean. It is a small, easy-to-use word processor designed to make writing convenient, efficient and comfortable. Bean is lean, fast and uncluttered text editor that starts up quickly, has live word count and it is available for free download.


Growl (Free, $1.99)

Growl for Mac

Growl is a smart and easy to use tool that allows Mac users to control all notifications from one place. The reason why I like Growl app is that it changes the overall experience of notification pop-ups and lets me know what’s going on with my applications. If you are using Growl for Mac OS X 10.6 and lower, it is free to download otherwise its update is available for $1.99 from App Store for Mac OS X (Lion).<


TeamViewer (Free for Personal Use)


TeamViewer is one useful tool for connecting any PC or server all over the world within no time. This app lets me get the remote control access of my co-worker’s PC if they face any problem thereby eliminating the need of conversing over the phone or IM. Another reason why I like TeamViewer is that it is simple, easy to use and is available for free download. For the users who wish to use TeamViewer for commercial purpose, there are 3 plans available that you can check out by clicking this link.

You can download Teamviewer for mac from here.

Mozilla Firefox (Free)

No matter whichever browser I choose the fact remains that Mozilla Firefox is always on my preference list for all good reasons. The award-winning Firefox Web browser offers you security, speed and new features that promise to change the way you use the web. Why settle down for anything less when Mozilla Firefox can do wonders. This was one of the tools that I installed when I started using my Mac. Installing it doesn’t cost anything. <Download>

VLC (Free)

I enjoy watching videos and movies in my free time that was the main reason behind downloading VLC media player on my Macbook pro. I chose VLC media player over other options available because it supports almost every video formats and eliminates the need of installing various codec packs. If you too love watching movies on your machine, I would suggest you to download VLC which is available for free. <Download>

The Unarchiver (Free)

The Unarchiver is a utility app that unpacks just about any file you ask it to. It supports and unarchives RAR, ZIP, Tar, 7-Zip, Stuffit, CAB, MSI and EXE files. I personally have installed this tool on my Mac because it is simple and easy to use, efficient app that doesn’t overload my system. This tool basically queues up the files and unpacks them individually. <Link>

Dropbox (Free)

Who is unaware of the existence of amazing cloud service Dropbox? Simple and easy to use, it simply asks the users to drop the files into the Dropbox folder to automatically share the same with anyone you wish to. Since a long time, I am using Dropbox and installed it on the first day when I bought Mac. <Get

<Get Dropbox>

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For those who are looking for smart option to share files with other people then Dropbox is an ideal choice for you. It is available for free download but you to pay for the space you use. Initially, 2GB is free and you can also get extra space if others join by your referral link. For more details on pricing you can visit the Dropbox website.

Burn (Free)

When I purchased Macbook Pro, I realized that iDVD only allow you to burn DVDs which is one of the major drawback. But, later I found Burn app that provides you with the option to burn DVDs in any format you wish to, even it can convert the files for you within the app. It is one of the must have mac apps you that you can download for free. <Download Burn for Mac>

Skitch (Free)

For the blogging purpose, I sometimes need images to be incorporated in the articles which is the reason I installed Skitch on my Macbook pro. I like this app because it is easy to use, basic image editing app with features like resizing, annotations, cropping and format conversion.

The images can be saved to different formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF and PDF. Other features of Skitch that I like are its ability to show output file before user saves it, keeps the record of previous edited files and comes totally free.

Transmission (Free)


I’m not sure how many of you are using Torrents to download files, but I find torrent as one of the best ways to download heavy files. When it comes to Mac torrent clients, my favorite is Transmission.  When I first installed Transmission on my new Macbook Pro, the first thing I noticed was its simple user interface. Also, I found it easy-to-use and lightweight on resources. Unlike other BitTorrent clients, it is totally free from pop-up ads, toolbars, flash ads or other nonsense stuff.

<Download transmission>

AppCleaner (Free)

All you Mac users out there certainly will agree with me that whatever it boasts about the ease of installing and uninstalling the apps is not completely true. I have faced the problem of seeing some of the apps lingering on my Mac even when I have moved it to trash. It was then that I started looking for a smart tool and found AppCleaner that does its job quite smartly. All it asks to do is drag any unwanted file into AppCleaner and it will display all the related files. Click on agree when you have checked thereafter click delete and that’s it.

Appcleaner Mac OS X

Here, I come to an end of the list of must-have apps for Mac OS X users. Being the part of the group of Mac OS users, I personally felt the need of listing down these apps as it took too much of my time to find which one is useful and which one fits the trash bin.

Do you feel any App that I have missed out deserves a special mention in the list? And do share your list of favorite and must have Mac OS Apps for every Mac user? Share your views with us by dropping in the comment below. And, if you find this list useful, then don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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