Moving From BlogSpot to WordPress Experience

Moving from BlogSpot to WordPress Experience
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I never thought that one day I would use WordPress.

I had always found it much more technically challenging when compared to Blogspot. I was on BlogSpot for a long time, but getting myself a self-hosted WordPress blog was not on my agenda.

However, since writing my first article on ShoutMeLoud, things have changed dramatically.

I got to know about ShoutMeLoud through Google while I was searching for some tips on how to get more website visitors.

After reading lots of articles here, I realized the importance of having a self-hosted blogging platform, a more professional website, and eventually, I decided to migrate from BlogSpot to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

I did a lot of research on how to migrate.

I read as much as possible.

Finally, I made the decision to move to WordPress.

But before I made the move, I needed to choose the right partner to handle this job for me.

Honestly, migrating from BlogSpot to WordPress is a pretty simple job.

Just create an account in WordPress and import all your blog posts. I have even successfully done this once before about two months ago (before I deleted my WordPress blog).

  • So why hire a professional?

Because I didn’t want to risk SEO and traffic loss!

A professional can do this job better than I can.

I learned from ShoutMeLoud about blogging and why I should migrate to WordPress. It was after reading upwards of 100 posts on SML that I decided I needed to move.

It was because of this inspiration that I decided to hire Harsh for the job of migration.

Now, I should mention that “shouting loud” is not what got him a client. It was the power of his words.

He believes his opinion, he’s honest, and he has an authority in his field.

If I tell someone a thousand times to use a particular platform, it will not have much of an effect because I don’t have a background in the field. But an expert saying that same thing will carry much more weight.

So, I made a deal with Harsh and hired him for this job.

  • He did it perfectly within a week.

After the job was finished, my first day’s results were disappointing (total page views were only 50).

But the next day, I started getting positive results. The page views shot up to 1310.

Here are the stats after migration:

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Traffic Summary

Initially, I did not believe that WordPress was SEO friendly, and I always ignored SEO considering it was something only bots knew how to do! 

But the post-migration page views generated a new interest in me and I have decided to do some more research.

I have since found many duplicate meta contents, meta tags, and permalink problems in my Google Webmaster dashboard and am now working to improve my blog.

In a nutshell, here’s my opinion on the WordPress migration experience:

  • Managing a WordPress blog is easier than BlogSpot.
  • Tons of widgets and plug-ins to make my work easier.
  • Very SEO friendly.

There are also some other cool things that I’ve noticed after being on WordPress.

In WordPress, if you install a widget, the structure of your site doesn’t change much (it does on BlogSpot). You don’t have to worry about the sudden death of your blog (deletion by Google). And there are tons of WordPress plugins for everything from SEO to ad management to social media.

Again many thanks to Harsh and his team (especially Mr. Radhe and others for their valuable support for the migration and other technical assistance).

Harsh’s Note: Thanks a lot to Rana for writing his experience with my service and his experience post-migration. I asked Rana for a testimonial after successfully migrating his blog to WordPress and he come up with this guest post instead. We are launching a new portal for our BlogSpot to WordPress service. Meanwhile, for your info, we provide premium free SEO services (worth 200$) for our BlogSpot to WordPress migration clients. You can read more about this on the BlogSpot to WordPress migration service page.

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Moving from BlogSpot to WordPress Experience
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13 thoughts on “Moving From BlogSpot to WordPress Experience”

  1. True, It was just yesterday that I migrated from blogger to wordpress and saw this post today. Although it looks simple process but took me hours to link the images back to the posts. Gone through many helpful posts on shoutmeloud to successfully get my blog migrated to wordpress. Love U Shoutmeloud

  2. Thanks to all of you for your valuable inputs and appreciation. Please do share your experience as a blogger for knowledge of other followers

  3. I definitely agree with you, harsh is the person to be hired for this service. He did this job for me with in a day. I was back on track and with the new wordpress platform.
    Thanks to Harsh, I recommends harsh to my friends when they want to migrate from blogger to wordpress.

  4. i recommend everyone to use wordpress….i had used BlogSpot for 3 years before WordPress and its a very nice experience using this great blogging platform

  5. can u tell the best hosting service and from where to buy the domain. i wanna shift now as i am in begening stage.

  6. Karen @ Blazing Minds

    I’ve always preferred WordPress over Blogger, it’s just so much better to customize and make your own 😉

  7. No doubt Harsh and his team are the best in providing services like this. Loudable’s theme work is also done by him and the kind of professionalism and more important advise, suggestions and after service given by Harsh is unbeatable.

  8. Through reading this article, I am also willing to migrating my blog to wordpress.
    Thanks for sharing your expierence Mahendra.

  9. sudharsan @ technoskillonline

    Nice share…
    Really harsh is doing a great job and helping newbie blogger..
    I like to know more about SEO, wordpress, Thesis….

    Hi Harsh
    do u have any e-book so that i can learn from it because paying amount and optimising is a Big thing for me as a new blogger in terms of money ????

  10. WordPress is really a much better blogging platform than blogger. My blog traffic got double after moving from blogger to wordpress.

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